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  1. Thus assuming that his mainboard is in fact Intel-made and not made by Asus, Abit, Gigabyte, etc. I hope he gets the right drivers
  2. All I see is a domain holder pager.
  3. Echo1. ^ worked for me, but then I messed up by using an nForce2 mainboard
  4. I am going to agree, along with this tidbit: For easy, step-by-step directions go to HowtoForge http://www.howtoforge.com/
  5. Vista RC1, build 5600 - AVG Free, v7.1.405 seems to be working just fine.
  6. Ahhh... explains it all, Thanks ZileXa for updating us
  7. Could you be a little more specific? I have always used the .msi to install silently, getting same after going through the trouble of dealing with Macromedia nag registration to get the redistributable. What files does one need, and where does one drop'em? Thanks. Like I said, go to the link in my signature, read the info, download the file and read the info... it's easy as hell, not using an installer is the most efficient and quickest method for unAttended install. No files uploaded to this project. Please login to Members Area and upload one or more files to this project ??
  8. This file has been deleted! File deleted by uploader! uh....
  9. yes, thanks for supplying help/assistance/maintenance; it is appreciated.
  10. yes, please. seeing how most of it is in ENG...not sure why the Win2k Pro x86 is FRA
  11. Agreed. IF you're running an 8yr old operating system, you need to "get with the times". People were saying the same thing to those Windows for Workgroup 3.11 people when Windows 98 (SE) was the current version. XP is what, 5 years old now? MS is really slipping on the routinely released (almost annual) operating systems. Windows 95 (A,B,C in '95-97), Windows 98 in '98, Windows 98 SE in '99, Windows ME/Windows 2000 in 2000, and XP in 2001. Personally, I got tired of that routine. Glad to see them bring out XP and Server 2003, and then "support" them. About time to support only them. Well...then we'll have Vista I've got a friend who still runs 98SE on a P4, purely for games, and Windows 2000 on a P3 for his programming/workstation; but then again, he took my Slot1 mobo/cpu for his MS-DOS box which houses games older than Windows 98. I should also tell you he's --just my 2 cents.
  12. I'm just absolutely hopeless. and i like Martin L's as well ... they're all good though
  13. i rarely post on MSFN, but i thought i'd give me 2 bytes worth. 1 - I agrre on the choice of Windows 2000 Pro for the reasons previously stated. 2 - I can also agree with both the benefits and the aggravations of product activation. 3 - Windows Genuine Advantage failed my purchased legimate copy of XP Home Edition... how does that comfort me? LOL just my opinions....select you're own path
  14. I am 50% addicted to Porn. What about you?
  15. I guess I won't be running nLite for awhile - It will be months (hopefully Christmas) before the P4 will be back up and running. I'm not even about to attempt it on here.
  16. Thanks,nuhi. My RAM seems to have gone bad, i've run diagnostics and it failed. This may have alot to do with my error.. I had to swap out my mainboard for a SDRAM one; however, this one powered up 3 times and died on me. Currently having to run my other system Mainboard: Asus P2B-F CPU: Pentium II 350@466 RAM: 2x 128MB PC133 SDRAM OS: Windows 2000 Professional I guess I won't be running nLite for awhile - It will be months (hopefully Christmas) before the P4 will be back up and running.
  17. I, too, am having this problem. I'm using: 1. nLite v1.0 beta 5 2. Windows XP Pro (VLK) with SP2 integrated o.k., i replaced makecab into nlite\data like suggested. Still having the same problem with makecab.exe crashing during Finalizing... just making iso = no problems. remove components + make iso = makecab crash integrating drivers + remove components + make iso = makecab crash integrate drivers + remove components + UA Setup + make iso = makecab crash in short, anything addition to make bootable iso = makecab crash Question: What is the makecab.exe for? Question: If I cannot Remove Components, then what is the point of nLite? -- sorry if question #2 seems rude, i'm exasparated at trying this. So many others seem to be able to use this w/o error; and, I would like to as well. ==Edit again== After Checking Event Viewer, I find this Faulting application makecab.exe, version 5.1.2600.2180,faulting module makecab.exe,version 5.1.2600.2180, fault address 0x00013d45. Also these fault addresses: => 0x00013bbb => 0x00013ad3 ==Edit...yes, again == OK, dug out my clean/gold xp (ie. no SP) .. same problems as above with makecab.exe from the original xp disc, not SP2's version.

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