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  1. SumatraPDF 2.3.2 portable works (with KernelEx 4.5.2) by copying XP's dbghelp.dll to its folder. Kstub822 is not needed
  2. My system is 98SE with Revolution Pack. It does not have dbghelp.dll
  3. It does not work for me. Is it necessary to copy dbghelp.dll from XP?
  4. jumper, thanks for the detailed explanation. All is clear now
  5. Hi jumper Your program is very useful, but it is not easy for newbie to understand how to use it Could you provide a step-by-step successful example? Many thanks
  6. LibreOffice 3.3 Final is out. It has the same problem as above. Hope it can be solved in future version of KernelEx
  7. The problem is fixed in 4.5 Final Xeno86, thank you very much!!!
  8. It is a feature of Google Chrome. Now Opera copied it
  9. Wish to report that LibreOffice 3.3 RC2 does not work Default compatibility: Fatal error - "The application cannot be started. A general error occurred while accessing your central configuration" Win2000 compatibility: soffice.exe loaded forever and never showed up XP SP2 compatibility: Invalid page error in VCLMI.DLL Shall try again when LibreOffice 3.3 Final comes out
  10. I do not have such problem with Opera 10.63 (which does not require Win2000 compatibility mode)
  11. First of all, the new KernelEx Wiki is wonderful! Now come to my problem. I can install and run Opera 11, but Chinese characters can only be displayed in the interface (menu, tab, etc), but not in Web pages: the only exception is the "opera:about" page: Any way to fix this? Thank you
  12. I could install it (delete LaunchCondition with Orca) but it did not work. Error with WORDCONV when opening a DOCX file with Word 2000
  13. RC4 solved the problem of Explorer with Lingoes running Thank you very much!
  14. I need your Windows version, Lingoes version, compatibility settings used by you, MFC42U.dll version and most importantly Dr Watson crash log. I haven't noticed the described behaviour with Lingoes 2.7.1 working under 98SE with 4.5 RC3. 1. My Windows is Simplified Chinese 98SE with RP 9.6.6. Lingoes is 2.7.1, compatibility set to XP SP2. MFC42U.dll is 6.02.8071.0 2. Failed to get Dr Watson crash log because the dumping process freezed 3. I have found a workaround to the "invalid page fault" problem: Keep closing the invalid page fault windows repeatedly until Explorer finally crashs and restarts. Then the Explorer runs normally with Lingoes 4. The "invalid page fault" problem also occurred when I tried to open some folders with Explorer (Lingoes was not running at that time) 5. Downgraded to RC1 for the time being
  15. RC3 is not okay for me. When Lingoes is running, there is invalid page fault in KERNELEX.DLL whenever I do anything related to Explorer (e.g. move my mouse pointer over the Taskbar, press Windows+R to call the Run window, etc). Downgraded to RC1 solved the problem. Hope this can be fixed in next RC
  16. RC1 installed smoothly on my computer (simplified Chinese Win98SE with RP 9.6.5) without uninstalling Beta 2. Everything works as before eDrawings 2010 works now. Thank you Arora still does not work (invalid page fault of qtwebkit4.dll)
  17. RP 9.6.5 is okay for me. No more MPREXE error or BSOD. Thank you
  18. RP 9.6.4 did not work for me. After installation and reboot, there was MPREXE error when starting Windows, followed by BSOD. Had to boot to Safe Mode to uninstall RP 9.6.4, reboot, reinstall RP 9.6.3, everything is then okay again I am running simplified Chinese Win98SE with KernelEx 4.5b2. No problem with previous versions of RP9
  19. Tihiy, first of all, thank you for your continuous improvement of RP! It is very helpful to us who are still using Win98 for day to day work Secondly, thanks so much for combining "task list" and "uptime / resource percentage lamps" in KTM as per my suggestion. It is really convenient now I shall let you know if there is any problem in this release Meanwhile, hope you could tell us more about the improvement in USER resource usage and salvation Thanks again
  20. Does it apply to all applications or just "XP only" applications?
  21. Used 4.5 Beta 1 for a period of time. Here is my report 1. Previous working programs continue to work 2. Inkscape: It runs when compatability is set to 2000, but cannot open or save file (it hangs) 3. Foxit Reader: It runs but cannot print. It says "no printer is installed" 4. Arora: Cannot run. Page fault in QTWEBKIT4.DLL. Could someone tell me how to make it run? Thank you
  22. Sorry I did not have such experience, but I guess it would be impossible to install. Which software do you have problem with?
  23. slhk are you using MSInstaller version2 with this MSI file? Yes, I have Windows Installer 2.0 installed in my system

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