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  1. So I'm attempting to do this and everyone says it can be done but no real direction on how to do it. I'm not trying to use grub4dos. Just the Windows boot manager. I've tried using the Windows 7 setup to deploy the Vista image but after copying the image to the HDD; I get an error that setup cant continue. I tried adding the Vista boot.wim to the mix and create a new entry in BCD to use that to boot.wim but then I get an error that a driver is needed to continue. I figured out the whole licensing issue so we're past that. I added bootv.wim to the Windows 7 sources directory and create an entry in the boot manager to use that to kick off the Vista setup; no go... I know the Vista install is working as I can boot directly off that and away I go. Any help anyone can lend? I know Vista is an old OS but I've got people that use it and a one shot USB/DVD would be awesome!!
  2. I've created many 2007 administrative installs but this one has me scratching my head! I've got the admin.msp configured to configure Outlook by either modifying the existing profile or creating a new one. Settings are: Exchange Server: EMAIL01 Username: %USERNAME% Cached Mode is disabled. When installing Office; the other modfications I've made via the admin.msp are set but when a new user logs in Outlook prompts them to fill in all that information. Anyone experience something like this?
  3. You installed Windows 7 Enterprise on your friends laptop?
  4. You'll have to find the uninstall string in the registry and just run that from a command prompt. It's located in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall For me the uninstall string was located in {90140000-0011-0000-0000-0000000FF1CE}
  5. I've tried to real all the posts here but I may have missed it... Office 2007 fully updated? Tried uninstalling Norton 360?
  6. Yeah I know that but I'm trying to find a way to modify the defaultUser's wallpaper without it using the last logged in users wallpaper. And I think I may have solved it by creating to bgi files one to update the users wallpaper and the other to update the logon desktop. I'm guessing that will prevent the logon desktop from using the last logged in users wallpaper. We shall see!!!
  7. So I'm using BGInfo to update some workstations with some basic info and I have it set to update all wallpapers. A user logs in and BGInfo updates their desktop wallpaper of their kitty cat and adds the information we need to show; BUT when the user logs off the desktop wallpaper of their kitty cat still shows up at the Windows logon screen. I'd love for BGInfo to update the logon wallpaper but not use that of the user who was last logged on. Is that possible or am I asking for too much from BGInfo?
  8. So I applied to be able to redistribute the player, got approved and downloaded the MSI. Setup a GPO to deploy it. When the PC reboots it's shows me it's installing the MSI but when I login I get the screen to approve the eula and to click "next" to install. Is there anyway to make this happen silently? I can't seem to find anywhere in the "Software Package" listed in the GPO to add switches.
  9. I'm importing an entry under HKLM so an app can autorun on bootup. Here's the regfile I'm importing: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] "App"="\"C:\\Program Files\\Folder\\APP.EXE\" /switch\"C:\\Program Files\\Folder\\data.ini\" /switch /switch /switch" This is how it shows up: C:\Program Files\Folder\APP.EXE /iC:\Program Files\Folder\data.ini /switch /switch /switch Do I need to worry about the quotes? I'm still ironing out the bugs with the configuration of the application so it's not running...I'm just scratching my head with the whole quotes thing.
  10. Nothing is being applied. Asks for key, domain info, PC name... all the stuff that's in the text file. I actually took a functional WINNT.SIF and renamed it to UNATTEND.TXT. The WINNT.SIF is still in use on a hack job of an unattended install for my workstations so I know the information is valid. I'll post my unattend.txt file tomorrow when I'm back at work.
  11. Yes, I can go into the properties and view the sysprep.inf and unattend.txt file under the "OS Info" tab. And Ive verified that the information is correct.
  12. Went through the process of configuring MDT 2010 for use to deploy Windows 7 and Windows XP. Issue I'm having with the deployment of XP is that it doesn't seem to be using the unattend.txt. What can I look at to figure this out?
  13. If you registered the laptop, you can call Dell support and they'll be able to reset the password for you.
  14. Is the PC fully patched? Running latest version of IE? XP Service Pack 3?
  15. I know we can install software with GPO's but I'm looking for apps that give us more options than are offered with GPO software installs. Has anyone used anything?
  16. Another Doh moment!!! I updated the second part of the install to update drivers. I set it up to copy drivers to %windir%\system32\drivers and when done I set a command to delete the folder...but as we know...it's a critical folder!! oopsie!!! I fixed that and no more BSOD!!
  17. I've got an unattended install for XP that's worked fine for me until now. The weird thing is that XP will install properly and log in successfully the first time but I get the infamous 7b BSOD after I reboot Windows. Has anyone seen this before? I'm using the latest Intel mass storage drivers.
  18. Does anyone know what I need to do to enable that? I've got a Buffalo TeraStation that I'm using to do network installs of XP and the file transfer is painful! All NICS are gigabit, cables and switches too. Any ideas?!?
  19. You can create an A record for "www" to the external IP address, and for any other external resource you want to access from the network. How big is your domain?
  20. I have an IBM ThinkPad T42 running Windows XP Pro w/ SP3 fully patched and all of a sudden it says it can't see wireless networks. I manually edited my network and it worked fine until I rebooted the PC, now even manually entering the network settings doesn't work. Is there a way to reset the wireless settings similar to the reset of the TCP/IP stack?
  21. Yeah, this is very incomplete. I didn't mean to send this off the way it currently is, my apologies. I'm currently working on a WMI script. Sometimes I'll put in a new HDD and boot off the USB drive and WinPE will give the USB device the letter C:\ which I use in my Windows XP diskpart script. So I wanted it to change the drive letter of the USB device if it were C:\ but then I thought...hey might as well just have the script always set it to W:\ for the sake of consistancy and that's where I currently stand. Honestly, I'm so used to writing batch files that it's hard to use anything else. But I'm going to try really hard to not go that route anymore...good bye old friend...

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