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  1. 1280*1024*32bit/85Hz(100Hz?) makes FX5200 128M/200Mhz in a difficult position. Maybe change a bit better card would be more helpful. O, i've serched the metarial,AOC 7glr only can support 1280*1024/75Hz.
  2. x1950pro 256M Is there should be sth in the blank area?
  3. I found AutoCAD2004 works fine, but 2006 cannot be installed. and also i've changed the PC,it works great! P4 630 --> E6300 oc 400*7 915G --> Gigabyte 945P_DS3 (DS4 is recommend) 512M --> 1G DDR2 800 915G --> Sapphire X1950Pro 256M 80G --> ST 320G *2 RAID0 300W --> Blue storm 400W ATX --> Legione 10K
  4. Thanks guys~ that's very kind of u~ I've use vista Ultimate for days, and it works fine. my only regret is that it cannot open Aero glass cause the integrated display adapter from intel 915G~ the vista marked 1.0 ~ P4 630 915G 768M 80G 2M 19 CRT O,and also only one thing confused me now , the fonts displayed arenot clearly as XP , even if 1024*768 or 1280*1024 , and i've changed all possibilities from the effects "normal / clearly" maybe (sorry i'm at home & use XP now,i don't know how to explan it clearly )~ maybe it happens only in version of simplified CHS ~
  5. i met this problem days ago , found nothing. i assigned IP address manually and it works well . i thought there's another way to resolve , Backup configuration sorry the xp vision is ch_simplified but u can find it definitely ~
  6. compatibility mode seems of little avail , i used this years ago when xp in mode & get over it soon ~
  7. These songs easy on the ear , i love them. could u tell me the name , i'll search & download them myself ~ ths.
  8. try this " Icon Cache Rebuilder " maybe useful ~
  9. A mobo diagnose card would help ~ inexpensive but effective ~
  10. kaspersky internet security 6.0 got a firewall , but most time i shut it down , i thought it's useless ~
  11. PATA also got harddisk over 300G ~ 500G , like seagate 7200.10 , 16M cache . i like it , max transfer rate over 74M/s !
  12. I used EasyRecovery pro commonly , but i'll try this if there's a chance.
  13. 98 Guy , i wonder what's your opinion with PATA & SATA ?
  14. try this run " sfc/scannow " maybe it's useful~
  15. the most important "AutoCAD 2004/2006/2007" Photoshop cs2 3dmax 6/7 acdsee 2.4 winrar nero alcohol 120% adobe pdf reader bitcomet 0.56 ewido firefox nod32 winpcap macromadie studio mx kmplayer ... any reply will be appreciate~
  16. I thought "Tomi" wasn't a word cause it cannot be found in a dictionary ,but i'm glad to see there's somebody register this name. Hope to learn some new skills and improve my oral english also ,tks all !
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