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  1. Not exactly what your looking for, but it'd make it look nicer. http://www.frontmotion.com/FMLogin/index.htm
  2. At http://blogs.msdn.com/ie/archive/2006/11/3...le-machine.aspx they discuss and link to a fully-activated copy of a VPC with Win XP SP2 and IE 6 on Microsoft's web site so you can legally do testing on IE 6 while having IE 7 on the host machine. It is time-bombed for April 1, but they expect to release updates.
  3. And at less than 1 MB, most of the PDF and XPS code is probably already part of main office program. Especially considering that they're available as separate PDF and XPS plugins that are also about the same size (see XPS and PDF) Additionally, from my experience at work, lots of people buy Adobe Acrobat just to use the Adobe Printer/Distiller to turn office docs into PDF's even though there are free alternatives. As soon as office has it built-in, people would realize they didn't need to by the overpriced Adobe Acrobat. Not to say that Acrobat doesn't have nice features, but the majority of the users don't use anything beyond the Adobe Printer/Distiller. Adobe was probably really worried about a profit downfall from (usually small) businesses if it got included into Office by default. Bussinesses without IT staff or with crappy IT staff will end up buying stuff they don't need. Us informed IT staff can start to save users money
  4. I had better luck deleting the "medialibrary" and "nerosearch" entries in just the SelfRegEx table. Your results may vary.
  5. At the university all the outlets (at least in this building) have that horizontal line in the plug to make them 20 amp circuits. The average load appears to be around 3-5 amps, but can rapidily increase if the computer is doing heavy processing.
  6. It is expected that they'd take more power since they are dual processors, but this ammount just seems crazy. Also, we had to buy PowerPC based Macs since Adobe and other graphics software companies have yet to release a version compiled for Intel Macs. Last thing we'd want is to give these art students new computers that appeared to run twice as slow as the old ones. Also since the AC to DC conversion is not very efficient, the actual DC watts for the power supply are going to be less, probably around 1000 to 1200 depending on the efficiency, I'd have to look it up to be sure.
  7. This is just a vent for an annoying experience I've had at work. I deal with both Mac's and PC's at work and we recently put in a new computer lab for the art students--24 brand new top-of-the-line (the exact model escapes me right now) G5's from Apple with the 20" flat panels. Anyway, as soon as we installed all the computers, we started to trip circuit breakers. The room has somewhere between 4 and 6 circuits for the computers (we still need to trace each outlet). Anyway, we took a look at the manuals for the new G5's, and found an unpleasant surprise. At startup and peak load use, our G5's will suck 12 AMPS (AC) of power. Since a standard 3-prong circuit in the US can only provide 20 AMPS of power, each computer will technically now have to have its own circuit to meet electrical code. This is going to cost us a lot of money to fix, since some new heavy duty lines are going to have to be pulled to the lab. Also for those unfamiliar with AMPS, 12 AMPS are 1440 watts AC. It is interesting that I can't find any documentation on the Apple site referencing this power consumption, but it certainly explains that heavy duty power cord that came with each computer! Also, it'll be nice and warm in there this winter.
  8. Autopatcher April 2006 Full and Lite for Windows XP, 2000, and 2003. Autopatcher Forum Best bet may be just to go to the torrent tracker here: http://torrent.autopatcher5.mirror.ineedho...net/mystats.php
  9. You still have your cd key in the attachment. Mods, help him remove it if he doesn't get it removed soon. Anyway, a problem you have is that the product key is not in quotes, the setup tool microsoft provides doesn't put it in quotes, but it still should be. However, I'd only expect that it would ask you the CD-key with that problem, not all GUI setup questions, so there may be more wrong.
  10. Thanks for the link, the MS page has so much stuff "hidden" on it.
  11. As much as I hate to say it, MS Works is about the worst Word Processor ever. I'd recommend Open Office well before MS Works.
  12. I've had poor results in general with the combination of notebooks and secure wireless networks or any network that doesn't have your servers on them. In our case, our WPA encrypted wireless required an AD account to connect. On both log on and log off, the authentication is no longer there, but windows acts like it should be. Using local accounts and VPN software was our solution.
  13. I think its one of those ones where you have to call microsoft and beg for it...if they give you any trouble, tell them it is for accessability reasons.
