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  1. .ISO file is made via nLite OR ImgBurn (mostly ImgBurn). This is not a software issue-- more like an issue with my drive (should this post be moved?) The drive is recognized by the BIOS, and works just fine in actual OS tasks. However, it just doesn't boot anything up (CDs nor DVDs). So I think this is a hardware issue-- (the drive isn't booting ANY disc, which the CD drive will). Should this thread be moved to the right spot? I should do that. Thanks -- I'll look up their tech support number.
  2. Heya guys!! I'm having a small issue right now:: --nLite (http://www.nliteos.com/) DVD .iso making is just fine. However, I can't see to get my PC to boot from the drive. Any kind of disk (live cds, boot cds, windows install cds) will not boot from that drive. CDs on the CD drive will boot just fine. My PC specs:: Dell Dimension 4400 with A06 BIOS revision DVD drive with the issue: LG GH22NP20 (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827136144 ) P4 @ 2.8 GHz, 2GB, nVidia 7800GS Now, I've did some Googling and found that others have similar problems to mine. http://forum.lgsoftwareinnovations.com/sho...ead.php?t=24980 -- I will double check whether or not I have an 80-pin cable. My BIOS recognizes the drive (albeit, in a weird name-- I can copy it down under request), and it is set as the "secondary master." My secondary slave is the CD Drive. Boot order is as follows: ATAPI (or something like that- I can double check) CD Drive --(DVD drive as first, CD drive as second) Hard Disks Removable Devices -- floppy Changing or F12-ing select does nothing. I've tried booting from CDs, like Ubuntu's Live CDs-- however, the DVD drive won't go through. Only when I put it in the CD drive will anything boot and start up from it. Any suggestions? I will double check everything for my Drives from your suggestions. If what I do does not work, what other options can I fall back to? How can I fix this? If I can't what other options are there? Can you walk me through all the steps in making a multi-disk install or even a possible USB? What are your recommendations? THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH !! I look forward to your responses. [Also posted on Dell Forums and MSFN forums for optimal and diverse feedback. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=128523 http://en.community.dell.com/forums/p/1925.../19407870.aspx#]
  3. Sorry for the problems, but I'm afraid we're sorta powerless here... (XPize 4.7 does have reported problems with XP SP3.) Check out this topic: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=127864 Best you can do is System Restore. As W3bbo said, otherwise, you may need to reinstall XP... Sorry man.
  4. Check out this topic, guys: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=127983 Remember, this is ALPHA version, and make sure you fulfill the requirements (virtualize the testing environment please; we don't want to break any physical machines).
  5. Guys, please realize that this is an ALPHA release. Please do not use this program on any production machine, machine with work, memories, etc. Please test in a virtualized environment with VirtualBox, VMWare, or VirtualPC. You have been warned Happy testing. EDIT:: Oh, and we need bugs filed in Issue Tracker. Please do so; check cases where it doesn't work as expected that isn't already mentioned on the "Known Issues" part of the release notes. (You might need to make an account; and we truly appreciate the feedback and testing.) REMEMBER:: Windows XP SP3 (or latest service packs of NT v5.x) or Vista SP1 (or lastest service packs of NT v6.x) .NET FRAMEWORK 2.0 IS REQUIRED. W3bbo correct me: Resourcer works on any platform where .NET2.0 is installed, including Windows 98
  6. And I see that johndoe74 has returned !! (How was the vacation, buddy. --Hope you had fun !!) FreshDiagnose v7.96 and FreshUI v8.21 IE7Pro v2.4.4 Pidgin v2.5.3 IE7Pro v2.4.4 VLC media player v0.9.8a (a.k.a. VideoLAN Client or simply VLC) Your Uninstaller! 2008 v6.2.1343 Alcohol 120% v1.9.8.7117 Free 30-day trial PeaZip v2.4.1 Microsoft Windows Live Messenger 2009 v14.0.8050.1202 AVG Antivirus Free Edition v8.0.176 Build 1400 Spyware Terminator v2.5.1.028 Here's a list of things that need some looking into: RivaTuner v2.11 --> version 2.20 Ad Muncher v4.7 Build 27105/1371 [rel:10/13/06] --> link dead DriverMax v4.7 --> someone has requested a redo of this add-on (some kind of error) Mozilla Firefox v2.0.0.18 --> version Wise Registry Cleaner Free v3.73 Build 131 --> version 3.83 ThreatFire v4.0.0.8 (formerly known as Cyberhawk) --> version Foxit Reader v2.3 Build 3309 --> version 3.0.x Google Chrome v0.3.154.9 BETA --> final version released (1.x) IObit SmartDefrag v1.02 Final/Release --> version 1.03 XP Codec Pack v2.4.2 --> version 2.4.4 Mozilla Songbird v0.6.1 --> version 1.0.x Codec 8.3b [Released September 19, 2008] --> version 8.3e Auslogics Registry Defrag v4.1 & Disk Defrag v1.5 --> version & a-squared Free v3.5.0.25 --> version 4.0.x Comodo Internet Security v3.5.54375.427 --> version 3.5.57173.439 [remember to make a Firewall only addon , and they look to have a new release quite soon: http://forums.comodo.com/feedbackcommentsa...s-t31974.0.html] Adobe Shockwave Player v11.0.0.465 --> shockwave v11.0.3.471 Mozilla Firefox 3.0.4 [Released: November 12, 2008] --> version 3.0.5 [any news on the customized on for me ? I can PM you about it if you want.] Avast! Antivirus Home (Free) Edition v4.8.1201.0 --> version 4.8.1296 Advanced WindowsCare Personal Edition --> version 3.11 Notepad++ v5.1.0 --> version 5.1.3 (there may be some more that I missed.) And a little request: Samurize 1.64.3 -- http://www.samurize.com/modules/news/ GOOD LUCK !! And I look forward to your new releases!!
