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  1. thanks man, really good and clarify this guide.it shouldn't compare with auto it scripts..really thanks!!
  2. Hi all, I slimdown my XPCD..I read nearly all the topic about it..but in my mind there are some scenerios.. LANG folder is nearly about 99 mb..ok I want to localized my xpcd but when I delete this folder what happend? I have a XP that Turkish version.also I don't want to give up from English, German and any of west Europen language.. ok..I don't select the whole of "Languages" tab with nlite..I deselect only "Western Europe and United States".. and the LANG folder down 2,53 mb.. and after I give a try and I select nlite the whole of "Languages" tab. like this; but heyy..my LANG folder still there ok but..it's again 2.53 mb..still the same lang files are there.. I think my language and Western Europe .. are in the same language groups..so it don't delete.. but even if I delete it manually the western Europen language groups will install? hımm..I gave a try on my virtual PC and I delete the whole of my LANG folder manually..I install XP..and still does not effect me..I may changed my religion settings from this tab. LANG folder only effect this tabs? it's only to recognize for readable the other languages? I know that if I go a Chinese or Japanese web site..characters is missing and will be strange..but I'm not sure how it's effect me that if I delete whole LANG folder manually or only leave Western Europe language groups.. anybody may talk about it? cheerss P.S:for understanding I give my pictures from english version XP. edit:pictures are effect my writing
  3. hımm..thanks..so I'll give up with this way.. @Nighted; I'll look..thanks..and cheers
  4. hi, maybe..I'll try with another copy..I try it from .iso.. tomorrow or another day I'll try again..thanks.. cheers added:yes my office source was damaged.I tried another copy and It's perfect now thanks again
  5. hello; when I try to install office 2007 enterprise it gives the error; I try only office 2007 enterprise and after then slipstreaqm SP1..but couldn't find this file..but file is here? also there is no result for google search..
  6. hi, I want to put a_folder on my desktop with unattended..my computer name is "XP" on winnt.sif as the title I put my folders..but when windows install finish a folder created called "user.XP" on my documents and settings folder.. how I make this true..?why he put "user.XP" folder instead of "user".. thanks edit:edit title for adding copy
  7. hi @mara-; in fact I don't understand this guide I integrate SP3 on my office 2003 cd..do I need make this?I try and it's install exam; when I type C:\office2003\PRO11.msi /qn it installed silently..it's good and enough for me.I think i don't need this .mst?huh? I don't need any customize it..I only install office on my home..and when i use switch it's ok if it will be a unattended install, it will be much more good ..I don't want to use WPI for it..I just want to double click and it will install..how I make this without WPI? may I make with 7z or winrar?or if I make it nlite add-on, and then extract the setup.exe and double-click it?is it possible for office? shortly, I want a single-setup file.just double click and it install..is it possible for office 2003?and where I find a guide? sorry cause my bad english. cheers added:"I don't need any customize it" sentence
  8. hello, I read this guide; http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/50/ and I decide to make my office 2003 install cd..I integrate SP3 and fully up-to-date..but at the end of it..there is a problem. here; I must change it from; "setup.exe TRANSFORMS=C:\office2003\office2003_full_unattended.MST /qb- to "setup.exe TRANSFORMS=office2003_full_unattended /qb-" but at this section my keyboard does not work.I couldn't changed it how I change it? thanks my sensei!!
  9. ummm.thanks @radix.yes I have a DVD drive.i will make a big DVD also..but i want a lite-win-CD with all drivers.maybe I do not integrate netframework 3.0 with RVM.it is nearly 90 mb..then I may install it with WPI
  10. yes friends, I read all of them. I delete WIN9XMIG,WIN9XUPG folder.but not WINNTUPG for using windows recovery console.. Also I delete LANG folder..default it's 99 mb but now 2,53 mb..I delete components,docs,valueadd,support folders.. but I make a cd that I integrate a lot of programs with RVM integrator(554 mb) and after I add driverpacks all drivers It became 786 mb..It includes; * DriverPack Chipset * DriverPack CPU * DriverPack Graphics A * DriverPack Graphics B * DriverPack Graphics C * DriverPack LAN * DriverPack MassStorage * DriverPack Sound A * DriverPack Sound B * DriverPack WLAN so it will 786 mb..maybe it not contains DriverPack WLAN..but it's not enough for me. added: I want to learn is it safe to overburn windows-cd?
  11. hi, Is there anyone that overburn windows-cd?I make a cd but when I integrate driverpacks all driver it is become 790 md? overburning is true for windows install cd on a 700 mb CD-R??
  12. here is mine; I called it "ZEUS__ follows you" :PP I modified a wallpaper.. sorry I linked it rapid..link is; http://rapidshare.com/files/94046820/WINNTBBU.rar.html
  13. auto means "default"?I think on nlite 1.3.X writes "auto" but now writes "default", doesn't it?huh? thanks for reply
  14. hi, on nlite 1.4.1 in general tab>computer type>and which type should be select? I use conreo E6300 ..but I want my windows-cd would be universal.. recently, I made a unattended cd and I select standart..after installation I couldn't select on start>turn of computer>stand by..cause of ACPI.. so which type of computer I select on general tab in Nlite for general usage? for exam CPU; AMD 4200+ or conroe E6300 or P4 2.4 ghz or Sempron etc.. after Nlite I also will add driverpacks for chipset and CPU drivers.. what am I doing? or in winnt.sif am I delete computer type row before I burn my win-cd?I want driverpacks install the correct driver for ACPI or my CPU? thanks..
  15. so thanks @Kelsenellenelvian..I download it too.I also try this..

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