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  1. Should I Install Sp2

    I have a SP2 update downloaded, but i was wondering whether or not i should install it. My computer is modded from beginning to end and it has some pirated programs on it. I am just worried that SP2 will screw up all my modding and pirated programs. So can someone tell me what i should do and what their opinions and experiances with SP2 are.
  2. I think that anything Apple puts out is the best. Apple adds style to the things they make. Everything from the iPod to the iMac. Also Apple's OS is the best OS in the world. Some would disagree, but i think so. I believe that if apple had a celebrity promoter they would go really really far. I recomeded a Apple products over any other. They can be pricey but after you get it you will know it's worth every penny.
  3. I Need Advice About Sony Clie

    Well, I don't know. I thought I would use a PDA to do what most people do and ORGANIZE MYSELF. I am aware that SONY CLIE comes with it's own built in software, but I was asking about where I could get those applications they are selling on certain SONY CLIE websites for 20 bones(dollars). I don't really care for phones that are smarter than me either. If anyphone i would say the Motorola Razr is the best, even though i don't have one.
  4. I am about to purchase a SONY CLIE NX80 and i can't seem to find to much information about it. I was wondering if anyone could tell me about it. I would like to know if i can somehow get those sony clie applications, that they are selling for ridiculous prices, for free from some website. And anything anyone can tell me can be helpful. Thanks