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  1. If the power supply device fan works properly, computer overheating is usually due to dust accumulation. To withdraw this dust you may use your domestic floor vacuum cleaner, as follows: 1.- Switch off your computer. 2.- If you use a desktop remove the covers of the mainboard space and apply the tip of the suction hose to every place where dust accumulation is seen and also to the back side of the power supply, so that all the dust is sucked. 4.- If your computer is a laptop you only need to apply the tip of the suction hose to each and every hole at the bottom of it. The reduced dimensions of the inner space considerably increases the strength of the air vacuum. HTH
  2. Latest changes: - The name of the tutorial has been modified for a better understanding of its contents. HTH Cannie
  3. Latest changes: - Name of the tutorial has been modified to improve understanding. HTH
  4. You may also find an original way for cloning your Windows 7 at "Clone Windows 7; add Windows 7-Pe, Windows Xp or Windows 8 etc" (the name of the tutorial has been modified to reflect it more properly).
  5. You may do it very easily using "Partition Wizard", freeware partition manager which allows you even to resize drives by moving the existing files and folders to the new spaces whenever needed
  6. Hi, Virtual machine is of course the best option to run Microsoft and Linux together. You must mind nevertheless that the amount of memory needed for the guest OS will be taken away from the host machine and presented to the guest operating system as virtual computer's installed RAM. Since this moment the memory you give to the VM will not be available to your host OS while the VM is running. The VM may not even be able to start if that memory is not available. If you only run different Microsoft OS types you have the possibility of using the whole memory at any of them by installing each one at a different drive unit, choosing at boot the one you want from a boot list. As an added advantage you are able to modify anything or to install permanently any new application or update at each one of them.
  7. Latest change: - Paragraph 8.9 has been improved to reflect new experiences.
  8. Latest changes: - Added an easy solution against XP laptop overheating at the end of paragraph L. HTH Cannie
  9. Latest changes: - Added an easy solution against laptop overheating at paragraph 9. HTH
  10. The easiest way is to deploy the Windows 7 install DVD .iso image using i.e. 7-Zip into a previously 4 GB (at least) FAT32 formatted pendrive to build an install Flash Pendrive. You may do the same for any other Microsoft OS, using of course always a different pendrive for each version.
  11. Latest changes: - Fixed error detected at paragraph 6. HTH Cannie
  12. Latest changes: - Added paragraph K to include recent useful optimizing freeware after checking its compatibility with Windows 98/XP. HTH Cannie
  13. Latest changes: - Modified paragraph 5 to improve search results. - Light text corrections. HTH Cannie
  14. I felt a similar problem to yours some time ago. In my case all troubles were caused by an almost empty motherboard battery. I only had to replace it and everything went OK. HTH
  15. Hello! You may try the Windows Automated Installation Kit: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5753 Greetings
  16. None of them. Something went wrong when I installed it. I wished to know if that is normal, now I'll check it all and hope I'll fix it. My excuses for bothering you. Thank you very much. Cannie PS: I did not notice that this problem already existed at Windows 7 before installing the new OS over it. It was fixed using "Windows Repair".
  17. Hi Tihy! I'm trying your excellent StartIsBack and even when all shortcuts keep being there all hotkeys stopped working. What did I wrong? How may I recover hotkeys? Thanks! Cannie
  18. I rectify my previous post: EasyBCD only allows booting different drives at the same HDD, I'm afraid. Sorry. Thanks, jaclaz!
  19. Hello! He may try EasyBCD to create a new boot path alongside the existing one, selecting it afterwards at the boot list. HTH
  20. Latest changes: - Tutorial name was slightly modified to reflect more properly its contents. HTH Cannie
  21. Latest changes: - The whole cloning process has been rebuilt to make it easier and faster, taking profit from recent experiences. HTH
  22. Latest changes: - Windows XP has been included into the multiboot options, being the name of the tutorial consequently modified. - Download links have been updated and fixed when needed. HTH

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