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  1. just wanna change an os for my old computer,i usually just use it to surf the internet,nothin'else. i heard that winme is much less stable than win98,is it right?actually is there any performace's improvement comparing with 98?thx
  2. I'm also experiencing the same problem as you, but I'm using Win98SE. A DBCS system's problem? i've not installed it yet
  3. First time 2 setup ver 4.0,but unfortunately,i got this: i'm using chinese windows me.
  4. Thanks for replying.do you mean that i don't need bhh patch for winme,just need the lba patch?
  5. hello ummm,does bighdd patch support win me? i decide to change a new hdd. thanks
  6. yeah,i've gotta say,windows me is a good system for entertainment at that time it was bornt.but you should notice some disadvantages. now,hardwares are getting development.a big disadvantage for ms's 16 bit systems is supporting more than 512mb not well.but things are unfortunately,now memorie sticks are more than 1g.for windows me,it skipped the “start as the ms dos mode“ point。so,you can't change the config of the emm386 item to mod the MaxPhysPage before you enter the system.so you will restart again and again so that you can't enter the system. and on the other hand, every hardware companie had stopped supporting win9x systems by 2007,including drivers and problem services. but any solution?
  7. the first version on my Chinese system has a little problem.the font size on the windows' title is very small(smaller than before setuping).i thinks the defult font size for english or other languages is okay,but not support Chinese well.so that makes look bad.is this problem still in the ver9.02 ?Hope This Solved. thx all
  8. Good job! Tihiy!works fine on my Chinese 98.Go on!
  9. the software is good and useful,but, a little frustrating that it's not free..
  10. haha,i have one backup in my usbdisk. i have already uploaded here: http://www.megaupload.com/cn/?d=AGPKO21B
  11. hi all~ my biggest question is that,how to see that the new driver file is working successfully? and to setup it,just copy the file to the direction "iosubsys" in the real dos mode? thanks all~
  12. hi all. the theme in the sp3.0 is beautiful(that windows2000's theme). so is there a way to get it if i don't install the sp3.0? thanks
  13. you're suppost to make a version for it.
  14. my monitor is a 19" LCD monitor. maybe windows98 can't support it well. now the monitor makes my eyes uncomfortable... but is there a solution?
  15. Is anyone using FF3.05 with flashplayer9? many problems happens in my computer..even i can't open any webside at all..
  16. Very frustrated.. i installed the newest version flash player on firefox3.05.but i can't open the webside that has flashes at all! the firefox will quit and said that had a crash.. if i uninstall the flash player,anything is fine has anyone met this?
  17. foxit reader is still supporting win98. mine is working fine.
  18. @98er God...can't believe that.... the problem is that my card can't run under that environment.my card is 7300 512mb.(ver. pci-e) i hope you can test a new pci-e card with 512mb memory,it's best to test 9/8 series(at the moment test the new moded driver). GL
  19. after setuping,i can't boot again.... it says "windows protection error".my language is Chinese. any solution?
  20. nothing is impossible! you're right,the new drivers was written for new gpus.but if your old driver's inf files includes new gpu's hardware ID,your new card will also work fine.just have some little bugs. and remember,more than 256mb card can't work on win98. if you want to buy a new nvidia card,don't buy 8 series.8 series cards doesn't support pci-e 2.0,just pci-e 1.0 16x.you know,pci-e 16x is faster than pci-e 1.0 16x about 10%. the mother board is important too. GL
  21. try this driver. http://www.mdgx.com/files/NV8269.EXE i've modded the driver that can support 9000series,but not release yet.maybe these days mdgx can release that. the vram is more than 256mb is a big problem.it's a system error,driver can't solve it.if there is a file like himemx.exe,that can solve.maybe flash the card-bios can solve,but that's dangerous. you must know that the cards in the shop are all more than 256mb at present.
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