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  1. Thanks so much! Yeah, I ended up calling Dell and it turns out I WAS injecting the wrong drivers to winpe. Can't believe it was that simple but I'm glad it got fixed. I just captured the image today so all is well. Thanks again for the help guys.
  2. I am trying to view the HD on the machine. Also to clarify, I'm trying to capture the image using imagex. i tried viewing ALL drive letters (a: to z: and only c: d: and e: are showing. None of them are the HD i need to capture) I tried this on a non RAID machine and I had no problem viewing the 286GB HD
  3. Hi guys, this is my first post here and i was really hoping it would give me results. So. I need to capture a custom image on a machine and figured i would do this simply with a USB stick with enough memory and winpe/imagex. I have no problems booting from the USB but I can't seem to find the harddrive of the host computer. It is a RAID harddrive but I made sure to install the Intel RAID drivers on my winpe image. (Still didn't help) I used DISKPART and command "list vol" and command "list disk" to no avail. It shows the thumb drive, the dvd-rom drive (2 of them actually) and nothing else. I u
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