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  1. ret = msgbox("Do you want to install x",vbYesNo) If ret = vbYes then Msgbox "Do run command here" Else Msgbox "No Run" End If You can remove the else and the msgbox "no run" if you don't care about a no answer. Mike
  2. Which reboot are you talking about? The one after you diskpart or one during the OS setup?
  3. I too have been hounding my tam and she told me last week or was it the week before that it was available via licensing download. It should be coming in the next license shipment or two. Mike
  4. Where I work, we extracted the msp and then run it using /qb-! not sure of the reason behind it but it works.
  5. Check out PE Network Configurator v2.20 at http://www.geocities.com/pierremounir/. I have used this in our server room, it has the abilities to setup profiles or set the IP on the fly, and it works in Win PE. Mike
  6. In one form or another I use the following to reboot PE from both HTA's and VBS' Mike Do'Reboot PC. Close Up to 5 open CMD windows Do While Counter < 5 Counter = Counter + 1 If Counter = 6 Then Check = False Exit Do End If WshShell.AppActivate "cmd" WshShell.sendkeys "exit" WshShell.sendkeys "~" Loop Loop Until Check = False
  7. Love it, learn something new every day. Thanks Chris. After looking at doing images and basically not being able to standardize on one desktop/laptop, we decided to go with a complete unattended method for installing os's and software. We still use PQdeploy for backups and restores but that is about it. Mike
  8. I do not believe that you can access the HD after imaging it. When we used PQdeploy, Powerquests 32bit command-line driveimage type tool, per their support, we could not access the drive via drive letter, but could possibly use a tool that came with our license to access the HD. BUT, we could only copy down a newer version of a file that already existed in the image.
  9. Just to verify, did you copy the folder that was created when you used the install components file into your PE build location?
  10. Another way is to do your partitioning and formating via a script and then write the unattend.txt file to the HD. Where I work, we have been using this method for a while. Basically, I setup the HD, then write the unattend.txt file along with several other script files to the HD. None of these files had existed before being written, they were all part of a single large script file. Mike
  11. Depending on what you are doing, yes it is possible. You could write a bat/script file that would map the drive prior to calling the program installs. The way that I have mine setup is this, -WinPE launches, prompts tech for username/password and maps drive to network. -Tech is then prompted for computername and some basic info (Which OS, Office, formatting options, etc) -Once they submit this, the HD is formated and several files are written to the HD, these include, Unattend.txt and several script files. -Needed files are copied to the HD (i386, Drivers, some patches) -Setup launches -Once setup is complete, runonce calls a script Install patches/chipset and copy a script to the startup folder then reboot. -OS autologs in, then maps a network drive and calls a script that will install all standard apps.
  12. While I have not done with via DVD I have done CD installs. I have a method of installing multiple OS's from the network that I had converted to install from CD. I do not have access to this atm but have posted it previously. Look for some of my posts and you should find it. If not, I can post it on monday. Mike btw hope this is coherent, took some meds not too long ago and am feeling good. I knew if I did a little searching I would find it, I posted the zip here, this could give you a start, but I have made some updates so will still post on monday. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=18150&hl=
  13. How often do you have new nics coming in? About the only time we have any new nics where I work is when a new model dell comes out as after a long fight we have been able to standardize out desktops. Mike
  14. DC = Domain controller either Windows 2000 or 2003 Server. Not sure if SMS 2003 requires Win2003 or if 2000 will do. Also, if I am not mistaken, you will need SQL2000 to install SMS. Mike
  15. Supossedly Longhorn has the ability to "work" with WIM files but I have not tested this, and I am not sure what exactly "work" meant. likuidkewl, where you ever able to check this out? Mike
  16. As far as I know, No. Also, once you get it installed and get the image file out, it is in a new format, WIM if I remember correctly.
  17. add it to the Winnt32 command. So it should look something like this winnt32.exe /Syspart:C /TempDrive:C /unattend:Z:\unattend.txt
  18. If you do not reboot after running diskpart, add in /Syspart:C /TempDrive:C, not sure if tempdrive is required though, but it works for me. Is your unattend.txt file named zunattend or is that a typo? Mike
  19. Where is the unattend.txt file in relation to winnt32?
  20. Just do a /? on it and you will get a list of the switches. If you have it extracted do a /? on the update.exe
  21. I have used Factory -WinPE before with no prompting at all. What is the title of the window that you need to choose quit on to get to the command prompt? Mike
  22. I might be mistaken but I think that partition magic creates a bat file which then runs the create partition routine. It has been a while so I am not sure what version this was with but that could be your issue. Mike
  23. I asked my TAM about this and she could not find any info. Hopefully yours will have better luck.
  24. It was WinPE. I don't think Barts was around at the time I started with PE, but I could be mistaken.

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