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  1. I add file default wpi 8.2.2 and tried again. it said again the first error. and after then a blank install screen.
  2. it says "command sequence error" on title. and ask you want to continue or not to run this script. I think it's cause ie6.
  3. I tried and after I press install button this screen came up; and then blank install screen;
  4. sorry @Kel but it still doesn't work. I waited about five minutes but still it hangs on this screen. and doesn't seem install progs in background. My comp specs: windows xp sp3 up-to-date I use VMWare 7.1.4(latest) intel core2duo e6300 1.8@2.8 overclocked kingston 4 gb ddr2 ram
  5. still it doesn't work. just hangs on on installer window
  6. Ok, I uploaded my WPI folder except Install folder.here is; http://www.mediafire.com/?vp3wdnvvbqy32ul @myselfidem yes, this is the same error.
  7. Hi, I think WPI 8.2.2 has a bug. There is no problem with 8.2.1 but 8.2.2. hangs on this screen:(Run from RunOnceEx.cmd) it said also an error like this(I don't remember the whole); One script may cause not to respense or stop internet explorer, you want to stop this script etc.
  8. we're waiting @mimo. thanks in advance.
  9. hi, NDP20SP2-KB2518864-x86.EXE doen't seem to integrate with the way making iexpress cab. WU still show it.<br><br>edit: I made mistake. now it seems correct on WU.<br>
  10. hi, @mimo, what about office 2003 june updates?
  11. hi, I was using 1.0.6 beta and it was good. today I saw 1.0.7 and I gave a try. and it gives error when text mode begin:I/O error. then I overwrite my old "winsetup.lst" file to the new one. and it seems ok now. I think there is problem with 1.0.7's winsetup.lst.
  12. sorry for your lost, @Kel. Accept my deepest condolences. that's relly sad.
  13. I created and tested my add-on. thanks everyone.. BTW, I don't know if someone told it before but; if you want to verify your installations of addon try this; .NET Framework Setup Verification Tool
  14. So thanks Mim0, Now it's ok. happy with WU:)
  15. Hi Mim0, I use hfslip-1.7.10_beta_J.cmd.. I tried to integrate this month's updates. it's good but except "WindowsXP-WindowsMedia-KB975558-x86-TRK.exe". on Update List you say on description. I use also beta J but what about v3?? How I know my hfslip is v3? WindowsXP-WindowsMedia-KB975558-x86-TRK.exe still seems on WU
  16. @RealFasix, you should select options>general>from options drop down menu> select "Show images in installer"
  17. Me Too here is the same. only KB982168 prompt from Windows Update site. hope this would be fix..
  18. wpi.net is down now.. may be you keep going from http://code.google.com/ .. .may they allow it?

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