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  1. This might sound like overkill but using DOS to grab updates over the internet (and compare them to current files you already have) isn't the best solution and under most cases, won't work at all. I'd recommend you install .Net 2.0 framework and get the current beta of Monad (the upcoming unix style shell for Windows) which gives you a verbose scripting language with deep access into the registry and lots of great features. Then you can write scripts to do anything you want very slickly such as retrieving updates, extracting them from ZIP/EXE, pushing them into a folder, and close & restart an application if needed.
  2. What makes this version seem faster is my favorite new feature in FF 1.5 (something that's bugged me about Web Browsers for years). When you hit back or forward your browser makes a new request for the page and re-submits any form variables. While your CSS/JS/Images are cached, the web page itself is re-requested, what FF 1.5 is doing (that as far as I've know nobody has done before) is using the cached copy of the web page, so when you hit Back or Forward, no internet access is used.
  3. iirc XP has Windows Script 5.6 by default.
  4. I don't know if this applies but it seems 7-Zip file association won't always work right (depends on the version) unless you restart explorer.exe or log off & log on. When I installed the recent 4.30 beta (upgrading from a previous version) 7-Zip stopped working until I did a log off/log on but in hindsight. But some previous versions allowed me to use 7-Zip after upgrading it.
  5. I played around a little bit and imho I think this gave it a slightly better "icon in the cube" look: 1. create a white BG layer 2. Put the icon layer below the ice cube layer I highly recommend you shrink the ice cube layer so it's only just big enough to cover the icon, because when you size this down your icon inside the cube will be microscopic. 3. Dupe the Ice Cube layer 4. on the 1st (lower) ice cube layer set opac & fill to 100%, and set the layer to "pin light" 5. The other 2nd (upper) ice cube layer set opac or fill to 50%, set layer to "normal" Honestly your biggest problem is the ice cube itself, which is way too blue (intensional?) as a real ice cube is virtually all white. If you want a more realistic look, you need a new white cube.
  6. Rhelic

    usb power

    Hmm, that's going to have to be a bios setting. I highly doubt it's something that software can address. If it's not in your bios, sounds like you're screwed.
  7. Last I used MySQL the best way is to add a new field with the correct datatype. Then do (my syntax might be a bit off)... UPDATE table SET tempcolumn = oldcolumn Then drop the oldcolumn and re-create it with the same name and new size/datatype UPDATE table SET newcolumn = tempcolumn Then drop the tempcolumn. Now you have all your data in a newly defined column with no missing data. And in case you're wondering, no, last I knew, you cannot change the order of the columns. Also, if this breaks your program then YOU CODED IT TOTALLY WRONG as the truth is, database column order is NOT set in stone so anybody who assumes column 1 is this and column 2 is that is shooting themselves in the foot. Always refer to columns by their column name.
  8. JavaScript has no way to grab the local users username. But in an Intranet solution with an Active Directory server, you can get the username via ASP and ASP.Net programming, here are my notes on the subject ================================================= Retrieving the web user's username in a Domain/Intranet for ASP.Net ================================================= Manage IIS > right Click Web Sites > Properties > Directory Security > Edit Button (Auth & Access Control) > uncheck 'Enable anonymous access' and make sure 'Integrated Widows Auth' is check marked Then if you want the ASP.Net to run as the web user then add this to your web.config <identity impersonate="true" /> Now you can access the username by: HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.Name; using System.Security.Principal; System.Threading.Thread.CurrentPrincipal.Identity.Name; or in classic ASP: Request.ServerVariables("LOGON_USER") ----------------------- If your app is not ASP or ASP.Net you're probably screwed but I haven't used PHP, Cold Fusion or Perl for years and perhaps there is a way now.
  9. Ok this thread is a month old but since nobody pointed it out... There's a free .ICO exporter for Photoshop and it still gets updated every once in awhile. I've used it for years since PS5 and it still works in PS CS2. It works for the PC and there are 2 different Mac flavors (old and new Mac). http://www.telegraphics.com.au/sw/ To use it: 1. Exit Photoshop 2. Put the .8bi file in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS2\Plug-Ins\ or similar folder 3. Re-size your image to your proper icon size (128x128, 64x64, 32x32, 16x16). 4. If you want a transparent icon make sure you have multiple layers and the bottom layer is turned off (ala transparent gifs) 5. File > Save As > .ICO
  10. Stealing content from other sites is immoral, let's just get that out of the way. I'm trying to give you the benefit of the doubt but I've read your other posts and it sounds like it's pretty clear that you want to start a new site and steal content from other similar sites.. tsk tsk, smells like a thief.
