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  1. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) $$$$ - ABBYY FineReader Pro - Works OK!
  2. Don't cross your bridges before you get to them! It may take a good while, before they stop the support.
  3. Rank 2: Flatout 2 (shouldn't run on Win98, but works fine, Kernel patching only)
  4. Virus and Spyware Scanners: LAST - FREE - SuperAntiSpyware Free- please check before scanning "Close browsers before scanning" и "Terminate memory threats before quarantining" in Configuration and Preferences-->Preferences-->Scanning Control LAST - FREE - DrWeb CureIt Both work like a charm! Highly recommended!
  5. No recommendations here – just buy what you can! Have a close look at the “Important Topics” above!
  6. Go Away. The troll never been around since his initial post. Here, just in case he is back:
  7. Me runes Win98, but me thinks this is a goood piece of software and deserves moar feedback. Thanks to people, who put this together! Greets!
  8. So, when VIA stops support for win98, this means it is all over. VIA was our last hope for win98…
  9. Hi, Please, try this one: http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/win/157635 or This one: http://drivers.viaarena.com/cn896_vista_15...0316170329).zip Please, let us know if it works! It seems that VIA has cut off Win98 support for this chip, in order to gain a f*cking Vista license from Microsoft. Looks like a dirty deal to me... EDIT: Well, it seems that P4M900 is a NO-NO for Windows 98: http://www.tkarena.com/forums/video-graphi...00mc-win98.html Thus, I have to remove it from the list above. Apologizes to everyone for the misinformation. G8YMW, I do hope your dealer would be kind enough to replace the MOBO Cheers!
  10. Yes, set "SATA Operation Mode" to "RAID" in BIOS! Then install the VIA RAID drivers for win98!
  11. As for Bulgaria, after browsing the official Biostar importer’s site, I can see only 1 motherboard available for sell for the time being: AMD: K8M800 Micro AM2 Somewhere else it is possible to have something more, but this is just in Bulgaria. Biostar has many MOBOs with VIA (especially for Intel processors), so anything with VIA should be an option. If there is a local importer for Biostar. Cheers!
  12. As I’ve already stated above, I’ve built several system, based on VIA K8M800 chipset (MSI K9MM-V and Biostar K8M800 Micro AM2 in particular) with ONLY SATA HDDs. After enable RAID MODE in BIOS and installing VIA RAID driver, the computers are stable 100 %. I have had enough time playing around with the configurations for about 10 day now. Cheers!
  13. This one is fully compatible too. I was able to get it working, just like the MSI’s one, described above. The BIOS menu was little too complicated, though. Since I was playing with both MOBOs, I’d say I’d go for the MSI now and then, it looks a bit better to me. I had to go for the Biostar, as I needed several MOBOs, while the MSI importer for Bulgaria ran out of stock with K9MM-V, because I bought the last available ones. The company hardly believe, it will import this model any further. So my advice is: If you need a modern MOBO for Win98, grab one of those babies, while you can! You'll get AM2 and DDR2 capabilities. Anyway, Taiwan power (VIA, MSI, Biostar) rocks under Win98!!! Cheers! @Analada: Works OK!
  14. Hi, Would you please suggest a utility, that substitutes Norton Utilities. I have been using NU successfully over the past few years, but I switched to SATA disk recently. Therefore a new utility is to be put into consideration. Never loved built-in ScanDisk. Cheers!

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