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  1. Correct. You would have to Hack it to change it. Some advice... Change all your hard coded drive letter values to %SYSTEMDRIVE% instead. Then you never have to worry about it. Chris
  2. I don't know how Barts does it... But I can tell you what to do when building WINPE from the OPK. Create the following directories: TEMP DIR\I386\System32\Drivers TEMP DIR\I386\INF Add the sys files to the the DRIVERS directory and the INF files to the INF dir. Simply XCOPY the directories over your file structure before you make your image. The drivers in tose direcories will be added/upgraded. BUT.. Some Drivers require additional files in the SYSTEM32 directory. In that case do the same thing as you dir for Drivers and Inf. Chris
  3. The Microsoft SAK (Storage product) support Headless systems. But not in the sense of removing the physical video card. It installs a video shim that disables the video redirect to the monitor. You will see the machine post, and the windows animated graphic.. and thats all. As mentioned above, the motherboard you are using must support being able to boot without a graphics adapter. in most cases it will fail the post check and beep at you. Out of curosity, why would you want to do this? Chris
  4. Here is my Run line (VB Script)... Hope this helps. InstallCommand = i386Path & "\winnt32.exe /unattend:" & GENFile & " /s:" & i386Path & " /dudisable /syspart:c: /copysource:lang /noreboot" I run this After I have created a new FAT32 Partition. The Windows Install Converts to NTFS later. Chris
  5. Map a network drive and run whater you want off a network share. Chris
  6. I had the same issues. When virtual Disks are enabled it causes the Virtual devices it creates to assume the logical values of 0 and 1 and pushes the HD out respectivly. This caused all my scripting to fail because I deal in the logical volume of the device. If they would have put teh Virtual Defices AFTER that of the HArd Disk.. all would be fine in the world. Here is what I did. Enter the DRAC (control-D) and DISABLE VIRTUAL MEDIA. At my firm we have no use for this function. So we shut it off. Chris
  7. This is due to how the OS discovers the Volume. Ever put a cd in XP and it never displays teh contents? You must actually "Kick" the OS awake and force it to discover the new volume. I do this by using a tool we wrote in house that Queries the drive partitions and writes out the Boot Record to to a file in the ram drive. This causes the OS to go thru it's motions which will discover the new voume. It has been Very reliable. Before that... It was a crap shoot. Chris
  8. Here is a sample unattent.txt for a Compaq/HP Smart Array. You will need to do the same for your SATA card. [MassStorageDrivers] "Smart Array 5300 Controller"=OEM "Smart Array 5i, 532, 5312 Controllers"=OEM "Smart Array 6i, 641, 642, 6400 EM, 6400 Controllers"=OEM "IDE CD-ROM (ATAPI 1.2)/PCI IDE Controller"=RETAIL [OEMBootFiles] CPQCISSM.SYS TXTSETUP.OEM
  9. I initally had an issue like this when I was first developeing with PE 2005. Actually... I was migrating my build form PE 1.2 to PE 2005. What I found was in the process I was moving files that were not compatible. Ex... If you had a PE 1.2 build... you must now re-compile the Optional components. Any hotfixes you added must be cleared. Drivers (if SP Specific) must be re-installed. Basically... Start over. Once I did that. My out of memory issues wen away. Chris
  10. Please note. PE is NOT an every day Operatign System. It has a 24 hour automatic reboot built into the code. It by no means ment to replace XP. And... you need a fully licensed version of XP anyway to us it. PE is a temporary OS... a tool... A means to an end. Chris
  11. There are several ways to add Mass Controller drivers into PE. But you have to follow the rules. This is the method I use. If the OS you are comiling PE from already has a version (older) of the controller driver you will need to overwrite the files for that driver with the newer files and ADD THE PNP strings to the TEXTSETUP.SIF file. The driver will load but unless you add the PNP strings... It will never see the newer controller. A perfect example is the HP Smart Arrary 6400 series controller. The new driver is backwards compatable. Just overwriting the driver files will allow the driver to see and load for 5300 series controllers.. but not for a 6400 series untill you add the PNP strings in the TEXTSETUP.SIF file. If the driver does not exist at all... (like the IBM Serve Raid Driver or the VMWARE Mass controller driver) you copy the drivers (from the F6 floppy disk) into a folder in your WinPE directory structure and add the references to those folders in the winpeoem.sif file. Example: Copy drivers to: <CD ROOT>\I386\System32\Drivers\ADDITIONAL_OEM\VMWARE_SCSI <CD ROOT>\I386\System32\Drivers\ADDITIONAL_OEM\IBM_SERVERAID add entries to winpeoem.sif [OemDriverParams] OemDriverRoot="drivers\additional_oem" OemDriverDirs=IBM_SERVERAID, VMWARE_SCSI Hope this helps. Chris
