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  1. No icons in A43

    wrong forum.....http://www.911cd.net/forums
  2. Need to automate Bart's PE

    wrong forum......http://www.911cd.net/forums
  3. How to add Network Drive in ERD Commander 2005 ISO

    from sysmantec This screenshot (not sure how to post) the screen shot show the commander boot cd-rom wizard which allows u to browse for the files u would like to add is from the very last screen on the wizard that creates the ERD Commander 2003 .iso file. You can copy over the necessary drivers that you need for the SATA drive by clicking on the "Explore" button and then dragging the files you need to add to the I386\System32\Drivers directory. Joe Subject: RE: commander 2003 This guy is in GM ... please follow up with him. ********************************************* Can't seem to get CMD2003 to work on a SATA drive... just locks up and stops during boot up? seen this and can you help with this problem?
  4. BartPE + XPE Plugin

    using the wrong forum...
  5. PE 2005

    nice new features like /PNP /NOFW etc i have added the winpeshl.ini file but it didnt work and didn't copy over the bsexplorer dir either? can someone help me get this ? i did open up the iso and copy over to the root the bsexplorer dir after the build and in the cmd window went to that dir and it statred the shell but dos window still up and i would like to be in bs explr shell form the go and then copy my plugins to run? BS Explorer shell comes for Russia and is light and awesome
  6. reporting tool

    Does any of you have or know of a tool that will do this or can create a script to do this.......PLEASE HELP It would be nice if I could get a report that gives for each OU, all defined security roles and for security each role, a list of the trustees assigned to it.
  7. ghost9/powerquest ?

    so u are saying that i can use the new update V2ISR.EXE and it will restor images...........great... now i have to figure out how to get it on a CD so I don't have to leave my product cd with backup images. any ideas anyone? or do you have an old Dr Image restore Cd and can look at the files?
  8. ghost9/powerquest ?

    I know that symantec bought PowerQuest.. Ghost 9, see's and creates Drive Image files..... v2i It also seems to be uses the PowerQuest's Backup Image Browser (pqibrowser.exe) What I'M TRYING TO FIGURE OUT IS: WILL THE the v2i recovery wizard (V2ISR.EXE) WORK FOR GHOST 9 Recovery.... I HATE TO THINK THAT I HAVE TO KEEP MY PRODUCT CD TO RESTORE A IMAGE... FROM SCRATCH...GHOST SAYS BOOT OFF OF PRODUCT CD...! ALSO WOULD HAVE TO LEAVE THE FULL COPY OF MY PRODUCT CD WITH BACK UP IMAGES.... NOT A GOOD IDEA... I NO LONGER HAVE TEST BOX or COPY OF DR IMAGE TO TEST WITH.........CAN SOMEONE LET ME KNOW THAT HAS AN OLD COPY OF DRIVE IMAGE... Then I can add the Dr Image plugin to my PE CD and not worry with the .net/Ghost9 Product CD.... I really don't want to leave a copy of my Ghost9 with a backup image...
  9. WinPE 2004 with a shell

    Has anyone figured out how to convert the programs to show up in the shell correctly? I can get the shell to load but the programs don't show up????
  10. New unattend batch script for installs from PE

    will this be capable of doing server version of OS's? 2000-2003 and add RAID drivers unattended........for HP_compaq? pull setup files from the CD would be nice
  11. running a shell?

    @likuidkewl I understand the time thing........... but I can't seem to get my default desktop Icons or the plugins to work...some show and some don't using pe2004 + BS_Explorer (both are pretty new) I have been working in the other forum as well and have added different reg entries into inf files but they still don't show up on the desktop.... only the ones that show up are the ones I create in the ini file...
  12. running a shell?

    is there a tool out there to convert the inf or xml or ini file to a reg setting.. so that the plugins will load in WinPE?
  13. @voltaic please post when fix is done...... i haven't tried you app but i'm curious to see it now after reading this.......
  14. running a shell?

    got it.........wrong dir......... had the exe complied in the wrong dir load bs_explorer..........cool now i need to start to get the tools over..... thanks
  15. Different shells, pros and cons?

    sorry: http://www.911cd.net/forums/index.php?act=Login&CODE=00