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  1. I could, but whats the point? Just name your files to .ini coz there all text docs anyway. -- I just looked into this, and i had the same problem. The problem is that it trys to copy the temp ini file to the C:\ drive, and the C:\ drive isnt there for me in windows pe...iFly.exe - glad to see you like my name suggestion heh (very cool) Anyway... what's the point? well whats the point of making it a .ini instead? the point in allowing it to be whatever you name it would allow for more flexibility As for the HD issue, that could be a problem for ppl using a preformatted ntfs partition... so personally i think it would be a great idea to either include the usage of a ramdrive... or... to keep things simple you could have a dialog box pop up asking which "drive" should be used (for whatever purpose your proggy needs it for) btw could a floppy be used to do the same? (all the more reason to allow for selection)
  2. I'm now getting "Server does not have enough storage" error or something like that. This happens now via net use or using pe net config to map the drive to the distribution share. any ideas anyone?
  3. I agree completely, The ability to pass switches should be a must, and i thought/assumed that iFly (<-this name taken yet?) (InstallationFly) already passed the appropriate switches for an unattended install, i mean why else would you need to be using bartpe or winpe (and iFLY) to run an install otherwise?
  4. Ok i just tried testing the version with the vbruntimes included, under BartPE via VirtualPC and it seems to load alright but it gives me "File not Found" Error on every unattend.ini i try to open, now for me that's an issue because i'm trying to do a lan unattended, (which i have done successfully under dos), but if the path isn't there it would be nice to be able to select a new path (thought this was possible with this) but it did not allow me to do anything prior to the load config dialog nor after, and the program shuts down after the error.. It's lookin great so far tho
  5. btw... might be a good idea to update that link (see last sentence of this post) any chance u can make it accept .txt and .sif also? .cfg also? lol maybe it would be an even better if it could take a file with any extension? heh btw i accidentally downloaded the older exe first because it was the first link might be a good idea to just update the first link with the complete .zip and skip the other executable download links maybe
  6. sup cubie where did you post version 2? I was just about to burn it (guess i'll be testing 1.2? later today after i catch a few zzzz's)
  7. thanks again cubie, i'll try later when i need more unattend configs definately
  8. Thnx for the quick response cubie plugin? does everything have to be a plugin? lol i was hoping it was just a nice simple executable i guess everything has to be a plugin in bartpe? but i would be perfectly content for the moment if i could successfully run unnattend.bat (with UNC paths)
  9. would this work in bartpe?
  10. btw... Funny you should mention that Lalius.. Any particular reason you say... ??? I'm having a problem with bartPE actually... Now that i'm trying out BartPe and winnt32 to do an unnattended, when i run my unnattend.bat... (previously successfull using winnt.exe via unattend.bat on a remote source via lan boot disk) (And i've changed MsDosInitiated= to 0 now instead of 1 previously) i now get a "Access Denied" error (Appropriate changes were made to unnattend.bat, (which now resides on root folder of cd) and network access is working) I've heard of other people using bartpe to run an unnattend...anyone have any ideas?
  11. kronuskaos; my way around the problem (because i'm installing the hotfixes from a lan share without copying them over via the $oem$ folder/s) was to throw all the hotfixes into runonceex (via cmdlines.txt). It works great for me, and you won't need any wait commands. As a side note the $oem$/$1/drivers folder didnt work for me either (wacky intel inf's) so you can add any additional drivers before or after the hotfixes (didnt seem to make any difference either way), unless anyone has any opinions otherwise? http://unattended.msfn.org/xp/runonceex.htm
  12. my apologies for b4 i must have had you mistaken for someone else who was on here today maybe? or your using a different nick, one of the two hehhehe anyway load SMARTDRV.exe before you run unattend.bat these threads should help a little: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=18255hl and this one: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=18349&hl
  13. nice work! but here's a related and possibly helpful suggestion/question: could there be a way to say make it generate a number that follows a particular name/phrase? ie. you want all your computers in the office house to start with say: BOJANG so that you could have BOJANG01 BOJANG02 BOJANG03 BOJANG04 and so on?
  14. Well i know i'd prefer a different solution than having to know the mac heh (and i hope that's not how that registry tweak works because i'd be a tad disspointed?)
  15. that is not what i said either I no longer use setupmgr its useless lol (ok not useless just doesn't do it all) I thought for a moment there you were familiar with winnt.sif/unnattended.txt read the ref.chm that is included in the deployments tools that i posted you the link for (and just edit your file if you find the answer to your issue) maybe you can answer the question for us too
  16. could you be a little more specific MControl?
  17. I didn't say that you did but anyway... have you checked ref.chm? I'm interested in any further developments tho so let me know eh btw it was explained to me today that the deployment tools that come with the cd do not include certain parameters as this one i'm told does http://unattended.msfn.org/xp/winnt_sif.htm Or....maybe you could (in some way) use the regkey that changes the computer name? (I'm pretty sure there is one but i'm not sure if i have it or not) maybe someone could post it?
  18. btw could someone post the link for the WPI Pre-Install Wizard Crusher mentioned? Wouldnt mind having a look at it

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