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  1. Hello, First, if you boot from a USB flash stick then i assume it will run at 1.1 speed even if the motherboard supports 2.0, i am thinking that only the 1.1 drivers will be loaded from the bios? Second, if you want to boot a NON linux iso(of linux files) what is best way to do this, there are a few tools like unetbootin that burn Linux isos to a flash drive and hence make it bootable, i don't think it works with windows isos though, could be wrong.??
  2. I got the answer, it' http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captive_portal
  3. So assuming a i offer wireless internet in a cafe and only want the customers to be able to access the wireless so hence it would be secured with WPA2 etc... but i don't want to customers to have to enter the WPA2 key, do i have any other options, is this what a radius server can solve, have looked very breifly at what a radius server is so far though.
  4. Thanks, looks ike that sourceforge app only comes in source code maeing i have to compile it, and i would guess i was done in VC++ or whatever they are at now VC++.NET i think, which i don't have? EDIT: I see it's dnne in good ol VB6 which is no probelm to compile.
  5. Say you are setting up an internet cafe but don't want to set up a domain, so just peer-to-peer, do you have any option to administer the PCs on the LAN from your computer using XP Pro. Rolling out patches / updates for example or resetting user accounts, monitoring PCs, restricting rights on the PCs, disable cmd, regedit, restrict access to the C:\ drive....etc etc And i am not talking about using Linux.
  6. Have a look at this, http://www.ads-links.com/index.php/how-to-...k-transfer.html conclusion, firewall/av cauing the problem.
  7. What do you mean downloading from the net, so you are downloading and then file sharing at the same time? explain.
  8. Buy and try a raid card is one option.
  9. Correct, i got this myself, but if anyone else wants to know the theme service is stopped by default.
  10. 1) Get a PC with windows server 2008 2) set up AD(active directory) domain controller as a new forest on the server 3) Set up DHCP on server if you need it 4) Set up LAN DNS server on server to reolve LAN domain names to ips 5) Configure WAN DNS server on server for internet 6) buy a good router and switch pref cisco 7) connect all pcs(client) and server to switch 8) Give the server a static ip address which is different from router ip 9) Either use DHCP on router if it has DHCP or use DHCP on server if you insatlled it up or give static ips to all clients, disable the dhcp servers that you are not using 10) On each client pc, set the dns server to in tcp/ip properties and the domain name in computer name properties to the domain name you set when setting up the AD DC 11) Add client pcs to AD
  11. That is basically called a DOS attack, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denial-of-service_attack
  12. So i have a program that connects to various well known websites to gather data, bit like agthering the state of the weather for example, the data is shown on a graph on my pc in real-time and updated at very regular intervals. Now in this program you have to add some configurations and private data (trade secrets if you like) that will determine the data sent back to me. These "trade secrets" data could be of use to competitors etc... Could this program send this information to some IP without will it was already connected online without my knowing, in other words spyware.... If so how would i block it from doing so? I guess a software firewall would be the only answers as i could see what outgoing connections are being made? Still if you really wanted to i am sure you could bypass the firewall, process injection etc,,, i don't think i am being unrealistic here, any ideas?
  13. So i forgot my server 2008 password as i don't really use 2008 that much and i think it required a 9 char password which i don't usually use. Any way to get back into my system?
  14. It sounds like a DNS problem, try the openDNS DNS servers, here are 2, go to start/control panel/network connections then dbclcik on your active network connection then choose properties, dbclcik on internet protocol(tcp/ip) then click the "use the following dns server" and add those 2 above DNS ip in there.... note this is for win xp, vista is ultimately the same process although i cant remember if it the same way to get to the tcp/ip proerties i think it is.

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