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  1. is there a way to translate it different language?
  2. @Raoul90, thanks for the link.. I'm newbie on this..I read the tutorial.doc but I do't understand on which table I will create these rows? on property table?
  3. Sorry, but i don't have much time. You can follow the instructions in my tutorial to make it in your own language. @elajua.sorry for confused, I mean I couldn't find turkish full installer anywhere to play with your instructtions.. http://www.ajuaonline.com/2008/10/10/windo...ull-installers/
  4. very well..if you couldn't use your usb mouse and keyboard, how you install drivers??with a ps/2.. it likes a bad joke..tomorrow if I go and buy new computer hardwares..also just usb mouse and keyboard..and salesman says me "hey..!!if you buy a usb set also you must buy a ps/2 set to install drivers of usb mouse and keyboard.." it's not a big deal.. or I will buy a new computer, think that it has installed a fresh xp with MS optical mouse and keyboard with cable..and I will buy a logitech usb mouse and keyboard sets..when I go home..I will install my new computer..and press to power on..and woilaaa..I will call the computer store and say.."hey..this mouse and keyboard not work.." and they will say "turn me on babyyy..I'll sell you a ps/2 set also.." :wacko: how a scenerio
  5. but I want to learn why it happended and which steps cause this issue?with a normal xp cd there is no problem..but when I made it all these steps it happened..It's too hard to try and burn a cd and install on every steps..I want to learn whhich of steps cause this issue?
  6. are you sure?these are the basic steps for unattended xp..I didn't try any fantasy on this cd.. all add-ons tested one by one.. I didn't remove any risky component with nlite..just 4 language, windows tour and sample music..didn't make any service disable or reg tweak with nlite..just made sfc disable and tcp/ip>50 and theme patch.. just integrate driverpacks mass-storage driver.. this cd is simple enough..
  7. yeahh..unfortunately, not work..with my old cd I also integrated all driverpacks and it had said new hardware found etc..and first, I plugged ps/2 mouse and then I install usb mouse or keyboard.. and here is my new cd..it says when I plugged usb mouse "The driver installation file for this device is missing... inf file... for Windows 95 or later.." so nonsense..everything is perfect..my source, my add-ons, even I carried my regtweaks to runonce..I try to learn about unattended xp..I made my multiboot dvd also B) ..I install my friends or family's pc with my unattended xp pro..they give their pc, and I install it for them..it's just a hobby..but when they go their home, they plugg their usb mouse or keybord and taaa taaaaa...they not work and prompt for new hardware found.. if they have a set of usb mouse and keyboard, they couldn't install their drivers.. but if they have a ps/2 keyboard, they might be install if they know the keyboard shortcut.. understand??sorry cause my bad english.. there is no problem on VMWare..if it is not solved, I will try it step by step on a real machine..I burn a cd after slipstream SP3, then I will install it..if it goes well..I integrate my add-ons and then again burn cd and install again xp..if it goes well again, I will remove and make unattended my cd with nlite, then burn a cd again, and install xp..aarrrgghhh...these are so bored..what a problem.. I think these will be the right steps..
  8. hi, I use always a fresh source..and make it only one time in a one session.. here is my last_session here is my steps that I open topic in here.. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=128418 I search with google somewhere an msfn..all the doors came up n-lite... I didn't make any regtweak, or services disable..just make it unattended, remove 4 language file, integrate themes,sfc patch, theme patch, remove windows tour and sample music..just these.. and no, I do not plugg my keyboard or mouse when installing windows..I read everywhere about this issue but there is no answer yet.. i thought about rvm's optimize system files option cause this, and driverpacks but not.. also I don't know what are these; [RemoveFiles] clock.avi yahoo.bmp swtchbrd.bmp I do not remove anything related about clock or yahoo.bmp.
  9. this problem still continue with n-lite
  10. hello, I couldn't find any answer but I read on a few forums and topics n-lite cause this..what should we to beaware this problem..I install xp with ps/2 keyboard or mouse but after installation if I plug any usb mouse or keyboard it prompts me about new hardware found and click next... please help me, I'm confused about this problem..I use the latest version of n-lite..