  7. New versions: Auslogics Registry Defrag December 03, 2008 Auslogics Disk Defrag December 03, 2008
  8. New versions: FreshUI v 8.21: December 14, 2008 FreshDiagnose: v 7.96: December 8, 2008
  9. I really enjoy how these topics appear every so often on this board (not a bad thing, but something fresh everytime ). To continue your slipstreaming finalization, check out these links also; http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/57/ http://www.msfn.org/board/Windows-XP-SP3-s...up-t118781.html http://www.msfn.org/board/Folders-and-File...-X-t123623.html Have fun, and continue giving us status updates
  10. I've took some time to *re-align* the pictures (leftorright3.png) with the original (the .png version of the .jpg image). Here is the realigned image: http://img19.picoodle.com/img/img19/3/11/2...ovm_5842f22.png Here is an image with some edits highlighted: http://img37.picoodle.com/img/img37/3/11/2...dim_9c8c8d8.png Everything is going fine, Kelif. The image is coming along great. Just keep working on defining the lines, getting rid of some blurring of the parts, and continue with the coloration work. Thank you sooo much!! I look forward to hearing from you. P.S.-- Here is a midnight theme suggestion image: http://img37.picoodle.com/img/img37/3/11/2...igm_99b622f.png
  11. I recommend holding off on an update for now. Some bugs have been detected and are being fixed for a future release. http://forums.comodo.com/leak_testingattac...22603#msg222603 Keep an eye out next week for an updated version !!
  12. ThreatFire released: http://www.threatfire.com/download/
  13. EDIT-- Sorry, didn't realize the posts before me. Looking forward to the next release . ----------------------- New version: 3.0 !! (THREE !!) http://www.foxitsoftware.com/pdf/rd_intro.php
  14. Wise Registry Cleaner version 3.8 released !! Download from: http://www.wisecleaner.com/download.html → remember, select the free version !! Thanks very much!! I look forward for your next release .
  15. Well ... Look what I found: http://lifehacker.com/5093536/gmail-update...ook-adds-themes and then I saw planet ... http://cache.gawker.com/assets/images/17/2008/11/planets.png and then I got my own enabled ... http://img505.imageshack.us/img505/7819/inboxig4.png and then I refreshed the page and saw this ... http://img505.imageshack.us/img505/1069/defaultcn0.png And then ... I stopped the page from loading ... And got my hands on this: http://img404.imageshack.us/img404/8914/startilebr0.gif This ... Is ... AWESOME FOR THE MIDNIGHT THEME!! ... Can this be one of the backgrounds you might consider for the *Midnight Theme* ? I'll upload it for you . (Think the cleartype text from the desktop icons will be able to be displayed?) By the way, how are things coming? I look forward to your finished work !! **So, your leftorright3 iteration of the image has the Windows Logo fixed !! Yay!! I think the only things that need some work are the defining lines, fixing the XP hairclip thing, making colors match, and fixing the coloration errors from the bitmap. Then you can work on the midnight version !!** THANK YOU SOO MUCH!! I look forward to hearing from you !!
  16. New version: Spyware Terminator http://www.spywareterminator.com/download/download.aspx http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/Spywa...or/1139394850/1
  17. Updated: updates: Adobe Flash Player v10.0.12.36 & Adobe Shockwave Player v11.0.0.465 Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1 Mozilla Firefox v2.0.0.18 VLC media player v0.9.6 (a.k.a. VideoLAN Client or simply VLC) FreshDiagnose v7.94 and FreshUI v8.19 BitSpirit v3.3.2.352 Advanced WindowsCare Personal Edition v2.9.0 Build 866 Advanced SystemCare Free v3.0.0.586 DriverMax v4.7 UltraISO Premium Edition v9.3.1.2633 new: Subtitle Workshop v4.0 BETA 4
  18. Advanced SystemCare 3.00 released (the successor of WindowsCare) http://www.iobit.com/advancedwindowscareper.html
  19. New verison: FreshDiagnose 7.94 + FreshUI 8.19 Take your time!! I really appreciate it !!
  20. Oh darn, Kelif, I think your recent pics had a shift to the left (by several pixels). Take some of your original images and view them through Windows Picture viewer, then immediately view the recent pics of yours. You'll notice that there is a running white line on the right, and the entire image shifted slightly. Could you double check on that? **Thank you soo much!!** EDIT-- A clarification of what the above meant:: the P of the XP is several degrees to the right, making the text not look "straight". So, what I was asking for was that the *p* be pointed some degrees slightly to the left. Thanks so much!! **Realized I spelled line wrong as "light". My mistake ...