  11. Yes, you just need to edit your Apache config file and add the .HTML extension to be passed to your PHP module. But keep in mind this means EVERY .HTML on your site must pass through the PHP module, which slows your site down a little bit. If the site is very busy, this can become a problem but for the average website, it isn't.
  12. I was about to say the same thing, sounds like he just needs to allow Remote Desktop through his router and login.
  13. I'm a pro web designer & web programmer and a video game historian & retro fan... My recommendation is to do use MobyGames.com! If your seriously want to spend all the time to make a site to honor these games, then instead of trying to re-invent the wheel go make current sites better by adding your own reviews. I've dealt with dozens of people asking the same question as you, just with different content. Here's the cold hard truth: #1 In 6 months you're interest level will fall #2 You're unlikely to continue to pay for hosting after your year runs out #3 Whatever work was done on your site by users goes down the drain when it could have been spent on a permanent site. At this point you think I'm wrong, you'll dedicate 20hrs/week on this site and you'll see it through for years to make sure it succeeds. And if you are saying that to yourself, you've only proving my point now because I've seen your kind before It boils down to 1 simple thing, if you really love these oldskool games you'd spend your time populating content on a current gamer site, instead of spending your time making a system that others can use to populate content. Do you see the essential problem here? I would like to say I take my own medicine. Many times I've been tempted to post reviews of CDs and stuff on my blog but the cold truth is, off topic blog content cannot target your audience and will fade away. But a well placed Amazon review will live on forever But to give you the answer you want, websites don't use "pages", they use web apps, obviously because it's not feasible to change hundreds/thousands of pages. To handle content you use a CMS (Content Management System) but for what you want, I doubt there are any CMSs available so you'll have to do what the majority of people do, write one or have one written for you. Your choice of language isn't too important but most small time people use a Linux server, PHP and MySQL as it's often the cheapest. But there's nothing wrong with a Windows 2003 server host and ASP.Net as long as you're using a free database as msSQL will cost you a pretty penny. Honestly considering the question you asked, you're not ready to code this yourself, and without any CMSs that I know of to suite you, you'll have to hire somebody. A project like this I couldn't do for any less than $1,000 and you can expect a similar estimate from other people.
  14. I don't know why MS doesn't enable this, because if you believe it's a possible security hole, the issue is no different for CD (anybody can create an infected CD now-a-days). This app enables AutoRun on Win98 and I think it adds autorun to your USB too http://www.udrw.com/tour/download/udrun.EXE (I found this from http://www.udrw.com/tour/en/dev/support.php ) Another free solution is (probably bloatware) http://www.snapfiles.com/get/usbautorun.html There was a very long discussion on this issue at: Lesson learned, ask Google your question before you ask a forum
  15. I should have also added the best way to run a SpyBot span is while you are in Safe Mode (no network support). In fact if you know a machine is infected with something nasty, I insist on Safe Mode. It's often faster and since less things are loaded, it can remove more things. Although I've noticed with SpyBot 1.4 they do a much better job of unloading & unlocking files, so maybe this doesn't matter as much anymore.
  16. You are correct! These comparisons of teflon and source code are apples and oranges. Anyways if this "magic date source code for all" myth was true, can anybody tell me where to get the MS Dos 1.0/2.0/3.0/5.0/etc source code, because according to this myth logic, it was released a long time ago
  17. A very very very large margarita, but I can't recall much of anything after that. If it's reasonable that 75% of people ran 98 when it became mature 5yrs ago, what's so unreasonable about 75% of people running XP today now that it's mature.Plus as I stated in earlier, these are out of 550 million hits per month, that's a lot of people and what I consider "as good as it gets" data. Perhaps you are ignoring the millions of people who purchase a new PC every college season (both for home and college). That's the biggest factor in OS adoption and if you look at the graph closely, you'll notice the October figure of every year has a larger spike (up and down) than other times in the year.
