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  1. Hi there, I was wondering if anyone knew how to make a silent install for the above mentioned application or if someone could make me one using InstallRite or something similiar?
  2. Hi folks, I'm making myself a version of XP. I need a bit of help with the following: - If you have the Pre-SP3 updates, do you need to integrate them or can you go ahead with directly integrating SP3? - How do you integrate IE7?I've tried nLite, it integrates it, but after installation, I found that IE6 was still being used. I've searched through the forums, but all I can find is making an nLite addon, which I don't fancy doing. Does anyone know of a better technique?
  3. KB943983 KB945185 KB945432 KB946254 KB947355 KB947944 KB949044 KB950213 KB950241 KB950380 KB936677 KB942571 KB943552 KB943649 KB943591 KB944941 KB924423 Somebody get these downloads, please.
  4. Uhh, guys, how do you use that UL file, because if I stick it directly into the WUD folder, WUD won't load and gives an error. Any ideas?
  5. Hey I really hope I'm not the ONLY one who has noticed this, but there hasn't been a new Update List for Office 2003 in over TWO YEARS? As much as I love the program, this is BAD news, since there is about 75% of the world which hasn't jumped onto the Windows Vista and Office 2007 bandwagon.
  6. Probably isn't the right one, since I kept deleting them (my bad, sorry). Anyhow, I'll take your advice for it. This means Nero 7 will be the last application on the install order list in WPI, right?
  7. There's the file. I DO have Nero 7 Essentials (the software that came with my DVD Writer, since Nero 8 is useless and bloaty). If Nero 7 IS the problem, which I now believe probably is, there won't be any problem in installing it through WPI in a clean system, right? Last_Session.ini
  8. Oops, sorry, mate. I was reading up, so I changed my default browser to IE7. It worked fine without a hitch. Then I changed it back to Firefox and its still working. Is that stupid or what?
  9. Kelsenellenelvian, the thing is that even in the File Types, .HTA is associated with Microsoft HTML Application Host. I'm not a NOOB in using Windows, and something apart seems to be up. Any ideas, anyone? I don't know if this is relevant, but prior to SP3 being released, I did make an unattended setup CD, which I installed and am using. This particular version has WMP11 and IE7 pre-integrated. ~~ Removed warez discussion ~~
  10. Hi guys, I need a little help with WPI. I've completed pretty much 80% of my unattended setup (slipstreamed SP3, hotfixes, WMP11, IE7), and now I decided to include silent installs of my applications. I've found their switches and all, but how do I make WPI run when Windows boots into GUI for the first time? I'm guessing along the lines of [GUIRunOnce], but what command would I have to put in it? Another issue, I downloaded the latest WPI and every time I run it, it gives a "Cannot Find MSHTA.exe" error, and has to be cancelled about four times for WPI to load. Could you please check that too? Thanks a million Khannn
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