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  1. Dude, I hope your recovery goes well. I know it will! Be strong. YOur bud, BB
  2. I am watching a Charles Bronson Movie right now. Check it out! BB
  3. you're telling me fthr, or Reverend fthr hehehe Any hoot, I can't get those cheap prices here in Japan either, we pay premium here for everything.. unless you are in akibara or den den town, everything is outrageous. My friend just bought a Duron 1ghz laptop, 14inch TFT, 30gig hdd, tv out, 256Mb ram, for $1600, I was looking on amazon, and they had a 2.0ghz Intel P4 40 gig HDD, 15inch TFT, (ATI 16Mb graphics sux) but everything else was premium for about $1500... BB
  4. Intel - Microprocessors PC Info... Intel Pentium 4 1.8GHz Sock 478 (512k) 400MHz S/Box - RETAIL IN STOCK, # BX80532PC1800D - 3YR MFG WARRANTY - - (Part - 10311855) Price: $ 143 Ship: $4.00 - 5.70 Updated:9/26, 1:54 AM $148. Logitech - Keyboards Info... ONLINE ORDER ONLY - Cordless Freedom PS2/USB Keyboard and Wheel Mouse Combo (Not Optical) - Original Brown Box Wireless Freedom keyboard + 3 button scroll mouse. Logitech (Part - -LOIKBMSP) Price: $ 38 Ship: $6.75 Flat Fee FedEx 3 Days Air Insured Updated:8/30, 2:13 PM $44.75 Creative Labs - Sound Cards Info... Creative Labs Sound Blaster Extigy # 70SB013000000 Includes card, stand, remote control unit & batteries, USB cable, power adapter, Creative CD software, & manual (Part - 70SB013000000) Price: $ 118 Ship: $14.95 Flat Fee SECOND DAY Updated:9/2, 8:30 AM $132.95 Toshiba - DVD Drives Info... Toshiba DVD-R/RW (DVD-RW) Drive. SDR-5002, DVD R 2x, DVD RW 1x, CDR 16x, CDRW 10x (OEM) SD-R5002, DVD Burner/Duplicator DVDRW, DVD-RW Drivers included Cyberlink PowerDVD. 1 year warranty (Part - 180DVDDVDRW) Price: $ 244 Ship: Free UPS Ground Shipping Updated:9/25, 7:54 PM $244.00 Optorite - CD Recorders Info... ONLINE ORDER ONLY - OptoRite CW4002 40X12X40 Internal EIDE/ATAPI CD-RW Drive RETAIL BOX OptoRite CW4002 40X12X40 CDRW, COUPON CODE PWCD TO HONOR PRICE (Part - 40X12X40) Price: $ 44 Ship: FREE GROUND SHIPPING Updated:9/25, 10:09 AM Western Digital - Hard Disk Drives Info... *IN STOCK*, WD1200BB 120GB 7200RPM Ultra ATA EIDE 120GB ATA/100 - 3.5LP - 8.9MS - 2MB Cache -7200RPM - 3 year manufacturers warranty 1200BB (Part - HDWDE9120BB) Price: $ 136 Ship: $5.00 Flat Fee ground Insured! Updated:9/25, 12:32 Product Description Price MaxTotalCost Price + Max Shipping Dealer/Phone/State Maxtor - Hard Disk Drives Info... ONLINE ORDER ONLY - 80.0GB UA100 9ms 2M 5400rpm Desktop OEM Package (3yr warranty) 80.0GB 80gb (Part - 101247) Price: $ 81 Ship: $5.99 Flat Fee Updated:9/17, 11:00 PM $86.99 eVGA - Video Cards Info... eVGA Geforce4 TI 4200 TI4200 4ns 128MB AGP TV Out + DVI + VIVO RETAIL BOXED GeForce 4 TI4200 128MB. 1 Yr Wty. Part# 128-A4-NV78-S1 (Part - N82E16814130117) Price: $ 160 Ship: Free Shipping Anywhere US Cont. Fed. Sva Updated:9/26, 7:03 AM RETAIL PRICE FOR PARTS ALL BRAND NEW, minus the case and cables, $990.00 Some of the items I couldn't find the brand for because you didn't list them, but these are all the components you listed at the lowest available price on pricewatch. Also you never listed your MOBO type as well. so add about 50-100 depending on the brand to the total price. I'd say you could get anywhere from $650-$900 out of that system, again depending on the brands, how you sold it, either Person to person or auction format. I recommend you to sell it using ebay, those nutts on ebay pay retail and over retail for goods, used or new... Though ebay is not a guaranteed sale. YOu can however list a reserve, to protect your investment... That is my suggestion. BB
  5. for the web page to view correctly, providing Japanese language support is installed, you need to go to view, encoding, select JAPANESE (EUC) or JAPANESE (AUTO-SELECT) or JAPANESE (SHIFT JIS) Just my suggestion. I use auto select and it works about 99% if the time the other time I use SHIFT JIS Good Luck, BB
