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  1. so will it work or not if so what can I do to get it working what do you mean by trap a few files. Let me know if you got it to work.
  2. what do you exactly mean. I just those directory and files removed and registry parts where aim installs all the extra junk. Can anyone help me out by tell me what to add in to my registry file and my batch file so I can tell it to remove certain directorys and certain files. Also certain registery keys. Thanks
  3. I did try that but it did not help. Also as you can see the picture I have attached that's not all I need to get removed. Maybe someone can tell me how to remove all those things with the unattended install.
  4. I added more info and icture this question is now added also which is more better at AIM Ad Hack Inno Setup Help please someone answer me thanks http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?act=ST&f=80&t=27070
  5. HI I have AIM Ad Hack 3.65. It uses the Inno Setup. I want to add this to my unattended xp cd. I want this program to run unattended with the options that I choose. Can anyone help me on this thanks. I have attached a picture of what options I want. Also I want it to run unattended witout me having to click on next or anything. Now in the picture atttached as you can see the first window I just want aim ad hack installed and the second one to the right of that window that's the settings that I want and then the the bottom window right under the first window when the install finishes I do not w
  6. Hi I got everything else done I just want to run AIM Ad Hack unattended with all the options selected but using the commands listed in the unattended site for inno setup install file they didn't help at all and did not work. Have you ever did a unattended for a inno setup program before. Also I don't want to customize the aim install. I want to just install AIM Ad Hack and customize that by selection wht options I want and have it all unattended. Please can you help me with this thanks.
  7. Ok I got the office 2003 setup and everything now all I want to do is run aim ad hack which uses inno setup I want to automatically install and have it set the settings that I pick and on this site where it tells the commands I can use they don't wrk and do what I want to be done can someone help me please. Thanks
  8. No I would like to make it exactly how I asked. I wat to install iam ad hack and allow it to install with the setting that I want to set. Also I want to intergrate it with office 2003 but I want office 2003 to be installed automatically unattended after windows xp pro sp2 runs all on my dvd. Can anyone help me thanks.
  9. Hi I am making a unattended windows xp pro disc with sp2 intergrated I have made it and tried it out and it works great. Now my next poing from there is tring to get aol instant messenger installed which I can do. But the problem I need is after it installs Aol instant messenger I want it to install aim ad hack with the settings I want. I looked up in this site and found how to add aim add hack to the unattended cd but when it gets to the part to install it it pops up and you have to manually install it by hand clicking on it and choosing settings and so on. I want it to be all automatic. For
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