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  1. neo, thanks a lot for the boot I think that method 1 is better because it doesn't modify any system file. Method 2 works fine as well but you have to re-do it every time WindowsUpdate replace ntoskrnl.exe with a newer version. two little requests: 1) Is it possible to create an installer to automatize the method 1? I mean something that rename the kernel to VBoot.exe, move it to System32 folder and add the switch to Boot.ini 2) Is it possible to have an n-lite addon (always with method 1 if possible) to integrate it in our Windows CD? Thanks a lot in advance
  2. First of all thanks for considering this rework If you can, please make the installers able to remove other Adobe versions if installed (check my previous post numbero 228 for details, http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...t&p=718851)
  3. Hi Shark, a little update about my request for an installer able to update older versions: I recently installed your Adobe Lite package on some old PCs with Reader 7.x already installed. I noticed that, in this scenario, your installer didn't give the "another version already present" message but upgrades it without any question. I checked better and I found that the installer automatically remove older version (launching uninstaller in silent mode, I guess) and then installing new one without user prompting. Is it possible to also have the same behaviour for systems with a 8.x version installed? Thanks a lot
  4. I didn't test other localized versions, hope that it's related to italian only so you won't need to redo all packs. Maybe some other users can give a feedback about packs in other languages I can understand your point of view but I think users that have your Adobe Lite installed will never install official release (no reasons to install a bloated version when you know that a smaller and better release is out). This is the reason for my request: Adobe Lite users will always continue to use it In addition to all this, you should consider that automatic upgrade in the help menu is completely disabled in your release so there are no risks for an upgrade to full made accidentally
  5. Hi Shark, two little question: 1) I noticed that the italian version of 8.1.1 lite I installed, add a shortcut in the autorun folder calling Adobe SpeedLauncher (Reader_SL.exe). Can you check and fix it please? 2) Can you make your lite versions upgradable? I mean: current releases don't install themselves on a computer where Adobe Lite is already installed giving "another version of this product is already installed on the system" message (I faced this behaviour when I tried to upgrade my 8.1.0 with 8.1.1). I think the solution is simple, just remove the "check for a previous version" from the installer with ORCA or similar tools: it will not create any problem on pcs with no Adobe installed at all or for integration in Windows CD but it will make release upgradable if new versions will be out Thanks a lot for your time, Prov
  6. Thanks a lot One little question: is the "MissingFilesState" fix still needed or Nero 8 is different? If it's needed, is it possible to have it included directly in the installer (I mean that Nero Lite/Micro installer automatically create the "MissingFilesState" value in the registry as last step before finish)
  7. Don't worry Acheron, I think that file size is not a problem (most of forum users use DSL connections so don't care to download 30/40 or 50MB, it's just a matter of minutes). The best feature of your Lite/Micro packages is that they don't install in your system all the crap included in the official Nero installer (it installs crap even if you uncheck all the option and select Nero Burning Rom only) Try DaemonTools, it's better
  8. It will not be soon. I don't have highspeed intenrnet access. (possibly next weekend, Nov 3-4, no promise) I will consider releasing a tutorial, only if the changes can be performed in Orca - but this is doubtful Even to do a tutorial I would need a sample 8.1.1 distribution to work with. pending . . . shark Don't worry Shark We can easly wait November for that
  9. This bug appears when you integrate IE7. This cause Windows File Protection to appear even if nothing is missing from system files. Simple driver installation or attaching usb device, and Windows File Protection will complain about missing files. Cheers Ok, thanks for explaining... is this bug present even if I integrate ie7 but disable SFC completely checking the related option in NLite Configuration?
  10. Thanks for the release Anyone can explain me what is the famous SFC bug?
  11. Thanks Acheron for fixing and thanks retalv for explaining
  12. Ok WildBill, downloading now I downloaded the program but I'm not able to find any setup or installer... how can I install it?
  13. So, if the key changes randomly, how can I create a working reg file with my serial and missingfile trick stored to use it on every nero installation?
  14. It was deleted or moved to a private area because Nero 8 is only available through warez sites yet. http://www.softpedia.com/get/CD-DVD-Tools/Data-CD-DVD-Burning/Nero-8.shtml Any new feature in the Burning ROM application?
  15. it's really a nonsense to release sp3 without IE7 and WMP11 they are the two biggest improvements since SP2
  16. Hi Alsiladka, happy to meet you here too You are planning the format due to your returned laptop I guess

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