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  1. I would be very careful with this. Small Business Server CALs have always been distributed in 5 or 20 packs. Something is a little odd about someone offering a 15 pack. This could be something like 5 OEM packs, or 3 academic 5 packs or something like that. Before ordering I would recommend getting a list of included Microsoft part numbers so you can verify what you are getting.
  2. EBS Caps at 300 licenses. The only way you can get out of the 300 limit is to transition into stand alone server licenses.
  3. I am not sure what you are looking for in more contributions. The server and CALs set up seemed to be pretty well explained. Do you have a question about something other then the Windows Server or did part of the reply need further explination?
  4. If this was purchased through a Volume License agreement they have strict rules about license transfers. The information will be available through https://eopen.microsoft.com. Most likely they would not be able to do anything like sell on Ebay but if you check the license information in eOpen there may be a way to get a transfer done.
  5. Office Enterprise is only available though Volume License. What are you looking for in Enterprise that you don't have in Ultimate?
  6. This may vary by country however in US licenseing OEM usually comes with CALs to get additional you can get Retail packs if you can find anyone that actually stocks them. Or you can go into volume licensing including government. You should have no issue adding Volume License CALs into to the OEM server.
  7. I have not heard anything on this, but you can call Microsoft’s Terminal Services team at 888-571-2048 and they should be able to let you know for sure. Also they may be able to activate for you over the phone.
  8. It may be your version of Vista. If you are using a home version of Vista it can not connect to a server on a network.
  9. Based on ratings and cost Kaspersky is the best way to go. I have seen it usually rated in the top 3 and lower cost then most major competitors.
  10. Volume License for Servers is always a full license you do not need an OEM install. For Windows Vista/XP in licensing it is only available as an upgrade so you need a previous version install. Feel free to contact me directly for more information.
  11. If you have a Vista Business upgrade license available you can use that image. Assuming the system currently has XP Pro. If it has XP Home you would need to purchase a full license, OEM or Retail of Vista Business and add Software Assurance to get it into the volume license program.
  12. It depends on how the license was purchased. If it is an OEM or Retail package it is not likely that it would have downgrade rights. If it was a volume license purchase it will have downgrade rights and you can request a downgraded volume license media kit directly from Microsoft. Let me know if you have any questions I can try to clear them up.
  13. Even if possible, by the license it would not be a legal copy. You can buy an OEM Ultimate, but be aware it could cause Dell to not offer support on it.
  14. I like Lenovo, they seem to be very dependable. Acer is also good and generally much lower cost.
  15. It sounds like you might have downloaded the retail ISO. To get to the volume license ISO go to https://eopen.microsoft.com. After you log in add the agreement. After adding the agreement click the license link to agree to terms. After you have agreed to the terms click product downloads and you should have no problem. If you still have issues feel free to contact me though signature links.
  16. Most likely this is because you are going from Vista to Vista. Microsoft does not concider Vista to Vista and upgrade and would require you to purchase the full and not the upgrade package.
  17. Full version is the way to go. Beyond the language issue unless the upgrade you have is on an old license the upgrade does not go from home to pro. Microsoft changed there upgrades so they only go Home to Home or Pro to Pro.
  18. According to Microsoft's rules a retail package will include CD and COA. If there is no COA then it is not legit. That is the best way I can recommend to be sure.
  19. It depends on what you are doing with your clients. If you need coverage for Server and Clients I recommend Kaspersky. Great protection, good pricing.
  20. There are a couple things involved in this. One is are they OEM or Retail. The other thing is that a license has to be distributed with media. If it is OEM their may be options to obtain media, but OEM can only be sold with the device it came with. If these are unopened OEM kits they can be sold, but unopened OEM kits would have media. It sounds like these would not be legal to resell. Hope this clears things up some.
  21. Volume license does not sound like it would work because volume license for Windows is Upgrade only. If you are buying systems without a preloaded OS the most cost effective option is to purchase OEM licnesing. The license terms have changed on OEM in that you can now purchase OEM without hardware, but as soon as it is installed it is tied to the system it is installed on. The best option is retail packages because they do not include the OEM restrictions, however the cost is quite a bit higher. If there is preloaded and licensed Windows 2000 or 98 you could do volume license upgrade which would be the fastest and easiest way to deploy.
  22. The question I have is what antivirus software this is based on. Many Antivirus has different options for business users. For instance the enterprise versions of Symantec software are better then the home use (norton) products. Based on feedback we have gotten from network deployment users, Kaspersky has been a huge favorite of late. Trend Micro and Symantec also seem to be very well recieved by our customers. I would prefer to see listings based on best offerings, meaning no PC Cillin, no Norton.
  23. OPK is for Office. With Office 2007 Microsoft sells the License and the Installation as a seperate Item. The OPK kit is the media with tools to create media. The OPK kit includes media for all of the OEM Office packages, but it includes no Licensing.
  24. You should be fine putting exchange on the domain controller. Microsoft does not recommend putting Terminal Services on a domain controller for security reasons. If you are using a Small Business Server you would need a second Windows Server for the the Terminal Services. Small business Server only allows 2 Terminal Services Connections. Hope it helps and isn't to repetitive of what has already been posted.
  25. That actually makes my head hurt. Here I was thinking my speed was pretty good. Then again, how would I have time to read this board if my downloads didn't take so long. That downtime of waiting is important!

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