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  1. amancinocy

    Hex-editing SETUPLDR.BIN

    Hi I want tu update my old successful DVD project (XP SP2 + 2003 1st edition + couple of other rescue things). I've replaced 2k3 version + slipstreamed the newest Service Packs. Now I've got combination: XP SP3 + 2k3 R2 SP2, all 32-bit. And here is the part, I'm not sure what to do = SETUPLDR.BIN hex-edit..... Instructions for 2k3 SP1 + x64 editions pointing to transform 74 03 > EB 1A. 2k3 R2 SP2 = I see in hex editor exactly these values (74 03). I only want to be sure, editing is still valid for R2 version. I've seen users having problems, error "NTDETECT Failed": http://www.msfn.org/board/Solution-for-mul...230#entry753230 XP SP3 = Setupldr.bin is different. Previous XP didn't require editing. The same applicable regardless of SP version? Question comes, because I've seen this topic: http://www.msfn.org/board/how-can-i-crack-...sp-t116240.html UPDATE: Well. I managed. And success . XP SP3: First, it wasn't booting = error "USBEHCI.SYS not found". Obviously file was in bootfolder, but the name was in lowercase = I've changed to UPPER and everything went fine. XP SP3 smoothly installed. I've created bootfolder using automatic method from sticky. All files were UPPER except this one 2003 R2 SP2: followed normal method (74 03 edit). Windows is booting fine.
  2. amancinocy

    Windows Maximization Values

    Well, I don't know it is possible to intercept system function "by value" without extra touch. But You can use additional software to build invisible dock reserving some portion of screen not covered by maximized windows. Usefull for object docks / sidebars / other desktop gadgets etc., always visible in that special reserved space. For free: Desktop Coral (easy to use): http://www.donationcoder.com/Software/Mous...oral/index.html Hawkeye ShellInit (nice scripting possibilities): http://www.hawkeyetech.com/products/freeware.htm