  18. In my original Excel file I have Linux and WinME. Linux never got a solid 1% and after some research WinMe data was tained (and mix) with Win2000 results. I was able to figure out the Win2000 data but I couldn't trust what TheCounter claims about WinME, the data just isn't trustworthy.But FYI, even with bad data, WinMe never seems to get above 18%, which is VERY low adoption. I never said the data was carved in stone, it's a slightly biased view as we're only measuring web serfers but I'd like to remind you that the AVERAGE users (that accounts for well over 95% of people) don't know what the HOSTS file is, so your point is mute
  19. I've heard from many different people that VMWare is the best, I find it very bizarre that VMWare wouldn't work with 98SE, well made virtual software doesn't care what OS you throw at it. Your next bet is Virtual Server or Virtual PC. Unfortunately both of which only officially support Windows OSs (but the app does have support for Linux and other OSs until/unless MS removes that support in the future).
  20. These are not important, they are definitely spyware or some random app you don't need: sw.bat, is.bat, tb.exe, xe.exe, low.exe, mmxateam.exe, IELower.exe Deleting NTDETECT.COM was a bad move, it's a critical file As far as getting spyware, you need to run either MS AniSpyware or Panda AV, iirc no other apps out there will give you full spyware protection. Of course the best thing is to not run Windows as an administrator, run as a user and use RunAs to run installs as an admin. If you don't want to be hassled not being an admin, then use this guide I wrote to run as admin but to protect IE or any other internet app (FireFox, IM, etc) from installing spyware/viruses. No, this won't help you at all, no matter where you put the registry, if it gets corrupt/infected, it's infected no matter where it is. And honestly, you don't want to restore a registry from a seperate install because it will only cause problems.Putting your Program Files in an alternate location won't help you either. Just run a good anti virus and anti spyware app, I've looked at all of them and imho Panda Titanium AV is the best on the market, although it's the most expensive and uses a whopping ~50megs of ram, but you get what you pay for (in $ and in hardware requirements).
  21. I just finished my graphing of the history of Windows adoption from 1999 until today. I would have gone all the way back to Win 3.1 but the site I used ( TheCounter.Com ) only keeps web browsing logs from 1999. Anybody that wants to question the size of data used, keep in mind that TheCounter is one of those web counters (yea they're lame) that people can put on their pages to log stats. TheCounter logs around 554 million page views per month, so this is as good as it gets imho. PS: I'm guilty of double posting this in the 98 forum as well, which has a decent convo on the subject in case anybody is interested.
  22. I just finished my graphing of the history of Windows adoption from 1999 until today. I would have gone all the way back to Win 3.1 but the site I used ( TheCounter.Com ) only keeps web browsing logs from 1999. Anybody that wants to question the size of data used, keep in mind that TheCounter is one of those web counters (yea they're lame) that people can put on their pages to log stats. TheCounter logs around 554 million page views per month, so this is as good as it gets imho.
  23. The only open source Microsoft has (and will ever have) is new utils, and they currently all revolve around .Net development like side features for Visual Studio. Almost all of them are housed somewhere on http://GotDotNet.com and some quick ones I've seen are: WebMatrix (a full blown ASP.Net IDE) two different 'Code Snippet Editors' (for Visual Studio 2005) MS will not "open source" their OS code because it still exists in newer versions of windows for compatibility reasons. MS DOS may not be used as the boot-up for Win2x,XP,2003,etc but it still exists inside command.com or some DLL. Also give up this concept you guys have about "public domain", I don't think you understand what it means. There is no magic date that comes and MS has to give out the source code. All it means is that one day somebody can attempt to reverse engineer the code, without worrying about being sued, but I'll tell you now that's next to impossible, even for uber geeks. And IIRC Also recreating the 'under the hood' part of Windows 9x only leads to 2 places, Linux or Win 2000. So anybody even attempting this is re-creating the wheel and goes back to my original point where you should jump to Linux or upgrade to 2000 or newer. Yes there are tons of improvements that can be done to 9x, and they are called Win 2000. So by improving 9x, that's where you'd be heading anyways.
  24. According to MS these are Windows CE fonts, do they even work in normal Windows? http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default....Development.asp If you're going to post a question at least give us proper info, like that these are Arabic or Indian fonts, as if you don't say, people will assume you are installing an American (English) version of Windows which does not have these fonts. Obviously you can see your lack of info is the reason nobody has answered your post yet but good luck in finding your problem.
  25. Considering that .Net 2.0 goes final in 14 days from today (iow Nov 7th, 2005) it seems silly to install a beta version. IIRC you can't run 1.x apps within 2.0, I believe you need each framework for each version of .Net, just like how VB use to work in the old days, a separate .DLL run time for 4, 5, 6. This is done to guarantee full compatibility. If .Net 2.0 could run 1.0 and 1.1 apps, MS would have to run EXTENSIVE tests, waste of time of course.

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