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  1. Cheers DosProbie!! Shall give it a try today!! swear i tried the /s, but get nothing! maybe i do need it to do the /runwgacheck as well! Thanks for the advice!
  2. We've been rebuilding our deployment server & as we mostly do consumer machines we decided to have either Avast or MSE pushed out. Previously had no issue with Avast, but now we get either Google Chrome or the Google Toolbar installed, which we dont want. I have no issues using Chrome (using it now) but some of our customer base are freightened of change. Anyone know of any switches which stop the Google installs from running?? We also opted for MSE, but the switches for that dont work! Anyone got ideas on them as well?? Thanks in advance!
  3. Giving up is NEVER an option! well, trying to squeeze it down further is the killing point of the project! But, USB + kickdisk = kick a** on old BIOS's I managed to get it down from 14GB to 10GB, but no way a DVD-DL will handle it. Not to mention that the Vista & 7 bootmgr's being difficult. I have decided though to follow both of these ideas to create a nice multiboot USB with not only Windows XP/Vista & 7 installers, but also some linux based utils too! Got a few days off next week to play with both these ideas, so will see what happens! The links i've been thinking of are the following - 02 - How to create a USB drive that will install one of many choices of Windows OS's (Vista/Win7/Server 2008/XP) & Create a Multiboot Multipartition USB with Syslinux and Grub4Dos Suppose best do some "work" now as I'm actually at work & being paid - although nothing to do & no boss present!
  4. Ok decided to give up! Just going to a bootable USB with a kickdisk. After optimization, i can get it to a 10GB iso (ish), so not going on a DVD. On the plus side have learnt some more stuff about Grub (so not a huge loss!) B)
  5. Cheers guys! Didn't get a chance last night to try it, ended up chilling with the misses!! Don't use a virtual machine on my laptop, its WAY too slow, installed a mini-xp tester & it took 20mins to get to a boot screen Really need a new laptop! I have some time today at work, along with a few discs, so will hopefully give it a shot!
  6. Not really. WHICH EXACT version of grub4dos are you using? (depending on the version you might need to check CaSe of the grldr - or GRLDR file) WHY are you using grldr.mbr? (the file to be used as no-emulation bootsector is grldr and NOT grld.mbr). jaclaz That's probably where I'm going wrong then! It's Grub4DOS 0.4.4. I've checked the case & used the -d switch to force lower case, but will triple it check it (it's been a long few days!) I'm out of DVD-DL at the moment, so cant test it here at work have to wait until i get home to test it again! Thanks for the help jaclaz its appreciated!
  7. OK, after some much needed sleep & a good walk to work in the lovely English weather (its raining, cold & windy) I have decided I have been somewhat retarded. The grldr.mbr is looking for grldr on a hdd or fdd, not a optical drive! Think i need to modify that file! lol I'll post any findings or more questions on here as i get there!
  8. been playing with Grub4DOS (bloody great little thing!) here's where i think i'm being difficult or maybe just not understanding whats already explained (too much caffeine, not enough sleep!) I have built up a multiboot USB (16gb), that has XP Home/Pro/MCE, all vista & 7 (32 & 64bit), Bit defender, UBCD, MEMtest, Ophcrack & some other bootable recovery tools. This all works 100%, but I want to build it up on a dual layer DVD, mostly as we get some awkward systems that don't boot from USB or LAN, but have DVD-DL drives (or the ability to add one). Also it means i can carry 1 dvd, instead of about 15 cd's/dvd's! With the optimize option in oscdimg.exe, i get from an 8.4GB drive to a 7.4GB ISO (perfect for DL), but it wont boot. Everything I tried it on gives the following error: Try (hdd0,0): NTFS5: No grldr Try (hdd0,1): NTFS5: No grldr Try (hdd0,2): NTFS5: No grldr Try (hdd0,3): NTFS5: Invalid or null BIOS: Drive=0x0, H=1, S=1 Try (fd0): invalid or null Cannot find grldr Press space bar to hold the screen, any other key to boot previous mbr.... The oscdimg command i used is oscdimg.exe -d -u1 -o -bd:\super_aio\boot\syslinux\grldr.mbr What am I doing wrong? Am i asking the impossible or just being plain stupid - be honest, only way i learn! If its not possible, anyone got a suggestion of getting non-usb or PXE booting computers to work via a cd option? not something i've looked at, so any suggestions welcome! Thanks in advance!
  9. tusk

    Aero Studio

    Yet again, another snotty reply! TBF to those that share, I am not being thankless. With respect to yourself ( and I mean it) a simple reply of these would be worth a try, rather than assuming I am complaining that they have not "tried". I understand most people do not fully grasp the English language (TBH not many English people do either), I'd find work even harder if I didn't, as my boss is Iranian, who has lived in the UK since the 60's, but still has a problem with English. My original question was "if so can you point me to a decent english tutorial?? Can only find either broken english or turkish!! since my turkish is no good, need a good solid english guide!" not, " I need a decent English guide because they can't speak a word of English & may as well not have bothered." I was hoping that maybe some-one had done a guide like the one found here http://flyakite.msfn.org/ which is done in a nice laid out manner (as well as being written fully in English). Maybe i should have mentioned it in my post, that way, you would not have assumed I was attacking those who are willing to share their knowledge. I am thankful for your suggestions, I will look into those. The reason I put for making it easy to go through for my boss, is the language barrier that sometimes crops up.
  10. tusk

    Aero Studio

    Thanks for the reply Cheers for the snotty reply about not understanding "broken English" not needed, but thanks anyway.
  11. tusk

    Aero Studio

    anyone got anything of help?? even if its to recommend another method! if it helps, I want to have all XP versions (Home, Pro, MCE), my Vista/7 AIO (all x86 & x64 discs in one), seatools, memtest, bit defender, ophcrack boot cds, etc. I know it's going to be bigger than a dual layer DVD, so either a USB flash drive or a HDD will be used TIA Rich
  12. Anybody used Aero Studio?? if so can you point me to a decent english tutorial?? Can only find either broken english or turkish!! since my turkish is no good, need a good solid english guide! if it helps, trying to make a multiboot USB with it, something with an easy GUI (needs to be simple so my boss can use it! lol!! )
  13. Anyone able to help?????????
  14. amongst other little projects i have for work, i am looking at sysprep for XP Home (Pro works ok) issue we're having is, we build & sysprep the client PC, however, we are unable to delete the account created for preparing the PC, so what happens is: we create an account called "TEMP", login & do all the updates, install our basic app package (avast free, openoffice, itunes etc), then run sysprep. when we deploy the image & create a new user account "OWNER" for example, when we login, XP Home logs us in as "TEMP"!! any idea on how to remove all user info in the home edition like you can on pro?? not a problem with Vista or 7, just XP Home (of which a great deal of our customer base still use, cos they dont see point in changing from somert they've used for 10 years dammit!!) Cheers!!
  15. http://www.911cd.net/forums//index.php?showtopic=23931 I hope this info is enough for you to make plugins or to add programs. Also there is file Customize_Info.txt in Make_PE3_34\Help_Info thanks for the response, but its the same set of instructions everywhere i look! i really do need a simple step by step guide, because tbh, the instructions are not very easy to follow or that in depth! treat me as a complete newb (well technically on this forum i am!), cos i cannot seem to get my head around it what so ever!
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