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  1. any updates on website and fatal error bug issue?
  2. I can confirm biatche's theory. I was getting same 5305 error on new XP installation (so nero cannot be expired because I never installed it before) so I deleted the "Serial7" key in the registry (full path is "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ahead\Installation\Families\Nero 7\Info") then I launched Nero again and no more fatal errors. I saw a popup asking for serial and registration name, inserted all the needed information (I used my same purchased premium key I inserted during installation) and all works fine now. I also tried rebooting the pc, no more issues Please can you investigate on that? Thanks a lot Let me know if you need I perform some tests to help you. P.S. My 2cents: I noticed, after inserting serial in the popup window, that nero told me I'm using a serial that supports more features than the ones are installed... and asked me for upgrade (with a green button) or ignore it... maybe is this the problem?
  3. It works fine but installs defender in english... and I need italian version
  4. Acheron you didn't make me know what you think about my question / request It's rubbish. 1. The sounds are ANNOYING. 2. Add your own icons if you really want extra clutter crapping all over the quicklaunch bar. You misunderstood my post 1. I'm not talking about if you we like or not sounds... I'm talking about it's not correct to keep sounds option in the installer disabled if I choose "Complete installation" because the word "complete" means, by default, that all options are enabled Maybe the best way is to rename it to "Complete without sounds" and add new installation profile named "Complete installation" really complete with ALL options enabled 2. It's already possible to add nero express icon in the tray bar... I just requesting to add the ability to choose between express and burning rom icons so it will always be one icon, no extra clutter This is because expert users find burning rom more complete and user-friendly than express and prefer to have it in the traybar
  5. Acheron you didn't make me know what you think about my question / request
  6. I know that this problem is not related to uniextract... I modified messenger msi with Orca using Shark Tutorial and now admin install works fine My previous post was to ask if there is a way to automatize this task with every msi archive with admin install removed: maybe uniextract could recognize these particular msi installers and enable admin install before trying to extract them
  7. The administrative install option fails, but the other two work for me. The output isn't pretty (GUIDs contained within the filenames, some missing extensions, etc.), but it's there. Does it not work for you at all, or are you just seeing that ugly output? The administrative install is usually the only one that gives really clean output. If one of the other "ripping" methods are used, you'll likely end up with jumbled filenames. It can't be helped. Yes, sorry my post is not very clear... I'm seeing that ugly output with missing extentions etc I find that it's possible to enable administrative install if disabled using a file from the shark tutorial for wlm8.1 silent installer... maybe you can find a way to integrate this in your tool (I suppose this method works with all msi with administration install disabled) check it here, first post: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=65292
  8. I find why my msi didn't unpack with /qb switch... It was because I was trying to do that BEFORE I import administration tables with Orca... sorry shark now it works fine P.S. I also found around the web this command line "MSIEXEC /I c:\MsnMsgs.MSI ALLUSERS=TRUE REBOOT=SUPRESS /QB-" tha can be used with original msnmsgs.msi file... I don't know if it works but if yes maybe there will be no needs anymore to modify msi file with orca Shark please correct me if I'm wrong
  9. Could you do 1 further test? Does THIS PDF FILE open in your web browser OK? To other non english users; please try openning the above URL and post back your results. shark Sorry for the delay I didn't see this post Anyway I can confirm that ie 7 opens the pdf file you linked without issue I don't use firefox so I cannot perform this test but if you need I can install it
  10. I'm not able to extract windows live messenger msi archive I tried all 3 methods available link: http://g.msn.com/8reen_us/IT/INSTALL_MSN_MESSENGER_DL.EXE (this is a self-extracting archive, unpacking it you'll find msnmsgs.msi)
  11. it works fine with /passive /norestart switches just a note: is it possible to avoid the main defender windows popping up after installation? is it possible to make trayicon always shows as default setting (original setting is to show only if actions needed)
  12. is it possible to have italian version too of the silent installer?
