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  1. The hidden and not accessible from Windows "System Volume Information" folder collects historical system volume information since the volume was first used. It may be easily deleted using a Linux Live CD or Flash Pendrive file manager to recover a lot of lost disk space. The "System Volume Information" folder will be inmediately rebuilt by Windows at reboot containing current data only. HTH
  2. Latest changes: - Updated free software download links at paragraph 9. HTH
  3. If you wish Windows 7 to behave like WinXP you only need to replace your 64 bits mode by the 32 bits one. Compatibility with old 32 bits XP software is almost complete. The same activation key is valid for both working modes. HTH
  4. Hi 4jaydeep: There's a remote possibility that the program used for it may be absent or corrupted. Try to shutdown by running this at the command line (if it doesn't work you only need to restore or replace "shutdown.exe"): C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe /s /t 00 If the program is found it means that the problem lays somewhere else (most probably at the registry) so you may try these other options: 1.- Restore to a previous moment option. 2.- Restore an OS image. 3.- If you are not able to restore the OS using any of both options because you've not got the needed files you may restore the registry files by booting a Live CD or Flash Pendrive and replace the DEFAULT, SAM, SECURITY, SOFTWARE and SYSTEM fles at the root of C:\Windows\System32\config by the ones found into its C:\Windows\System32\config\RegBack . HTH Good luck!
  5. Hi jaclaz! Maybe recovering the folder would not be enough, of course. And it could even be impossible if the folder has already been overwritten. I've never used activating the "hidden" Administrator account by changing one byte, but it could be an excellent way to fix it if needed. Thank you for the original link!. It has been modified at the previous post. HTH cannie
  6. You may recover your deleted Administrator folder by running "Recuva". Given that you are not able to start your Windows you need to do it using another OS, i.e. a Windows 7 PE boot Flash Pendrive or Live CD. You may get it from a different computer as follows: Run first "Winbuilder" and the Windows 7 install DVD to obtain the .iso image, then use "Universal USB installer" to deploy the image into a pendrive, or use "Imgburn" to burn a Live CD. HTH
  7. Latest changes: - Being very important the influence of changing the cloning source the whole text has been reviewed and updated, including some minor improvements. - Light correction at paragraph 8.2 HTH
  8. Latest changes: - An important improvement concerning deletion of not used asian language resources when not needed in order to considerably slim the OS at paragraph 4.3. HTH
  9. Hi! You may use Sysinternals' "Autoruns". By running it you may verify all autoruns and deactivate this or any other unneeded one. You may later execute jucheck.exe by simply clicking it twice to check and install future java updates BTW: the autoruns list is frequently long and includes different types of unneeded elements and malware. By simply unchecking them you may significantly increase the boot speed and strengthen the stability of the OS. HTH
  10. Latest changes: - Added a fast new freeware disk defragmenter. HTH
  11. A new paragraph has been introduced which may be useful for many users: "8.7.- Add the alternative working mode or another Windows 7 version." - Improved paragraphs 4.3 and 8.5 - Light correction at paragraph 6.3.2 HTH
  12. May be this freeware keyfinder could be helpful: http://www.magicaljellybean.com/downloads/KeyFinderInstaller.exe HTH
  13. AFAIK you won't find any advantage at all by using 64 bits. Compatibility with many existing apps designed for Windows XP will be definitively lost in exchange for nothing. HTH
  14. cannie

    Run as admin

    AFAIK having an administrator account you only need it when your administrator condition is not automatically recognized by the install program. HTH
  15. Hello ExTruckie: Even when you may use the backup/restore feature to save all your data, taking into account that in your case essential changes are done you will find added security and added transparency by using a simple copy/paste procedure to keep all them into an external HDD instead. Concerning reinstall you may of course insert the 64bit dvd in and reinstall windows. You may choose at start the previous format option if your data are in a different drive letter. If your data are at the same one you may instead install while keeping the old OS into an "oldwindows" folder automatically built by the install program. At the end of the install process you are able to recover any file or folder used by the old Windows to restore it, deleting the whole "oldwindows" folder afterwards (defragmenting recommended). HTH
  16. LOL Well, the newest design of "any" will be very useful to describe the real meaning of the word for many users. Also the "International Iso image" is a work of art, a real finding to describe what some people understand when they read it. cannie
  17. Hi jaclaz: I wonder if such a Linux Live CD called *any* would be available, as it once happened with the "any" key..... Greetings cannie PS: It's just a little joke. It made me smile the way you wrote *any*, no doubt remembering that.
  18. An interesting hint for old hardware users: A boot from pendrive option for old computers which don't allow this, by using the start list and EasyBCD, has been included at paragraph 8. Added some text improvements for a better understanding. HTH
  19. Latest changes: Light text improvements for an easier understanding HTH
  20. AFAIK it is not possible by using the old XP procedure, not even in your internal HDD. But you may directly create as many logical units as you wish, no need of a previous Extended partition.
  21. You may also create logical units. But for best results you may use "Partition Wizard" . Download the freeware Live CD .iso file ("Free Dowload Bootable CD Now!), deploy it into a folder and execute Partition Wizard.exe HTH
  22. Hi! You may create no more than three primary partions (if you create a fourth one the whole HDD would be considered as dynamic as soon as you include another drive). After the third primary partition you may create so many logical units as you wish. After including a first logical unit the whole remaining HDD becomes automatically an extended partition. You may see it as a light-blue coloured disk space at the disk manager. HTH
  23. Even when I never noticed it before because I never send but text files, I've checked out sending photos using Thunderbird by rightclicking "Send to email" and the size message also appeared to me. I was wrong, I'm afraid. Thanks for your correction!

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