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  1. Local Area Connection Missing, Ooops!

  2. Local Area Connection Missing, Ooops!

    Hey, Whats required for the Local Area Connection to work on Vista Ultimate 64Bit?? Not sure what i mean? Goto step 3: http://www.liv.ac.uk/csd/dhcp/vista.htm It's missing, and i know it's a service/s but which one/s? I can access that page but there is no Local Area Connection at all. Drivers are installed, and everything. Please help! Thanks!
  3. Help with vlite install

    Intel drivers missing probably, you may have removed em during Vlite Modification
  4. nLite, hate it or love it?

    Ace program, gamers should really like this. I always used to stop (services) and remove as much of the windows junk as possible. With nlite (and vlite) most of it's done already, on a new install . Saves alot of time for me atleast. Even for non gamers it's useful, speeds up your boot process, and can even get rid of some security issues. It doesn't cause errors and problems if you know what your doing Can't beat it, great app!!!!!
  5. vLite And nLite New connection issues

    Ok i used them on both installations a while ago. But i want to setup a PPPoE connection (Create A New Connection) and neither wizard works. Vista doesn't come up at all, and XP's doesn't do anything when i click next. Anyway i can get around this? Thanks (I didn't need it until now)
  6. How does this work?

    lol nvm, just had an idea and wacked CD in, it extracts automatically, cool
  7. How does this work?

    Hi, I know how to slipstream, just copy cd etc. I thought this would be the same, but i don't think it is, is it? do i have to install vista then use this proggy via another operating system? OR can i just extract the files from the Vista CD, like slipstreaming sp1 into XP, then intergrate and change everything with Vlite, i've look around but havn't found that specific answer.