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  1. Vistaish sidebar for win win98

    One idea is that because the sidebar doesn't move (much), you could take a screenshot of the desktop behind it to make it partially transparent
  2. UberKern

    Use KernelEX 0.3.4, it contains uberkern
  3. Win9x Developer team

    Hey, no need to be sorry. This thread isn't going anywhere, with or without your post. @ other posts above: If we're getting into corporate copyright BS already, then we won't be able to do a darn thing. I propose the following: 1. We actually start discussing useful stuff, get in touch with the developers here and ask their opinion on this. or 2. We request deletion of this thread by the mods and just leave things as they are. @Th3_uN1Qu3 (or whatever): Great idea~
  4. Icon Packs format

    I would have a folder called "Explorer.exe" and all the explorer icons in that. However, they are used dynamically, so there is no reshacking. For example: \explorer.exe\icon.3234.ico is the icon file, and it is used instead of icon rescourse 3234 in explorer.exe. Is this possible?
  5. Win9x Developer team

    This post reminds me of some of the posts by someone from another forum (tapland.com) that goes by "Nerys"... He always has some long, legal statement to make without a single capital at the front of a sentence :-) Really informative post though!
  6. Question about registry key

    I don't find your name cool or hot. I asked you just because I can easily type everyone's name, but with yours, I have to copy and paste! The_Unique looks nicer, just my own opinion. And must be pretty hard to login with...
  7. Question about registry key

    Ahaha, batches... Don't get me started on that, two lines and you can make your computer completely unbootable. And it's not only on 9x. What two lines? I want to run them!
  8. Revolutions Pack 7 and UberSkin UserBars

    What about UberSkin/KernelEx
  9. UberKern

    Yay! its back!
  10. Windows identification

    kex HAS that feature already, doesn't it?
  11. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Dont use IE! As a Web Developer, IE is a NIGHTMARE! Just use some other browser -- once you get it working, it'll be faster, standerds complient, and even better looking. And HOW do you LIVE without tabs?!?
  12. Win9x WinNT Patch?

    I think it checks some NT/NT-based only thing, maybe registry or dll, not os version like KernelEX emulates... This happened with one of my programs, I used UniExtract...
  13. Question for...

    I think he means that the buttons still show up like windows classic
  14. Ntfs Support In Win98se Or Me?

    I use puppy linux to replace system files. It works with FAT32 and NFTS (plus is a live cd)