  6. Good to hear that you are becoming one with the sun. BB Welcome the the nice world.
  7. New Titles: Medival: Peasant, Merchant, Knight, Nobleman, King's Court, KING Biblical: Parishioner, Priest, Bishop, Archbishop, Episcopal Cardinals,Presbyteral Cardinals, Diaconal Cardinals, Pope Redneck: Kinfolk, Lovin' Cousins, Youngins or Chil'ren, Maw, Paw Executive: employee, manager, secretary, treasurer, vice president, president, COO, CEO, Board Director, Owner Alphabetical: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I.... A being the best, B next and so on... TECH RELATED: developers, package developers, and system implementors, R&D, Marketing, etc... Just a few I thought up. BB
  8. Backup anything essential. Go ahead with the backup but be warned, you can loose files, programs, or even the entire installation.. Just a word of caution. Have a read below: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...;EN-US;q312368& read the bottom. it would seem that this is fixed with SP1 but who knows... Good luck. BB
  9. I think you can make Win2K look like XP.. and I think you can add some of the new features as well. BB
  10. another tip: Tired of headaches from gaming BF1942 at the 60hz level. tried manually setting the level to 85hz just to see that the game won't launch? Time to edit a file. YOu need to get into your EAGames/Battlefield1942/settings folder and find the file: videoDefault.con Open it with notepad and make the text look like this: rem * TEMP * renderer.setFullScreen 1 renderer.fieldOfView 1 renderer.globalLodRadius 1 renderer. globalLodRadiusScaleFacto r 5 renderer.allowAllRefreshRates 1 console.showStats 0 Basically you are changing the renderer.allowAllRefreshRates value from 0 to 1 Once you do it you can play the game at any refreshrate your system can handle! Works great. To verify, simply check your monitor display timing on your monitor's menu button. Enjoy, BB
  11. http://www.computing.net/windowsxp/wwwboar...orum/34053.html I found that article that might help you. Another thing I heard was to share each folder individually within the programs folder to get access.. i dont know if it works because I have never shared the program folder. BB
  12. I am interested. I am sure Zero is too, and maybe Fastgame. As soon as I get the full version we will have a brawl to remember. ONe last tip hehehe pull the APC up next to a building, and jump on the hood, then get on the back of the APC, from the back of the APC you can jump onto roof tops. Lovely for snipers looking for a place to hide. Also you can blow up the APC with 3 grenades to stop the enemy from climbing up as well. By the way the tank works too, but only if it the rooftop is low. BB
  13. A few things I found out: 1 if you have problems with stuttering or skipping during game play, try reducing the audio properties low, and change the HERTZ to 11 Then restart the game. Second thing to display the FPS during game play open the console by pressing the TILD button (~) Then type console.showfps 1 ENjoy, BB
  14. THis game is a MOHAA KILLER.. simply put. Just wait until they release some fixes for it. But the game is very demanding on the machine. If you can't run it, it's most likely time for an upgrade, because future game releases are going to be demanding on the PC hardware IMHO. I love how you can take control of the vehicles, aircraft, and boats. In the full version there's submarines etc... I am amazed at the graphics, the playability and the overall design of the game. The commands are also very kewl. A few things I'd like to see, skinability, different voices, not just one generic voice over and over, and FASTER SERVERS!!!! hehehe 10/10 in my book. BB
  15. do you have the NIMO codec installed? Uninstall it, then get the stand alone divx codec and install it. Or reinstall NIMO using the basic install. If you dont have NIMO installed, you may have a corrupt installation. Simply download it again and install yourself manually from the MS download site. BB
  16. hehehe The best thing is in the near future, there will be a 100Mbit service released... and ohh you better believe I am going to give it a whirl, depending on the cost. http://www.ntt-west.co.jp/ipnet/ip/bflets/ Have a look. It's in Japanese. I am just waiting for it to come to my area. BB
  17. Rick, I found this for your issue: Forcing users to enter password during login Unlike Windows NT/2000, the login window in Windows 9x/Me can be easily bypassed by pressing the [Esc] key or by clicking Cancel. So, it's possible that a third person who turns on your PC can gain access to your personal information. To prevent this from happening, first make sure that the user profiles are created and enabled for each user, and that the Include Start Menu and Program Groups in User Settings' option in the Control Panel is enabled for each user. Reboot the PC in Safe Mode by hitting the [F8] key during Startup and choosing Safe Mode from the Boot Options. This is very important because if something goes wrong, you can always reboot your computer in the safe mode and rectify the problem. Type regedit.exe in Start > Run. Find the following key in the Registry: HKEY_USERS/Default/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run. In the right-hand pane, right-click and choose New String Values, and rename it as FixLogon. Finally, open the FixLogon entry you've just created (by double-clicking on the right-pane of the Registry Editor window) and specify the following command as its Value data: rundll.exe user.exe, EXITWINDOWS. Reboot your PC to save the changes. If you want to restore the old setting, delete this key. Don't ask me if it works, but it's worth a shot. BB
  18. FLETS ADSL 8MBits down/ 1.5 MBits up 24/7 support email address etc... I dont get the full 8Mbits though, its more like half and I am less than a half mile from the node... BB
  19. Drew, Did you try installing the beta 9 version? here's the link: http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail.php3?...3?fid=954180977 BB
  20. Happy B-day "Reverend" LOL hehehe BB everyone knows Fthrjack is an ordained minister????
  21. looks like a cheap attempt at advertising if you ask me. he posted this exact same thread over a techzonez.... and it was deleted... Lamer :assshake :assshake :assshake
  22. how's this? I can make it larger, but the image gets a bit unclear... I will post a larger version right after this one. BB
  23. if you have a stainless steal case you can use super fine steal wool to shine it up, take out any nicks or scrapes, I use to use it on a BMX bike I had when I was a kid, worked great. BB
  24. I think it was referring to the update SP1 for windows XP, I could be wrong. I think they included the spyware in SP1 which AFAIK updates IE... Pardon if I am mistaken. BB
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