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  1. Autologon.. all the time?

    Ummmm or you could just use the AutoLogonCount value in your unattend.txt file? [GuiUnattended] AutoLogon = Yes AutoLogonCount = 2
  2. Change My Documents path in PE

    I agree with rtK - you might as well hard code it since WinPE is hardcoded to use drive X. But to answer your question, you need to specify a REG_EXPAND_SZ value if you want to use environment variables in the value data. Either way will work.
  3. Change My Documents path in PE

    Probably opening up winpedef.inf and adding / modifying Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders entries would do the trick.
  4. Unattended Build Script

    @joe You can get the RAM disk working by downloading the WSSRA Deployment kit and using the ramdrv.sys from there, and there are many posts around that will tell you what mods you need to make to winpesys.inf to get it working. If you still need a hand reply to this post and I'll post up how I do it. @dman Amen to that! I also have a massively updated version of this script... it's weighing in at close to 1000 lines now. It includes stuff like the ability to install W2K or W2K3, some better IP address handling code, and also I have separated out the distribution share credentials from the domain join credentials... anyway, if anyone is interested let me know and I'll post it up.
  5. Boot PE from Hard Drive

    And in case you want to get WinPE from Hard drive into RAM, here's a shamelessly self promoting link Run Windows PE from RAM This is how I'm remotely deploying servers now... boot remote server off a floppy, dump an image of a disk with PE on it, reboot and run PE from RAM.
  6. Restart WINPE

    I do exactly the same thing at the end of my preinstallation script... good ol sendkeys!
  7. Use this in addition to the default username / password keys [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] "ForceAutoLogon"="1"
  8. Freeze after first reboot

    I had a similar wierd problem recently, ended up fixing it by booting of a dos floppy and doing fdisk /mbr
  9. WMI hardware detection

    I haven't extended WMI, but haven't had a need to... you might try PCI32 from here. You don't need plugins or anything - just chuck pci32.exe, pcidevs.txt and gwiopm.sys into the same directory (doesn't matter which directory) and let er rip
  10. Unattended Build Script

    As in everything was previously outsourced to HP, but then the company decided to bring everything back in house... ie in-source
  11. Unattended build script...

    It could go in either forum so see this post My apologies for spelling your name wrong likuid! I'll fix that up later.
  12. I started a new job recently and found there was no standard process in house for doing unattended builds, so I whipped one up ala the script in the attached .txt file Here's what you need *Windows PE / Bart PE - with script support enabled (i use winpe personally - for just building boxes, you don't need all the other nice stuff that Bart gives you). - with a RAM disk (doesn't have to be big. 1MB would be plenty) - with ScriptPW.dll registered (I have a post somewhere about how to do that. Search!) - with any necessary mass storage and NIC drivers *A distribution share with the following structure - <root> | ----- 2000unattend.txt | | ---- $OEM$ | ------ ADV | | | ---- I386 | ----- STD | ---- I386 There is only one variable you need to modify really, if you have that structure, being strDistShare on line #392 *2000unattend.txt - an unattend.txt file something like the one attached Took me about a week to write the bulk of it and then an extra 2 weeks putting the final touches on (it's always like that, ain't it!). It's geared towards 2000, but can easily be modified for 2003. Please don't email for any kind of support - if you don't know vbscript or how to do unattended builds, use google and technet and learn yourself. That's how I did it! Oh and thanks to likuidkewl I think for how to reboot PE... best.hack.ever <edits> Crap I can't get that directory structure to format correctly... I'm sure you can work out what I mean! 2000unattend.txt, $OEM$, STD and ADV all sit directly under the root, then the I386 directories sit underneath STD and ADV. BUILDSOE.txt2000unattend.txt
  13. Windows PE and NForce2 based network chipsets

    drvinst anyone? Or just build your source with /pnp and put the .inf files in i386\INF, .sys files in i386\System32\drivers and that's it. pnp detect will do the rest for you when factory.exe runs.
  14. writeable ramdisk for winpe2005

    You can get an updated Microsoft ramdrv.sys from the WSSRA deployment kit here. If you take the default install options you'll find the driver in C:\WSSRA\Deployment Kit\MSAAPFTree\WinPESupport. You don't need the inf file - if you've already modified your winpesys.inf then just chuck this updated ramdrv.sys into \system32\drivers and you're good to go. Mind you it still has all the limitations of the original sample driver... if you can use the Qsoft one from BartPE, do so!
  15. WinPE64 on HP DL385

    Anyone using WinPE on HP/Compaq hardware should be using the SmartStart Scripting Toolkit (1.2 is the current version - obviously get the Win32 edition, not the DOS one!) for drivers... it's p*** easy to integrate all array controller and NIC drivers for pretty much all HP/Compaq hardware... I've used the same build from 6400R's right through to DL580 G3's and not had a single driver issue. You need to register for it, but it's a free download and you go to the download page right after filling in the registration page so you can put in bogus info if you're paranoid and hate salepeople (like me :-) SmartStart Scripting Toolkit I wish all hardware vendors would do stuff like this... big tick for HP in my book.