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  1. For some reason it wont install on a server operative system.. Anyway to bypass that?
  2. Is it possible to install Windows Media Player on Server 2008 when the add feature is broken? ' I tried to download from the web, but the installer just says there is no available update for my system. I don't really use Windows Media Player, or I wouldn't have broken the add feature thing with vLite, but it seems like lots of websites requires WMP as webplayer.. Is there any solution to my problem? Any way to install WMP? Or perhaps some other application or way for me to stream online?
  3. Hi, I've been trying to intergrate the RAID drivers for my ASUS P5N32-E SLi nForce680i motherboard onto my Windows Server 2008 64bit disk. The S-ATA drivers work, if I use Fernandos packages at nForceHQ, but the RAID drivers don't see my RAID-0 setup.. I've tried with all the three packages which Fernando has been making over at nForceHQ as well with the latest "official" ones directly from the nVidia.com site. But non of them are able to see my RAID setup. There are just two things I can do, 1#: Not remove the nVidia RAID drivers that exist on the Server 2008 64bit by default, 2#: Load in the drivers which exist on the Striker Extreme DVD. The problem is, if I use the default drivers (in other words don't remove them with vLite) I'm not able to install new RAID drivers after booting up the system, because that results in a bluescreen.. And the same thing happens if I use the darn old drivers that are on the Striker Extreme DVD. So I'm looking for somewhat "new" drivers which I actually can intergrate (or at least have on a USB drive) which will see my RAID setup, but so far none have worked. Any suggestions for which one to use? (Server 2008 64bit and Vista SP1 64bit got the same drivers, if you didn't already know)
  4. "Add features" working or not doesn't bother me, as there's nothing I would want to add back in... adding the junk back in would kinda undermine using Win2008 in the first place I kinda agree, but there is actually something I want / need to add to make Server 2008 behave as a proper Workstation, things like .NET Framework as many of my applications requires FrameWork to run.
  5. Does the add feature things still works even when you have get rid of all that? Is v1.1.6 Final better optimized for Server 2008? Because the last time I tried to tweak my Server 2008 installation (and I didn't really remove that much) I broke the entire Add Feature thing, it didn't work at all..
  6. So any update on when we will see a component removal that supports Server 2008? What can I actually remove, without breaking the add feature option? I know I can remove languages and drivers, is that it? Are lots of stuff I want to get rid of
  7. Nice done, could you upload the present (remove the key etc of course)
  8. That's strange, i remove SmartCards and my iPod works fine, i use SharePod now anyways its much better, free, smaller and you can just copy the folder to your ipod so you can copy songs anywhere cos u dont have to install it. Hmm, will try that then I thought it was stated by Apple themselves that iPod would not function (at least not as it should) if you remove / disable the smartcards
  9. Nah, we are testing this at hardware.no at the moment, at it seems like if you have a vlited Vista SP1 which seems more or less identical with a Server 2008 the Server 2008 still is quite a lot faster.. No idea why, but it's seems like it's something with Server 2008 that makes it faster than Vista SP1 even if you have a extreme light Vista.
  10. Hmm.. So it's not safe for me to get rid of all the useless drivers which is included in Windows Server 2008 using vLite?
  11. Windows Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008 got the exact same kernel, therefore there should not be any compatibility issues other than those we already got in Vista. Vista SP1 64bit drivers should work flawlessly with Windows Server 2008 64bit, same for Vista SP1 32bit and Windows Server 2008 32bit.. Same goes for Games and applications..
  12. But what can we actually do with vLite if the remove components doesn't work? Integrate drivers perhaps? Will there ever be a xLite for Windows Server 2008?
  13. Yeah, I know that.. But why bother? That wont give me any sort of boost or advantage over installing it myself afterwards, would it? It would just have to spend time fixing the WPI (which I haven't really studied that much), and also there will most likely be updates all the time. Like today we've got Java JRE Update 6, which means that my Vista installation would have installed an old version of JRE that I would needed to delete before installing the latest one.. I've been considering WPI a few times, but simply because most of the applications get updates all the time I don't really see the point. The only things that I could WPI into the installation would be Adobe Master Collection, Office 2007, uTorrent 1.6.1, Windows Live Messenger, the .NET FrameWork and Visual stuff, BearShare, DirectX Update and FlashGet. Everything else would most likely have been released in updated versions before I would even consider using the Vista installation disk again.. See my point? Anyway, that wouldn't give me any sort of performance boost or anything, would it? It would just "ease" my installations process?
