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  1. Looks like a basic version of the superior DOM Inspector extension.
  2. They were probably moved to the archive server.
  3. "Nice" that's all you have to say Ben? I expected you to be more enthousiastic.... Well, I'm not affected by the 2.1 Ghz limitation, and don't plan on getting a faster processor or another computer any timle soon.
  4. Nice. But why are you installing the AMDK6 patch twice? (once manually, once automatically)
  5. I have no experience at all with msbatch.inf, so I can't help.
  6. Since when is an extra back-up copy known as a big improvement? Instead of fixing the registry, they provided multiple fail-safes, and this is one of them. Because those aren't problems in Windows 98, right? Which had nothing to do with Windows 95 as a product, but had everything to do with IE, and Microsoft shoehorning it into the system.
  7. Possibly, yes, as IE's core gets embedded in applications.
  8. I remember reading about a bug in Win9x WinSock 2 implementation. It would sometimes say it would have to block when it wouldn't need to. I can't find that info again, though, even though I found the site on which I remember it was mentioned.
  9. My dual boot system has Win98 on the C drive, and WinXP on the E drive. I don't think the partition that the OS is installed on becomes the C drive automatically, even if going through WinXP's installation procedure.
  10. Both Java and JavaScript are languages that use their own garbage collection. But they are not related. By the way, I didn't know Opera required the Java run-time. Does it really require it, or does it just ship with it?
  11. I'd like to remind everyone that Java is not JavaScript, and vice versa.
  12. Ghostfox is actually Ghostzilla, an abandoned Windows web browser that used Mozilla's Gecko rendering engine. SlimBrowser is a shell for IE. FreeBrowser doesn't seem to be a web browser, but either an add-on for older web browsers, or a computer application to assist Free's media center. I can't find any relevant information on Ace Explorer. Cayman Browser is a shell for IE. GreenBrowser is a shell for IE. OffByOne is a real web browser that uses its own HTML 3.2 rendering engine. We already know about it. Acco doesn't exist. You probably mean Acoo Browser. It is a shell for IE. Deepnet Explorer is a shell for IE. GoSurf is a shell for IE. I can't find relevant information on Towey Websurfer. Mozilla is the Mozilla suite before it got renamed to SeaMonkey. I can't find relevant information on My Websurf 4 net Browser. Surfie looks like another shell for IE, based on the requirement of IE3 listed on its former website. I'm not going to look up the rest. They're probably all IE shells as well.
  13. Which ones of those are actual web browsers? I know SlimBrowser is just a shell for IE's rendering engine.
  14. Yeah, Andrew T. here also still uses Windows 95. Nathan Lineback over at ToastyTech still does, as well. Isn't there one more poster here who sometimes uses Windows 95? win95guy, I think it was.
  15. I would argue that while DOM2 support is important, CSS3 and HTML5 are less so, as they're still in draft, and not recommendations yet. These tests only test for specific things, though. Web browsers should focus more on completely supporting existing web standards (which is mostly what Gecko does, which is why they're not in a hurry to pass Acid tests). There's no web browser out there currently that has 100% support for HTML 4.01, CSS1 and CSS2.
  16. Acid3 is a less important test than Acid2, but still important. Getting a low score on it is a very bad thing. The article talks about how Microsoft is pushing its proprietary Silverlight technology to once again gain more control over the web. A very bad thing, indeed.
  17. Read this thread, specifically post 148 on page 8. It would be better to use a more recent web browser, though.
  18. Wow, it's even compatible with Windows 95? That's neat.
  19. You should not start with MFC before having a good understanding of the Windows API.
  20. You must have missed the entire free and open-source community.
  21. That won't work, as the provided code (that isn't even a script) doesn't depend on the sent user agent string. It uses IE conditional comments, which are interpreted by IE itself. In this case, IE will only parse the code if its version is less than 7. You'd either need to disable IE's parsing of conditional comments, or make itself believe it is a higher version.
  22. This is never a good idea if it is for Win9x, as the DLL files that come up are for Windows XP. Not to mention they might be old (but still Windows XP) versions.
  23. Has anyone else heard of Taskbar Shuffle? It blew my mind that this utility was possible. It allows you to rearrange your taskbar buttons by drag& drop. The tool works on Windows OSs as far back as Windows 95.
  24. Obviously, I already knew that. They are not being deprecated. Instead, they are being given meaning. Use them wisely instead of as presentational elements.

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