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  1. Well you can make use of the USERPROFILE and USERNAME environment variables to determine the profile paths...
  2. Open those files using a Hex editor - probably you will get to see the content...
  3. Create a shortcut on your desktop with the following command line: Explorer.exe /e,D:\ replacing D:\ with the drive or path to your folder.... Now invoking the shortcut will open the folder you specified as the default. If you want your folder to be the root folder instead of My Documents then add the /root parameter like this: explorer /e,/root,D:\
  4. You might want to take a look at Sitebar : A bookmark server program. Its opensource and free. But you need to install mySQL and PHP to get it running. The bookmarks appear as Sidebars in firefox and IE. It also supports a lot many other browsers.... http://www.sitebar.org/
  5. http://helpdesk.kixtart.org/KixUtilsTasks.asp http://helpdesk.kixtart.org/Download/Utils/zap.exe Dr. Delete: Remove in-use files http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,737...sware~mode=flat
  6. Well, do a thorough scan of your hdd with a tool such as Norton Disk Doctor - that will point out any problems with it. Also, replace your IDE cable that connects your hdd to your motherboard.
  7. Well, to rule that out you can do a thorough scan with a good AV and Trojan scanner. I suggest Nod32. / Kaspersky. If that doesnt solve your problem, then install a parallel os and try downloading from there...
  8. Try these links: XP Home boot hangs at mup.sys http://techrepublic.com.com/5208-6251-0.ht...threadID=160609 http://www.hardwareanalysis.com/content/topic/31874/ http://www.computing.net/windowsxp/wwwboard/forum/97354.html
  9. Check out the application switches topic: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=12657&hl=
  10. If thats a popup add, then its right. you are infected with adware LOL get Spybot S & D and ad-aware and do a thorough scan of your system. These are free programs that will remove any installed adware and spyware including that annoying popup - which is itself a nuisance! get ad-aware at www.lavasoft.de google for Spybot S & D
  11. well you should try Flashget then. Even with broadband, there is no guarantee that your file will come all in one piece.
  12. It could be a Virus / Trojan / Spyware attack. Run a trojan scanner while you are disconnected from the net. Also run Ad-aware, Spybot S & D and Hijackthis tools to clean your system of any spyware / adware. To see if the problem is hardware related - like the hdd having bad sectors - you can run a program such as Norton System Works or the plain old chkdsk /f to do a boot time check on all drives.
  13. What program are you using to download? Any download manager like Flashget?
  14. Look up this link for somer relevant code... http://groups.yahoo.com/group/xxcopy/message/2251
  15. Dude, your question is answered there: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=30381&hl=
  16. you need to extract the zip file with "use folder names" option enabled in the winzip extract dialog. This will give you the proper structure with the files organised into subdirectories. If not all the files will be extracted to a single directory and the layout will be effected. Look at the screenshot below:
  17. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=12657 Guess these switches work for ver 6.x ??
  18. @ABEO This might seem silly but have you tried replacing the IDE cable of your cd drive. The problem could be because of a defective cable you know. I suggest you try that before going for something risky as Flashing the drive.
  19. These links have some relevant info on USB mass storage drivers (the generic driver in use under windows 2000 and XP) http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/archive/wdmusb.mspx http://www.osronline.com/ddkx/install/idstrings_4n6v.htm
  20. noabody, I was trying to use virtual cd to create a Smart Virtual CD of Office 2003 AIO. But not able to do it. I have used the AIO maker and was able to create a 906MB cd (using Cdimage) with the source files having 1.96GB size (same as yours). After that, I am confused as to how to go about it. Could you please elaborate on the Virtual CD part. I mean how you created the Virtual CD and what options to select. Thanks for your help.... ardnelias
  21. @prathapml You are right about Winrar throwing an error on CRC32.exe. I just downloaded the crc utility you attatched. It works fine. One thing - the CRC value for the CRC32.exe alchemy works file matches with the one put on their website. So, how come Winrar shows an error? Any clues?
  22. Here is a nice GUI based CRC Integrity checker: ftp://ftp.mindworkshop.org/pub/alchemy/crc32.exe Webpage: http://www.mindworkshop.com/alchemy/crc.html
  23. hmm, You are right, Aaron. Just thought it might be of help. Oh, well...

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