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  1. What are the NICS you are using? VMware uses AMD. it is a default driver in XP, 200 and 2003. You may not have the necessary NIC or video drivers. Chris
  2. Success.... We have succcessfully booted PE 2005 from a Linux PXE server. I had to share my joy! Chris
  3. What are you trying to ping? I have an issue where PE will not resolve the IP address of the netbios names of NetApp Files in WINS. I have to use the IP Address. Chris
  4. The MS OPK PE Docs step you thru the process. Based on that, you can script it to build in a single command. Barts is nice in the sense that Plug ins do the work. But in MS OPK.. you have to. You simply need to understand the basics and the order in which things have to happen. Task List... Collect you NIC, and Mass storage drivers that you need in your envirenment. Obtain the RAM disk Driver - A MUST if you need temp write space. Build the optional components (needed for vbscript...) Write your scripts for automation Collect any tools that you will need to put on the CD. I have found it best to actually create a dir structure that matches the PE cd dir scructure and to place all thes files into it. use XCOPY to pump them into the real PE structure before writing the CD. Chris
  5. I got my data form the PE Docs. It was fairy straight forward. Copy the files, rename one, and edit the sif file. Boot! Worked like a champ. Chris
  6. I am working on the same thing. But I'm not a linux guy so my Linux team is doing the work. I'm told it's not hard.. But I'll let you know what I find. It works off a Windows PXE server no problem. Chris
  7. DOH! This was posted recently. I missed it. Here is how. copy winbom.ini from i386 to the root folder where i386 is present. this will solve the problem
  8. Ahhh.. The coveted Imagecenter32. I have it. Symantec ripped it off the web page once they took the reigns. It's not supported in anay way. It never went past version 1.0. Give me an address to send it to. You can't use it without PQI deploy and it's not a product that was "sold" so I see no harm in sending it. Chris
  9. The solution for that is in a post here somewhere. Has to do with copying a file somewhere if I recall. Do a search on this forum. Chris
  10. It is not released yet. I am part of an OEM Beta. I was talking to a MS PE developer yesterday and he mentioned that it will most likely go into RC2 and then RTM. Chris
  11. It comes down to a couple of things: 1) Do you want support from MS? 2) How much do you want to develope on your own? 3) What are you using it for? Large Corporate users tend to lean to MS OPK PE. Adding Hotfixes to PE is easy. It's a file replacement and a re-compile. Chris
  12. Are you done? I am very happy for you and your PE Build Based on BartsPE. My comment was informational to the person who wrote the topic requesting Barts Plugs ins and had a whopping 2 responses. If you want Barts plug ins... Yes... 911cd is the place to go. They have tons of them (I have an ID there too by the way). Not to say you will get thrown out of here since the folks here are generally knowledgeable and helpfull when they can be. If you want to leverage Pure MS OPK PE. You are in the right place. I have not yet found a better or more complete forum for the MS OPK PE. There is a clearcut diffrerence between the two as you already know. I personally get VERY offended when someone throws BartsPE in my face. Nuff said. My applologies to the Forum Administrator. Didn't want to get rude but I felt it had to be said. Chris
  13. You will not find much in these forums on Barts. This forum deal mostly in pure MS OPK PE. Chris
  14. Are you getting the startnet.cmd file that you want? Make sure that your edited startnet.cmd file is actually making it to the ISO image. I have seen some forget to copy the new startnet file to the WINPE directory before compiliing the CD. Chris
  15. Adding languages while compiling from the WINPE OPK is easy. But you mentioned Barts. Can't help you there. Chris
  16. Not True. I deal mostly in teh static IP world. Only my testing segment is DHCP so I can test faster. Basically, my PE cd runs a script that attempts the Gateway of the DHCP address it gets. If it fails, I toss up the configurator ( API call tothe standard Windows IP config Screens) which allows the User to set a IP Address. ALL rules apply. IP, Gateway, Subnetmask and at least one DNS and oneWINS setting. All works fine. PE NETCONFIG is also a Good tool to use. Does the job and then some. Chris