  13. sorry for taking so long to reply here. Try re-creating the MSI and DO NOT importing the shortcut table. Possibly this table is language dependant. You can go to the shortcut table in Orca, and delete the desktop shortcut manually. Please report back so that i may revise the tutorial with this information. shark I don't know if biatche problems are related to it but I can confirm that: shortcut.idt and feature.idt are language dependant (they contain english text that replace localized one when imported into the msi)... I suggest to modify your tutorial including how to manually modify those sections P.S. I'm not able to extract msi archive using /qb switch... I created c:\Temp destination folder, copied msnmsgs.msi in c: root and then executed "msiexec /a c:\MsnMsgs.msi TARGETDIR=c:\temp /qb" ... after a few second the installation window disappeared but c:\temp is empty Where am I wrong? I tried with english and italian packages downloaded from messenger.live.com but no luck... same results I also tried to perform same task with windowsdefender.msi... and it works fine so it seems to be a limitation of wlm... but I'm sure I'm wrong somehere... please help me to find where exactly
  14. I have told many times Nero Lite doesn't need StartSmart. You can use Nero Express, which is a very easy program to do advanced burning tasks. If you don't need WaveEditor or CoverDesigner you can use Nero Micro. If you still prefer Nero StartSmart go to the official Nero website and download the 190 MB package. You are right, sorry I tested Express deeply and its interface is very easy and complete... I agree there are no needs to include startsmart in the package I also tried coverdesigner and waveeditor (I never used them before) and they're good for basic needs so they are good addiction for the pack If I can, just one question and one request: Q: why are sound disabled by default? I suggest to include it in complete installation profile, because the word "complete" should mean all options selected... also size is very small (0.2mb) so no needs to not install it... it also will save text in unattend installs avoid the need to add /components switch for it R: can you add an option to add nero burning rom to quicklaunch icon? Now it's possible to select Express only Thanks a lot
  15. Thanks Acheron for this great pack I'm waiting for infrarecorder 1.0 to remove nero definitely from my pc just a suggestion for the lite pack: - Please add Nero StartSmart (it's very useful especially for non-expert users, very easy interface for common tasks and it's small in size too) - You could remove WavEditor and CoverDesigner (I never use it because there are several better and free programs for these kind of tasks around the web, so you can make the pack smaller too) hope you like them
  16. maybe you are right, I'm trying to install it on a machine with 8 lite english installed I'll perform some tests and post results
  17. about sign-in assistant: installation was easier than I thought because the original msi installer of the sign-in assistant is already a silent installer about sharing folder: I performed several tests and I found that the problem is in the msnmsgs.msi file (I checked it with Orca and found a lot of english text, mainly in property section, like sharing folder or music plugin name and its tooltip description). I tried to replace it with the one from italian installer and it works fine with all text in italian Just a problem: my msnmsgs.msi file is 15mb, I replaced it and it works fine but can you explain how to make it about 500kb like the one in your add-on? Also have I to modify any parameter with orca to make it working with nlite (i tried it on an already installed system)? thanks
  18. italian pack is corrupted, i downloaded it several times from your repository but it always gives 7-zip unpack error when installation starts same message if I try to unpack it manually using 7-zip
  19. don't worry, I'll try to create the addon by myself thanks anyway
  20. I don't know how many lines of coding it would require. The issue is not implementation time, it's implementation method. Creating a cascading context menu, as far as I can tell, requires a shell extension DLL. Doing this, again as far as I can tell, requires the use of the commercial version of Visual Studio (it requires MFC components, which are not included in the Express edition). There are three problems with this: 1) I write free, open source software; I'm really not interested in buying a commercial application to do it 2) Because I write free, open source software, I feel that requiring a commercial compiler to modify the code would largely defeat the point of the license 3) I primarily write scripts, not system libraries; doing something like this would be a completely different experience Now as I've said in the past, if anyone is willing to help out and/or contribute such an extension for UniExtract, I'd be more than happy to include it. That's not very likely, though, so for now it'll remain on my list of long-term goals. Thanks for clearing my doubts... now I can see your point and agree with you Hope that someone will code the dll for you
  21. Try replacing fsshext.8.1.0178.00.dll with the version from your native installation. shark thanks for the suggestion, I'll try that ps what about the sign-in assistant addon?
  22. I'd like to make this an option, but at this point it'll have to remain on the long-term todo list. The situation hasn't changed any since the last time it came up. mmm why that? isn't it a very simple option to add? I think it's just a few lines of coding if not and i'm wrong sorry, please forgive me but i'm not a programmer
  23. is it possible to create an add-on to install "Windows Live Sign-in Assistant"? If i'm right it's not included in thi wlm pack ps i replaced dll and exe files to localize my installation in italian and it works fine, just a little issue: the icon "my shared folders" in my pc and my documents is still in english and not translated in italian... how can I fix that? Thanks a lot
  24. really thanks for italian version... if you have time please code also an extreme version

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