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  1. Is there a solution to configure a customised version of Office 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh? I'm just being curious because when you extract the files, the extracted files is different to the previous beta and as mentioned above, is bigger in size overall. As far as I know, there's only a silent application install but no such file to allow customisation. Please let me know if there is any!
  2. I like this theme a lot, thanks! Is there a way of stopping WMP10/11 from making the taskbar bigger when it's in toolbar mode? This is my only complaint with themes that use thinner taskbars
  3. Win+D ? dont know madrano, you've missed my question
  4. madrano, is that a Litestep theme? What is it called? Thanks!
  5. Guillaume, I just came across this thread while surfing around which helps to fix the unknown device issue but the problem is that you don't have an Asus motherboard. I never realised that it was the AI Booster software that fixed this issue for me as I have an Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard
  6. This has happened to me for my pass 2 installations, strangely enough the unknown device in device manager went away after a few days. Have you tried installing the nForce driver package as whole to see if the unknown device gets installed properly?
  7. I'm having a problem with my nLited Windows XP, I've attached the Last Session.ini file to this post. Sometimes it doesn't remember my theme, for example Royale, if I reboot my PC, sometimes it changes back to the default XP theme. The same problem occurs for WindowBlinds too Please help Last_Session.ini
  8. I've managed to fix my problem now, I used the nVidia chipset driver disk from Asus's site which was version 6.82 and copied the contents for the new nLite 1.0.1 beta and it works fine!
  9. As zulu9812 said, I've also tried my nLite CD without any integrated raid drivers and I got the same results as him where it kept saying "Setup cannot copy the file:". I've wasted almost 10 CD's trying to fix the problem and I've had no success so far
  10. I get the exact same BSOD as zulu9812 with my new nLite CD I've gotten one of my previous nLite CD's to work but I can't remember what drivers I used on it for my RAID 0 setup
  11. gdogg, will you be sharing your removed files list etc with the forums anytime soon?
  12. I've just tried this, my overall Windows size is 240MB with WMP10, is this normal? From the thread starter his 200MB file size doesn't have WMP10 I came across 2 .dll errors during the installation process, has anyone had this whilst trying this out?
  13. If I remove c_850.nls, it makes my Windows unbootable as it says this file is missing , it's fine without the removal of the file
  14. dirtwarrior, you've made a spelling mistake in cleanuo.cmd which it should be cleanup.cmd As for cmdlines.txt You typed: [COMMANDS] "REGEDIT /S regsettings.reg" It should be: [COMMANDS] "REGEDIT /S RegTweaks.reg" Where is the RunOnceEx.cmd file?
  15. Does anyone know how to remove My Network places in Address bar? I'm asking because I have everything else related to this removed, but it exists in the address bar in Windows Explorer Could others help me with my other topic here please Thanks
  16. I've never had any trouble getting the mini mode to work. I used this slipstreamer too. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> How did you do it? Did you use the updates as well? For the slipstreamer, just incase, do you have to extract the mp10setup.exe file, or leave it?

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