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  1. Thanks for your reply, but I have no restricted to all folders. There is a *NO NAME folder* in winamp5531_lite_en-us, and a *NO NAME file* in winamp554_lite_en-us. Cannot rename or delete. Do not know how they are created. Trying to rename: Trying to delete: (the message in the first post is by Total Commander) Their properties:
  2. I have tried to extract winamp554_lite_en-us.exe and winamp5531_lite_en-us.exe, but after that, I cannot delete those directories Windows Explorer said "Cannot delete: the directory is not empty" I'm using UniExtract 1.6.
  3. Can I do in Excel. (Equation Editor In Word)
  4. Hello, How to update (or nomalize) Equation Style? After changing Equation style (font, size...), all my equations still have old style. Thanks, Replika.

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