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  1. Hi, i have a fujitsu SATA hard drive for the laptop. I want to check it for disk errors and such.. Fujitsu does not provide one on their website, is there a alternative way to check for drive errors..
  2. ebay.. i also need 3rd gen batterys. best gen eva. http://cgi.ebay.com/iPOD-3rd-Gen-3G-Genera...1QQcmdZViewItem
  3. u just dont like ipod??? well then get sandisk sansa. battery is 10 hours.... 8GB. overall good mp3 player (earphones sukck). just get ipod nano. zune is also cool, just a little bulky, and bad compatibility with windows. with Sansa you just drag and drop as you wish.
  4. get kaspersky... get webroot spysweeper. and next time dont use IE. scan w/ webroot in safemode. and u should be good to go...
  5. good program this R-Studio, first time using it and pretty happy about it. bad thing about this recovery thing is that original file names are not kept. Im only getting filenumbers. I hate SATA drives.....
  6. aha, im running it right now. aslmot done. will post results
  7. I made the biggest mistake today. i was trying to recover some files off a harddrive that gave a blue screen problem. the HD had 2 partitions. Another person before me recovered files from one of the partitions to the other. So today i formated one of the partitions that had the recovered documents on it, installed a fresh copy of Win XP, all to gain access to the other partition that i thought had all the files. but nothing was there, so i called the guy, and his like ya i forgot to tell you i recovered files and their on the partition(which i formated and installed xp)........ s*** happens... Now possible could there be hope for me to recover the files on the formated partition. im currently scanning it with phoenix stellar. next i will use r-studio... but is there hope.... It was a Fat32 before the format, and i reformated it to ntfs... urgent matter thanks to all. hope this is legible :unsure:
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