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  1. Skywarrior74

    Adobe Reader 9.1.2 Lite

    Seems the last one "X" finished was Adobe Reader Lite on his web page. When I last email with him he wasn't sure he would continue, but did say if he did it would be on his sight and Major Geeks
  2. Skywarrior74

    What's the most user friendly burning app?

    ImgBurn or Ashampoo Burning Studio, my choices
  3. http://www.calendarofupdates.com/updates/i...amp;#entry80486 Donna has a nice article going as to why we don't any longer. (above link) http://msmvps.com/blogs/hostsnews/archive/...16/1692519.aspx
  4. Skywarrior74

    Windows 7 sounds great! Anyone gunna upgrade?

    Leaving XP Pro would be like jumping out of a perfectly good airplane without a chute. Nope I'm staying
  5. XhmikosR You are doing a fine job and I applaud you for stepping up and taking charge. Hoping all these request for more don't have you ready to run and hide. I would hate using the full version again. Thank you
  6. Thanks XhmikosR, I'll give .15 a shot. Shark your confidence in his Lite is good enough for me, thanks
  7. Has anyone grab the torch from Shark and started Lite for the general group here. I miss Shark's updates but do understand his reasoning.
  8. Skywarrior74

    Best Peer-to-Peer Software

    Frostwire and Opera
  9. Skywarrior74

    Opera 10

    It's not BETA yet folks, Opera 10 Alpha build 1219 is the lastest
  10. Skywarrior74

    Which Antivirus you are Using?

    Avast 4.8.1201, somehow it didn't make your list and there was no other
  11. Skywarrior74

    Office 2003

    So what part of it needs updated and how. Myself I went to 07 just a few weeks ago and find itjust fine.
  12. Skywarrior74

    Free antivirus that's NOT AVG 8.0?

    Avast and while your there join the super helpful forum. Them guys ROCK and with a superior AV
  13. Skywarrior74

    [Release] Adobe Reader 9.0 Lite

    Thanks Shark, made Adobe a useful reader again.
  14. Skywarrior74

    Post Count

    Is post count really important???
  15. Skywarrior74

    Firefox Mozilla Problem

    You uninstalled it while is was still running, therefore fox thinks it's stiill in the foriegn country. Don't know where in the fox it's located but turn off the " Enable proxy server" and reboot