  17. Unattend setup is a art all it's own. You need to create a structure off your I386 directory Called $OEM$ in there will be a dir called TEXTMODE (there are a few directoried under this.) This is fully explained in the OS setup docs. You will also need to modify your Unattend.txt to add the additional driver support. Basically... the setup pulls the drives from this DIR and uses it during setup. Here is an example for an HP DL360G3 with a 5i controller. Don't forget the IDE line. You need it when adding adding mass controller drivers manually. [MassStorageDrivers] "Smart Array 5300 Controller"=OEM "Smart Array 5i, 532, 5312 Controllers"=OEM "Smart Array 6i, 641, 642, 6400 EM, 6400 Controllers"=OEM "IDE CD-ROM (ATAPI 1.2)/PCI IDE Controller"=RETAIL [OEMBootFiles] CPQCISSM.SYS TXTSETUP.OEM The tricky part is Multiple drivers. You can only have one txtsetup.oem file in that dir. So if you need more than one driver, you myst manually "mung" the settings into a single txtsetup.oem file. It's a b***h. Chris
  18. You are on the right track.. but you are missing some key points Let me throw out some questions that I had to deal with. What Scripting Language are you going to use. Don't use Batch. Use VBScript or Perl. INI files are your friend! Read and write values to INI files. It's the easiest to mannage and it leave a trail for rebuilds and troubeshooting. Disk Partitioning: New install of OS or Rebuild? Delete all volumes? or save existing? (my build can re-install a new OS intot he existing OS Volume without touching any other data) FAT32 is the easiest to work with. Create a FAT32 volume and let the Install of Windows convert it to NTFS. This way it is 100% supported by MS. And other apps do not create NTFS volumes in teh same manner as MS. Ran into that with PQI Deploy. Automated Install: Where are your going to get your answers to the Unattend.txt (or sysprep) file? There are a few apps floating around that folks have written that can help. We wrote our own for our own needs. It's INI file driven which makes adding valuse so much easier. Regional settings? Do you have more than one time zone? Country? I store my resional settings in INI files. The build reads the propper settings form these files and plugs them into the Unattend.txt Run once lets you break off and personalize the OS. Most people work in this manner. If you do imaging, becarefull with what you install. cleaning it up for imaging can be a b***h. Somethimes it not worth the trouble down the road. It you are thinking misison critical servers.... Never rollback. always install fresh. It may take a few extra minutes...but that saves alot of time and money later. Chris
  19. rismoney, I'd love to see what you have done. My build is fully automated and imaged based.... Except for the Raid Controller. I'm working on Flashing the Components under PE.. But right now it will not work because of the flash tools and the their hard coded "temp" locations. Now that I got PE to PXE boot... I'm doing a front end that is web based and SQL backed. Build and rebuild at the touch of a button! Chris
  20. You can but why would you want to? Trust me.. Only deal with one adapter. I build servers with anywhere from 1 to 6 Nics. It's not fun. If i recall in the unattend settings, you can only assign one nic a static address. Maybe that has changed with 2003. But if this is an HP machine, most likely you will be teaming the nics for redundancy? Let the second nic fall to DCHP. it does not matter. Set it properly in the OS after it's installed. Chris
  21. WinPE 1.2 --> Only compatible with XP SP1 and Win2k3 (no SP) WinPE 2004 --> Only compatible with XP SP2 ? - Correct WinPE 2004 --> Only compatible with 2003 SP1 ? - I think you mean WinPE 2005. Chris
  22. Microsoft gave me PPT doc about 6 months ago that had the development tack of PE 2004 and 2005 (called PE 1.5 and 1.6 at that time). Chris
  23. Don't have an answer for ya there. Thats not typically what people see. WinPE is a 32 bit OS. Are you using the 32 bit version of PQIDEPLOY (win version)? You don't want to be using the 16 bit ver in PE. The latest Ghost suite can restore PQI files. Chris
  24. xcopy or ROBOCOPY from the resource kit. If this is a scripted process... xcopy your files either before or after you run the setup. If after.. Make sure you add the NO REBOOT switch. Chris
  25. Coul be the re-size option. If the partitoin you are restoring to is not exactly the same size.. It will re-size. That increases the time. Here are 2 of my scripts... // NON Destructive Mode - Unattend Build // RE-INSTALLS OS WITHOUT TOUCHING DATA ON OTHER DRIVES select drive 1 select Partition %ActivePartition% + 1 delete select freespace first create /fS=FAT32 /LABEL="SYSTEM" select partition "SYSTEM" Set Active --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- // NON Destructive Mode - IMAGE Build // RE-INSTALLS OS WITHOUT TOUCHING DATA ON OTHER DRIVES select drive 1 select Partition %ActivePartition% + 1 delete select freespace first // Restore Options SET IMAGE FILENAME %Image% SELECT IMAGE ALL RESIZE IMAGE MAX RESTORE Chris

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