  21. OMG !! Yes, Yes, yes !!!! Alright, just some slight nitpicks --> **MS Windows XP text** --The M isn't straight as other in the text --the *xp* isn't straight in line also. Try to make the p point downward a tad bit more --realized that the new text (which is better, of course) blurred out some of the dress lining. Can you correct that/ compensate for it? **Windows Logo** --Think it would be better looking if you manipulate both the yellow and green corners to look a little more straightened and aligned --> for both their left and right sides? **XP hair-pin thing** --Just several more corrections to the lining of it (there is some black getting into the orange colors) **Hair coloration** --Continue working on making the colors blend with each other. There are still some white-blue spots lying around. **The edited redefined lines** --Make them more smoother, not completely jagged-like. (Like with her right hand and some stands of her hair.) --Some lines of her dress became slightly blurred afterwards in the image. Was this intentional? (I think I like more defined lines better; just make them smooth and blend right together .) --The lines of ... well ... Her bosom ... I think you should keep the thinner lines of original image --> new line doesn't look all that right going into the dress area. Keep the thinner lines, but make them less jagged than the original. That's all I have to say now. Keep up the amazing work !! ----------------------------- Now, some final things-- How's the pixel-line-coloring corrections coming (I noticed it was better, but are there still more flaws?) ? How's the *Midnight theme*? THANK YOU SOO MUCH !! I REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE IT !! Keep me posted. I am looking forward to how all this turns out. EDIT-- Added more things I found with image. EDIT 2-- Added image: http://img513.imageshack.us/my.php?image=editqe0.png EDIT 3-- Added more things about XP logo and text. EDIT-- **Realized I spelled line wrong as "light". My mistake .
  22. EDIT: Sorry, was a bit busy when I made this response. Right now, I've just compared them side by side (original that I sent and the recent ones you made). And yeah, you're right, I see some major things that need to be worked on ... I apologize if I am making this hard for you. I just really appreciate the work you're doing. *********** Would it be easier to start with the original JPEG image and edit from that or continue on from what I did with the PNG image that I presented? I'm asking because the edits I made were just amateur color corrections, just taking colors from the surroundings and just putting it into the pixels that needed some corrections. I don't even know if I blended the colors together in the right manner or whatever. However, whichever image you wish to take and start with is up to you. Just remember, if you start with my PNG image, make sure to correct whatever errors I may have made Now, looking at the images and comparing theme side by side, overlaying each other, what I'm wishing for is: --the suggestions that I made in the following image (forget about a new logo, just tilt the green corner a bit to the right and as for the text, just tilt several degrees to right and clarify text blurr) --looking forward to see all the coloring issues and line issues that I made note of (and the more subtle ones that I didn't notice) be corrected a little bit --wishing for a midnight theme **Thanks very much !! I truly appreciate it, and I am looking forward to what you have in store !!** ************ Here is the image I provided, and let me mark my clarified suggestions in red (sorry if the lines are a tad bit ... well, placed at ... weird areas ... Sorry): Clarification of text (since I noticed it can be misinterpreted.): Drag the green corner (of the original logo of the image) out a bit, but careful not to touch the hair . Clear up the text blur. Tilt logo a bit to the red line. --> XP should then read the point of the big red blott. http://img88.imageshack.us/my.php?image=xptanbv1.png Here is the original image JPEG image with red-color areas that I see problems with. Basically, it is coloring issues and defined-lines issues that the JPEG compression screwed with: http://img145.imageshack.us/my.php?image=xptanfq0.jpg Here is the original JPEG image, for reference (without any marking). http://tbn0.google.com/images?q=tbn:zKzj-J.../s400/XPtan.jpg Here is the image that I modified, with some of the color issues worked on by me. http://img266.imageshack.us/my.php?image=xptanxf3.png ------------------------- Thanks very much!! Hm ... It turns out that the Windows XP text (double layering) and logo didn't turn out the way I wanted ... (Just not everything works out that way, eh?) So, I guess keep the original text, but just sharpen whatever was a little blurred (like the original *Microsoft* text on top of Windows XP). As for the Windows Logo, how about try tilting it to fit with the position of the arm? Thats all that I have to suggest at this point. Originally, I though that the color sharpening was turning out quite well actually. Just continue workin on it !! (And remember to tell us about how the *Midnight* theme is coming along !!) Keep us updated, and continue the great work!! Don't give up !! -------------------------- **Original JPEG image uploaded. PNG image was too large [] ...**
  23. It's not dead, trust me. W3bbo has his studies to get by with, however, he does tell me that he is continually working on the system. Don't worry. We're hoping to get a testing version out by the end of this month/ the next. I'll keep tabs on whats happening .

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