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  1. Is it possible to see some screenshots of how this pack transform Windows 2000 without any additional software like WindowBlinds etc.? Thanks a lot
  2. Oh sorry Booggy, I didn't know that :blushing: If I can ask, what will be different in nLite 1.4 to make you waiting for its release before update the pack?
  3. btw, is it possible to have XP style taskbar in win2000? And to talk more in general, some kind of skin support? I saw something similar in Win98 Revolution pack so I hope it can be the same for Win2000 too
  4. I'd like to install this pack on my win2ksp4 but I noticed screenshots section is down anyone can please post some detailed screenshots of how windows 2000 looks after the installation of this pack? I saw some of them in previous pages but I don't know if they are about windows 2000 or XP... also they are there mainly to show bugs so I cannot see all the stuff thanks a lot
  5. thanks depippis I know how to create a reg file, it was a suggestion for other less expert users Maybe we can create a "Serial.reg" file with "User/Company/Serial7" empty explaining they need to edit it with notepad and insert their own data So then they can save it for future needs
  6. Acheron, can you please post the missing file regtweak as .reg file so it will be easier to download and run it for non-expert pc users? thanks a lot p.s. is not possible to integrate it into the installer?
  7. I like this way better because there is only one installer for all languages
  8. Thanks shark for moving If you use the /oi:"folder path" switch. The Generated Silent Installer into that folder path can be used on any pc without tgup. Understood. Is it possible to download language specific version of WLM?
  9. Something I don't understand: after I downloaded the sylent installer with tgup, can I use it to install wlm silently on my machines without TGUP or it's always needed?
  10. Thanks a lot Is it enough to use "MissingFilesState"="0" value only to get rid of Update nag? If so simple why isn't this fix integrated in Nero Lite installer?
  11. Hi Acheron, can you please give me details on the "famous regtweak"? I searched in all 4 pages of topic but I didn't find an explanation... ... can you please post a .reg file to run to workaround the upgrade prompt? Also, if it's the only way to get rid of the upgrade message, why don't you add a silent step in Nero Lite installer to perform the tweak automatically on every installation? Thanks for the answer in advance
  12. Oh my God, even more bloated than 7 Where are the good days when Nero was a clean and light burning tool? :(
  13. Yes, please, Italian version Thanks a lot for your great work
  14. really really thanks... downloading now can I add it to windows cd using nlite hotfix section?
  15. if you can, I need italian one thanks a lot in advance for your time
  16. The update feature is a removed item. I suggest you try the download from Adobe.That will give you a full featured viewer with nothing stripped out. My installers are NOT meant for desptop use, they are meant to add to an unattended CD. In this instance space is precious and every kb counts. If a user needs a full featured reader they can uninstall my version and install the FULL version. shark It's ok shark, thanks for the answer I thought the udapte was removed from extreme version but keep in lite ones... this is why I posted my question Now it's all clear, thanks I will never install Adobe reader from official installer... too bloated of craps P.S. Maybe keep auto-update feature could be useful to avoid to you the work to repack all installer when minor updates are released
  17. thanks shark, I tried from svcpack and you are right, installation works fine but uninstallation fails.... from runonceex all works fine P.S. I'm having a little problem with italian version: check for update doesn't work, if I select it from "?" menù nothing happens... can you check that please? thanks
  18. thanks a lot john can you please make addon for localized versions too? thanks again
  19. Shark, sorry for my request: can you post svcpack compatible installers for Acrobat 8?

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