  12. I had a similar problem. Here is part of a vbs that dell sent me. basically all you need is teh file types and the locations. If (fso.FolderExists(fldr&"\i386\system32\drivers") AND _ fso.FolderExists(fldr&"\i386\inf") AND _ fso.FileExists(fldr&"\I386\system32\setupreg.hiv") AND _ fso.FileExists(fldr&"\I386\txtsetup.sif")) Then Set parent = fso.GetFolder(abspath&"\drivers") set subfolder = parent.Subfolders For Each subs in subfolder fso.CopyFile subs&"\*.sys",fldr&"\i386\system32\drivers",true fso.CopyFile subs&"\*.dll",fldr&"\i386\system32",true fso.CopyFile subs&"\*.exe",fldr&"\i386\system32",true fso.CopyFile subs&"\*.din",fldr&"\i386\system32",true fso.CopyFile subs&"\*.inf",fldr&"\i386\inf",true Next If you notice... There are DLL files required to make it function as well as some others. Copy those files too and your good as gold. Chris
  13. I don't think you can write into a ghost file. But you can lay down te ghost image on a HD and then make changes to the files after the fact. That is how most do image builds. Chris
  14. The problem is.. That you can't just replace the driver by over writing the old one. There is more involved. If you do that the driver will function but not for any of the new devices (which is why you are replacing the driver). You have to add the PNP strings to the txtsetup.sif file as well. Chris
  15. PE will not be avaliable to the public because of the Hole it pokes in Security. I think that is one of the biggest problems that Microsoft had with Barts. The other problem is the total misuse of the product. PE is a tool not an OS. Rumor has it... that they are working on a version that will keep the NTFS security if it exists. Chris
  16. WIN PE automatically assignes a drive letter to existing partitons on the HD. If you have an existing Drive C: it will show up as Drive C: Same for D: E:... etc... That is one of the reasons MS Uses X: as the PE Volume. You can change the letters with Diskpart but that will entail some fancy scripting. The pronblem you will have is making it work on every machine that you PE boot on. Diskpart is not the most firendly tool in the world. Chris
  17. No need to create a new partiton. Ghost will do that for you as you lay down the new image. Make sure you use the Partition switches on the command line. Not Drive letter. Chris
  18. FYI I just copied the original manual, but if I am not mistaken this is the new correct link http://users.compaqnet.be/cn181612/RAMDisk/ramdiskfree.htm But remember you better use the ramdrv.sys driver from Bart PE v3.0.32/v3.1.3 or the updated Microsoft ramdrv.sys from the WSSRA deployment kit. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I was not going to use it.. Just wanted to take a look at it. Thisis not supported my Microsoft. Neither is Barts. Pure PE here. Chris
  19. http://www.8ung.at/ramdisk/RAMDisk/RAMDisk_Free.htm Is a dead link.
  20. No throw the layer of complexity in of MULTIPLE VENDORS. (IBM, HP, DELL, VMWARE)... Insiteboard is noce.. but only for HP. Thats what I run into all the time. Make it work across the board. My supported model list is up to 32. Chris
  21. What you want is Symantec's Live State Recovery Product. It will do a "Ghost" of the OS while it is running to a UNC path. You can restore the entire OS in a few minutes. Chris
  22. In a remote datacenter... I don't have the luxury of yanking a network patch. PXE gets my WINPE to the box and I wrote a piece of code to enumerate the MACS and check them aginst a database. It works well. Chris
  23. Nice peice of code... The biggest problem the I see right off the bat is that it doesn't deal in machines with more than one network adapter. I ran this on my dektop and it picked up my VMware Bridged adapter instead of my real NIC. Servers have anywhere from 1 to 4 or even more network adapters. Most commonly 2 unless you add aditional cards. My other problem is that I have IBM servers that will actually report different values for the model. Same machine... Different Bios revs. Thats why I opted to stay away from WMI I can control the options that I present without having to worry about if the Manufacturer releases a bad bios rev. Chris

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