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  1. Can't load RAID drivers

    Hi, I'm a total n00b with this kind of stuff so I apologize if my terminology and/or questions are technically juvenile. My motherboard is an 'ASUS A8n-SLI Premium', and I am trying to load Win7-32bit onto a RAID1 setup. After the BIOS does it thing, Windows will load a bunch of files, and launch into a interface that asks what language I prefer (English), and then whether to upgrade or install Win7 (fresh install). It then asks which HDD I would like to install onto. Here's my problem: There is nothing to select because the window is blank. The BIOS sees the HDDs and even lists them as a RAID config, but that's the only time I can see them. I created what I believe is a 3.5" floppy of some NVidia drivers, and in that blank window for the HDD selection there is a button to 'load drivers', but when I select either of the two choices, the machine thinks for awhile but when it finishes, no HDDs appear. I've asked around and have looked online for weeks now, and people are saying that I should select 'F6' when it pops up and install the drivers then. However, there is never a time that this option ever comes up. There is a 'DEL' for setup, and either 'CTRL+S' or 'F4' for the RAID setup, but never anything about F6. The motherboard has two sets of four SATA connectors. When I plug the HDDs into the red set [sATA_RAID], I can see the them in the BIOS. If I plug them into the black set [sATA], nada. My assumption is that the red set is for RAID only. The BIOS is version 5.1.39 and there is also something on the same line during the boot that says, 'Sil 3114 SATARAID'. BTW: I get the same thing happening when I try to load WinXP... What am I missing here?? Thanks, -Chaz