  11. hi I have the same problem, please give me alink about @ryan..I couldn't find any answer about this issue..n-lite or rvm cause this..I didn't deleted anything with n-lite about drivers.. rvrm integrator>optimize system files section cause this.? with n-lite I just delete some languge(chinese, twain, etc.) here is my n-lite last_session
  12. hi all, I try to search but I couldn't find any answer about this..just this topic and ryan says search for another guy but I tried to searched...everything is perpet except this..but when I pluged a usb mouse or keybord it prompts me found new hardware, next next etc.. so I couldn't use my mouse if I don't install it with ps/2 mouse.. here is my steps; I have an non-SP windows xp professional cd.. I integrate SP3 with command to cd.. I delete by hand just components, dotnet win98 etc files.. I integrate my add-ons with rvm integrator.. with n-lite I just delete chinese, twain etc. 4 language that have too mb and make unattended, integrate theme.. and with driverpacks I integrate mass-storage drivers just.. please help me or give anylink about this issuee??I'm really confused
  13. yeapp..I installed a fresh office from my source, then installed SP3..after that I went to MS update and I noted all automatic updates that shown by MS..and then just type google "office 2003 KBXXXXXX"..and download all these 15 updates from MS..and try again..and now it's perfect..I don't understand what cause this, but maybe old updates..also I chain office 2007 complatibility pack and it's update now everything seem ok.. thanks @mara..with your slipstreamer it's soo simple..
  14. thanks @mara ..I will look your post..sorry I could not tell but all updates for my language..all of its TRK, not ENU.
  15. hi @Mara, ı have problem, I integrate but 15 updates again seems on MS update :S I download updates on your .pdf files; and thenI create admin install point with e:\setup.exe /a to N:\office\1 (also I enter my serial) and then here is my other settings; and I press to start..everything seems ok..but when I go MS update, 15 updates seems again?I think I made mistakes to select something here is the result; in fact, long times ago I read and made my unattended office 2003 with your 1.5 slipstreamer..but now I do not understand what is going on.. added: log file attached log.txt
  16. hi, I use 7.2.0 I just add my programs and change background-picture, add category..if I download WPI 7.2.2 and put my install folder, useroptions.js and config.js to WPI 7.2.2, is it enough for update WPI?? or what is the best way to update WPI?
  17. OMG!!I'm looking for silent install of avira and find this..I tested it on virtual machine now..it's not good, but just perfect man!! really so thanks
  18. yeappp, I just tried and this worked for me too, thanks:)
  19. @gospeed yes I think we have the same issue.. I write all the story for clarify it.sorry cause my english, sometimes I couldn't explain what the really happened.. I used to WPI v6.3 for my old dvd and it's very good on these steps..; after install xp, with restart, WPI begin to work and there is nothing on desktop..just opens WPI and I select my programs, they installed first and then desktop loads with Nlite's custom tweak that a little window showing left-top on the window.. but on my new dvd, I follow the same steps as same as my first post also used with WPI v6.3..but the resultsand steps here; after install xp, with restart, WPI begins to work and also desktop begins to load at same time with Nlite's custom tweak(with little window left-top).It came to focus top on WPI..I don't understand how I controll it :S I curious why this happens that when I follow the same steps..I try it with RunWPI_Zune.exe and RunWPI.exe.. and some try with option that load desktop before installation also, carriied to row RunWPI_Zune.exe top of cmdlines.txt but that is not my wish.. I wish the same install with WPI v6.3 edit:added some words for clarify
  20. I try something.. -I search @mritter's post on forum but couldn't find an explain -I checked option that load desktop before installation starts and put RunWPI_Zune.exe my $OEM$..but Nlite and WPI load at same time again.and when I hit to install button WPI closed suddenly. -just post_$oem$ does have prompt issue what would be the next try? added:first sentence
  21. this is superb!! @kickarse..thanks this usefull tool
  22. oh I understand you want to say something mystery as for me but I couldn't understand..I think I may check my setting or what?is it explain on somewhere I like your waggish sides but really I don't understand how to fix it.. ok I check read me again.but if I couldn't find, will you say?
  23. What a speedy thanks @Kel..I will waiting for fix.. and for second issue I'm trying your suggest and check my settins again..

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