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  1. IE8 not integrating.. so,,, what should be done?
  2. when is the new version of nlite coming?
  3. fmkhan100

    New Problem

    every time i uncheck the Read-only tick from the properties of any folder, it came back to check after a few seconds.. this problem came many times i made a new unattended sp3 disk.. so how can i solve this?
  4. some of the problems i am facing again and again 1. status bar disapperars after somedays of installation, this problem came 3 times i have installed with new cd. 2. quick launch does not work 3. blue screen of death cames even i disable the blue screen option. 4. daemon tools does not work properly 5. time zone to kabul changing 6. bluetooth devices dont work after somedays 7. IE7 crashes many times, have to restart pc.
  5. plz update the version of nlite as soon as possible so many bugs as discussed by members are found in it, i am also facing a lot of problems in the current version. so, kindly update the new version

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