  14. I've tried to tweak my Windows Vista Ultimate x64 installation with vLite v1.6.6 RC But some feedback would be appreciated I've uploaded the vLite Present in this post, so you are able to download it and take a look. My computer is mainly used for the regular stuff, like Windows Live Messenger, Webcam, web surfing (firefox), playing games (like Battle for Middle Earth 2, Age of Conan etc..), listen to music, synchronize my iPod Touch, watching movies etc.. When it comes to my computer components and drivers: ASUS P5N32-E SLi nForce680i MSI GeForce 8800GTS 640MB 2x Hitachi Dekstar 160GB S-ATA drives in RAID0 CREATIVE Audigy2 ZS Logitech G5 and G15 Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 All the drivers needed for those components I've got ready on a USB-disk, so I've removed all the I thought was unnecessary in the Vista installation. The S-ATA / IDE drivers I will simply integrate into the installation. These are the usual stuff I install after a clean installation of Windows: - Adobe Master Collection - BearShare - DAEMON-Tools - Diskeeper - DivX Pro (never been able to enter the serial for DivX with Vista 64bit?) - DriveSweeper - ESET NOD32 - FlashGet v1.73 tweaked with FlashGit RS 2.75 - HP LaserJET 1022nw drivers - iTunes (for my iPod Touch) - jv16 PowerTools - K-Lite Standard Codec Pack (without MediaPlayer) (considering to replace this with Vista Codec Pack, and Vista Codec 64bit components?) - Logitech SetPoint, QuickCam etc.. - Microsoft Office 2007 + Norwegian Language Pack - Mozilla FireFox - Mozilla Thunderbird - Nero 8 Micro - QuickTime (follows with iTunes) - Real Alternative - Xilisoft Video Converter - VideoLAN (VLC MediaPlayer) (not working with Vista 64bit?) - Windows Live Messenger tweaked with Mess / A-Patch + Messenger! Plus Live add-on - WinRAR - µTorrent 1.6.1 Also we've got additional stuff like: - DirectX Update - .NET FrameWork - Internet Explorer 8.0 BETA - IEPro add-on for Internet Explorer (though I never, and then mean never use Internet Explorer) - Java (JRE) - Adobe Flash Player - Adobe Shockwave Player - Adobe SVG Viewer - Different add-ons for FireFox - Silverlight - Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (required by some games and applications) - Microsoft Visual J# Redistributable (required by some games and applications) I think that's about it, if we ignore the games and drivers I install.. So that's more or less all the background information about what I'm doing on my computer, and what applications / stuff I normally install. So what I'm trying to do is to create the best suited / tweaked / optimized Windows Vista installation for my use. And that's why I need a little feedback on my vLite present, what do you think about it? Have I removed something that I shouldn't remove? Is there something else I can do to tweak it even more? Other components to remove? All feedback is welcome A TCPIP.sys tweak / hack / crack would also be awesome, if it's possible to tweak it so it allows lots of connection "out-of-the-box". Because I'm sick and tired of having to edit the **** TCPIP.sys file every time I restart my computer. Windows_Vista_vLite_Edition.ini Windows_Vista_vLite_Edition_u.ini
  15. iPod with iTunes: Components: Hardware Support-->Smartcards Error: None Note: You Apple iPod will simply not be recognized by iTunes
  16. That's true! Gaming could be even better in xp (provided you don't intend to run directx 10 compatible games). But with server 2008 you might not be able to use vlite! There is the alky project aka DirectX 10 on Windows XP! Alky dosen't work, you just get DirectX 9.0L
  17. I've just got my eyes upon the Windows Server 2008.. And rumours claims it to be better then Windows Vista no matter what you are doing on your computer, so it's not just good for servers and companies, but also private persons who do regular stuff and gaming? Windows Server 2008 is supposed to be the fastest operative system by Microsoft, EVER! How much truth it's in all of this I have absolutely no idea, to be honest I have never even considered to use a Windows Server edition before. So what's the difference between Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista? What is different between the "normal" versions (Windows XP / Vista) and "server" versions (Windows Server 2003 / 2008) What problems might you run into using a server version? What benefits do you get from running it? Does vLite support Windows Server 2008? And how do you config / tweak Windows Server 2008 to perform optimal for your needs? So what do you think? Are these rumours true?
  18. Very interesting.. Could someone tell me how to config the Windows Server 2008 the best way? Does vLite support Windows Server 2008?
  19. And last time I tried that for my Vista Ultimate 64bit, I wouldn't boot because the TCPIP.sys file was not signed by Microsoft
  20. The torrent protocol is used for much more than illegal downloads.. Like the huge 4 - 10GB Age of Conan BETA patches I have to download every week for example, or all the stuff hosted on NRK (Norwegian TV-channel) is using torrent. There are also lots of other legal stuff you can download with torrent, especially huge files I prefer to get through torrent as it is much faster..
  21. This should REALLY be implanted! We've got it in nLite, and we should have it in vLite as well.. Why? Because it's **** annoying been capped at 10 connections, it completely destroys the potential of my DGL-4500 router and fiber optic line! This is one of the main reasons why I haven't started with vLite yet, and are staying with XP and nLite because this TCPIP patch isn't implanted in vLite yet. And you should really do it, and that rather quick! It's one of the best patches there is!

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