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  1. HK_USERS\.DEFAULT is not the true default profile registry hive. Instead modify the Software\..\Run key in C:\Users\Default\NTUSER.DAT Launch Regedit, Select HKEY_USERS Click File > Load Hive Select the hidden file (enter full path works) : C:\Users\Default\NTUSER.DAT Enter the key name, eg.: DefaultProfile Now you can browser HKEY_USERS\DefaultProfile\Software\...\Run and make your changes. When it's done, select the DefaultProfile key and unload the hive (in File menu). You can make these changes in command line with the following tools : reg.exe modifyprofile.exe HTH, Largo
  2. I tried several ways to do it (mainly with 3rd party tools and scripts) and arrived at the same secedit method. During Vista deployment, the built-in administrator account is always renamed "administrator" or localized equivalent (administrateur in french), that's why one have to execute secedit after deployment. I will try to use the SetupComplete.cmd file. Razormoon> you should wrap your text in code tags to preserve your formatting with spaces/tabs. Thanks for sharing your input! Largo.
  3. From Bink.nu and Microsoft Update Team's Blog : A new website for downloading updates for MS Products is available. It installs a new ActiveX. It still lacks advanced search and filter functions in my opinion but it is a v1 so maybe in following version ==> Microsoft Updates Catalog
  4. If the problem comes from the IE component in the unattend.xml file, maybe it is possible to compare the file before and after correction, to see differences. I don't see any version in the IE component, maybe it is related to the token string : publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" ? Thanks for figuring out where does the error come from ! Largo
  5. To skip the first Deployment Wizard screen when you choose the keyboard for the wizard, you have to customize Bootstrap.ini on the BDD and recreate the WinPE LiteTouch Image (Update on deployment point). Bootstrap.ini is in the WInPE WIM image. For the available rules, check : http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library...90322.aspx#EAAA Mine looks like (from memory) : [settings] Priority=Default [Default] DEployRoot=\\xxxxx\Distribution$ SkipBDDWelcom=YES KeyboardLocale=040c:00000040c ( KeyboardLocale=fr-FR is sometimes found in some example but it never worked in my case) You can add the following lines also if you want to skip the authentication : UserID=xxx UserDomain=xxx UserPassword=xxx Thomas
  6. Hello, I have some experience with CustomSettings.ini but not with model or manufacture sections. Maybe you should collect the Model and Manufacture informations with LiteTouch scripts (ZTIGather). Run a LiteTouch Wizard, and check the VARIABLES.DAT in one of the C:\MININT\ subfolders. Largo
  7. It is an official bug. It can be resolved with a command reg.exe add ..... added in RunAsynchronous. I can give you the command next week if you want. I found it on MS Technet Community forums, in Vista Deployment section. One of my most obscure bug was with BDD 2007. The LiteTouch wizard was ignoring all instructions (SkipWelcome, SkipProductKey ...) because I modified CustomSettings manually and it was saved as an Unicode file instead of an ANSI file. Largo
  8. Hello Martin, In my case, it was a sysprep'd image built this way: - I first installed Windows Vista Enterprise unmodified with BDD 2007 - After first boot, some applications were installed - I downloaded and extracted Autopatcher for Vista (latest build) and installed "manually" all Critical and Non-Critical updates (with a batch file and the wusa command for all *.msu files) - I ran Windows Update and applied the missing Updates it found (3-4). - I ran sysprep, rebooted in WinPE and captured the image with imageX. After adding the WIM image in BDD 2007, I created a build and got the error. As my client asks for applications in the image, applying updates with pkgmgr was not necessary. And applying hotfixes and updates on the fly during deployment is not an option as this method seems very time consuming (in my test, it adds 10 to 15 minutes to each deployment). Largo.
  9. I didn't edited the answer file manually (ie with notepad). I used WSIM, checked for components with 2 versions, and removed them from my unattend.xml file. After this, I re-added them and re-entered my customizations. When you can click Save with no error, it's done. I have these components in 2 versions : IE-ClientNeworkProtocolImplementation IE-InternetExplorer Security-Licensing-SLC Security-Licensing-SLC-UX Networking-MPSSVC-Svc Malware-Windows-DEfender Largo
  10. I had the same problem and resolved it with this topic. Thanks Spoof for having pointed out the different versions of components in Windows Image. Here are the steps I did before getting this error : I created and captured a custom WIM image with all updates and hotfixes applied. I added the custom image in my BDD 2007 Update 1 When I created the build with this wim image file, I got this error in WSIM : "Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute" With the help of Spoof' screenshot, I finally noticed that some components were duplicated (with different versions) So I removed these components from my unattend.xml file and re-added them (using the last version). Now Windows System Image Manager correctly saves my unattend.xml file. Thanks to all for your help! Largo

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