  14. Download at http://ccollomb.free.fr/unlocker/unlocker1.7.7.exe Unlocker Website: http://ccollomb.free.fr/unlocker/ Unlocker 1.7.7 - 07/01/2006 - New language: Albanian thanks to Egzon Beqa - New language: Bosnian thanks to Adis Imamovich - Improved code: Reduced Unlocker.exe from 112.5KB to 72.5KB and reduced UnlockerCOM.dll from 42.5KB to 9KB. You might need to uninstall the previous version and reboot so that to update UnlockerCOM.dll.
  15. This technique has always been around for CD's protected by multiple Tables of Contents (TOC). A normal music CD player will only read the first TOC at the very inner part of the CD. Other more advanced players, like some DVD players and all computers, scan the whole disk for additional TOC's that are part of multisession disks. This is why a multisession audio disk will only play the first tracks burned in a normal CD player, but all of the tracks in a computer. This is also how to add copy protection to the disc. The additional TOC's can point to completely different parts of the disk for the various tracks and then even relabel the audio tracks as data tracks. The data portion can then have whatever software, DRM, rootkits, ect that the company wants. The first TOC that normal music cd players read will make no reference to the data track, making it act like a normal disc. Any method that can force the computer to only read the first TOC will instantly stop most copy protection methods.
  16. I had trouble with some machines that had auto logon enabled and remote desktop, BTW this is all on a domain. An account without any admin rights or remote desktop rights was set to auto logon. If you remoted with an account that did have admin rights, it would let you remote desktop, but it would somehow still log in with the auto logon account. I might add that we had force auto logon set, so that if somebody logged out it would automatically log back on. So what I think happened was the remote desktop would initiate a log off of the non admin user because the admin user tried to connect, remote desktop was initiated but then the auto logon kicked in before it could logon with the admin's credentials. Over RD, the shift key never worked to stop the auto log on. In the end, since we are on a domain, we would remote to another machine (or use the one were on) and use remote registry to shut off the auto logon, remote in, set the auto log on back on and then do whatever it was we wanted to remote in for.
  17. Sony is certainly getting themselves some bad press. I've seen articles on the main pages of many online news sites, like msnbc.com. Anybody see any TV coverage yet? I don't watch enough to know.
  18. I ran the patch on the exe, copied the emulation dll into the folder with the game and ran it. I got Solitare and Minesweeper to work. They both ran fine but crashed on exit. I couldn't get Spider Solitare to run. After that I googled and saw screenshots of the rest of them and decided I had enough fun.
  19. Honestly, I don't think MS cares too much. For example, is editing the sif files in an unattended setup, hacking files, and adding customized boot screens EULA violations, probably. But Microsoft in some previous patch that I can't recall warned people that their boot screen customizations would be lost, actually, I think that was SP2. What worries me the most, is that the installer stated these were "supported only in Enterprise versions of Microsoft Office 2003." This MSI editing seems to add a feature that they intended only the enterprise version to have. Oh well, as was said: Plus, you still have the justification of purchasing a legit copy, something that many others don't.
  20. 10, because newer is always better. Actually, I find the mild feature set improvement a plus, but I wouldn't be that upset if I had to use 9. I only use media player at work, don't want to put software on my computer that we don't let other users have. At home, its a combo of Winamp, iTunes, and a little bit of media player. I would never use Winamp, iTunes, or WMP to rip cds. I use Cdex and the latest copy of Lame for ripping and MP3 encoding.
  21. Thanks! 133 MB is a bit big. So this is where all the bloat in Vista is! Edit: Hmm, they seem a bit buggy with these patches and stuff, but the new look is nice and they're fun to play. I didn't pay attention earlier to the notes about the games in Vista. I didn't realize they were revitalizing the games and even adding some.
  22. Good work. Most people on this board seem to have access to the volume license enterprise copy of Office, which certainly makes installing Office much easier. Your post is good for all the home users who like to be legit. Although, is editing the MSI like that a violation of the EULA?
  23. If you install 1.1 first and then 2.0, you can't really hurt anything.
  24. The posts from the comments on the main page may give some insight into backwards compatability.
  25. Um, it may be easier for all to just use the new AdbeRdr705_enu_full.exe file that Adobe has. It can install an up-to-date copy of 7.0.5 and interestingly can "update" existing installations. If, for example, you had 7.0.3 installed by using the 7.0 msi and the 3 updates, the new installer will remove all of those and put a plain 7.0.5 install. The standard /v/qn works just fine as a switch, however, it will reboot the computer if AR had already been installed. I haven't tested it, but I bet the standard Reboot=ReallySupress will work.

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