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  1. A recent game that works with no issues on Win98SE - Torino 2006 http://2ksports.com/games/torino2006/
  2. There might be some problems with the embedded sound under Win 98. I believe a PCI sound card should work instead.
  3. Because, the hell I was eager to have a try at their compatibility over 6-series! You know, the more feedbacks, the better overall performance. Cheers!
  4. MDGx, The last release of driver's repack worked like a charm on my EVGA 6600GT. The previous ones didn't, thought - error message + unable to install when skipped. Cheers!
  5. Thanks, mate! So it all means that I have to disable the build-in audio in bios, and spend some 7-8 dollars extra to buy a PCI one. Any ideas for the LAN and USB support?
  6. Hi, Nice forums here! I'm curios, if this mobo work correctly under Windows 98SE too. The prices of DDR2 a down, so I'm willing to take advantage of DDR2 2x512 dual channel, as well as with the AM2 architecture (excluding HT - probably it can be disabled). It is available at low price in Bulgaria. I believe SATA won't be a problem, since it could be disabled in BIOS (in my particular case), or work in PATA compatible mode. I would like to use my AGP video card, as well. Don't know anything about its audio and LAN drivers under Win98SE. http://www.asrock.com/mb/overview.asp?Mode...F3-VSTA&s=n Please, if anyone has any experience with that stuff, let it share! Thanks!

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