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  1. Building a Full XP SP2 CD from an Update XP CD

    Hi , Well, actually, that's exactly what I'm afraid off. Even if that makes me crazy just to trash a License. I guess I'll manage it another way : installing My Full Vista on the MAC (seems Vista is supported by Bootcamp) and reinstall XP on my "old" computer. The bad thing is that I'll have to work with 2 computers because of Vista <> XP compatibilities and because I must use Mac OS too. Just hope reasonably priced update of non "Vista Compatible" apps will be available soon...
  2. Hi guys , First of all, since this is my fists post on this forum, I'd like to congrat all of you for this amazing forum fulfilled with very high level and interesting things . Well I guess the title of this topic could me more explicit, so : When XP was just released, I was running Win 98 SE with its own full license (Still have the original CD and its "Paper" key). Because of the unbelievable price of a full version of XP (was young not very rich ), I just decided to rely on my good old Win98 SE license and to go to buy a simple "Update" version of XP. Everything was then fine! A few days ago, I just managed to change may way for an intel mac computer relying on the fact that "bootcamp" would help me continuing to use all the "must have" windows applications. Well... here is the point. When reading Bootcamp specifications and accessing Bootcamp forums, all you can find is that you can not use an Update version of XP because Bootcamp does not support multiple disk installation and will not allow you to put your old WIN98 disk as requested for the installation of the Update. By the way, it is also written that the only supported version of XP is XP SP2 (here, I'll say : thanks for nLite!!! ). I know, my XP version was bought a long time ago and spending a little 200 for a brand new full version of XP SP2 is not the end of the world. But so far, I still think why couldn't I benefit of the license I just own thought that I've already replaced my XP version by a Vista Ultimate (legal and full, not an update because of this surprise...) on my "old" computer and that this license is just asleep in one of my boxes? So, is there a way to make a full XP installation CD from an XP update CD using nLite? Many thx Log