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  1. Are you serious ? Im downloading it right away.
  2. I think I will wait for SP3 to come out. Is it coming at the end of march ?
  3. when is final coming out ?
  4. I dont need oppinion sorry. Just want to know which one works faster.
  5. nLited XP SP2 or nLited XP SP3 Which one is faster and uses less resources on pc ?
  6. No one has answered my questions yet. Dont make this topic stupid about faster installs. 1. Which uses less resources: nLited XP or WinFLP ? 2. Is it possible to modd WinFLP with any software similliar to nLite ?
  7. Yeah, I dont really care which one takes longer to instal. But which one uses less resources WinFLP or nLited XP ? And what about WinFLP modding with other software ? Does it exist ?
  8. So nLited XP vs. WinFLP modded - which one is smaller and faster ?
  9. I have read all forums with WinFLp and Fundamentals, and I couldnt find the answer I was looking for. If WinFLP cant be modified with nLite or vLite, so how do you mod it eitherwise ? What software to use ?
  10. fought it was released like a week ago. guess it wasnt.
  11. Will nLite work with this type of Windows XP ? Microsoft Windows Fundamentals OEM SP2 Build 2600 More info here: http://www.microsoft.com/licensing/sa/bene...ndamentals.mspx
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