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  1. Can you please change my username from o_owd to jdaniel or if it's not free then jdaniel19. Thanks in advance.
  2. may I suggest the free version of Ashampoo Burning Studio ? It has everything. http://download.cnet.com/Ashampoo-Burning-...4-10776287.html
  3. Thanks for the fast reply. I did not knew that it will be executed either OEMPreinstall is set to NO or Yes. I was reading here and it sais : I will try it. My mistake. Thanks again, OJi.
  4. Hello, This could be a stupid question but I am learning... I have my winXP Pro modified. I only want to include updates and a few registry tweaks. This part is done. I want/need to keep "OemPreinstall" set to "No" in "winnt.sif". Now, I read that if "OemPreinstall" is set to "No", setup will not look in "$OEM$" folder. In "$OEM$" folder I have "cmdlines.txt" for my registry tweaks. So if I understand correctly it will not be copied/parsed/executed. Now my question is - How to add/run my registry tweaks and keep "OemPreinstall" set to "No" ? Is there a way to copy the files so I can launch the
  5. Uninstall all ATi drivers you have installed. If you installed drivers from the CD uninstall them all. I had big problems with ASUS drivers. Do not connect the S-Video cable. After the few reboots, install drivers from ATi website, reboot again. Let ATi Catalyst load. After Windows starts, connect the S-Video cable and start ATi Catalyst and set up as you like. When you connect your S-Video cable please unplug your TV. Also make sure that you connected your monitor on the first connector - if you have two (DVI or SUB). There should be numbers near the connector on your VGA card. If not consult
  6. Hello, I want to run three InstallShield setups. Two v11 and one v12. Every setup must wait for the previous one to complete. I am not running them unattended. Now, if I run them from the HDD everything works as it should. But it I run them from a DVD/image it does not. When launched from a CD/DVD the InstallShield setup launches another process and exits. At this point my application/installer launches the next setup. I found that there is a switch "/sms" that should keep it from launching another process. I tried but it does not work. Does anyone have any idea ? Thanks in advance, OJi.
  7. well, i did searched for a backup file. could not find it. there are two options 1 - i am so stupid that i cannot find it 2- there is no backup file anyway, i will try to make my first modified ntoskrnl. as soon as i will get it with the "load palette" thing. thanks.
  8. i did not find any backup of my ntoskrnl. does the BootSkin file (backup) have other name ? thanks
  9. thanks for the quick reply. i will try this asap and i will let you know... it's almost to easy... thanks again
  10. this would be nice. i found a nice boot skin on another site but it only works with BootSkin. how to make from it an exe file ? ntoskrnl.exe file. to include it on my unattended cd ? thanks in advance.
  11. the hotfix is from microsoft. check the link to the ms website in this thread. the hotfix - KB893056 has ~500 KB. we cannot post it here as explained by Maelstorm. you can get it by contacting microsoft or by downloading the 300 MB pack. the pack is not made by ms and it is a collection of hotfixes. the hotfix is in it. OJi.
  12. hello, i found the hotfix in (WindowsXP Unofficial The Hotfix.net Pack). google it, i cannot write the website here. i installed it, made the changes in registry (http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;893056) and it works. big thanks for your help. OJi.
  13. hello, thanks for the replies. i followed your steps but the hibernate button still does not appear. on ms website (the link you provided) sais something about a hotfix. i searched the hotfix, i do not have it, autopatcher does not have it, RyanVM's package does not have it. i tried with my virtual machine too. the button does not appear. where do i get the hotfix ? thanks, OJi.
  14. thanks, that works. did not knew that. but is there a way for that button to stay there ? or replace Stand By with Hibernate ? OJi.
  15. right click 'My Computer', goto 'Advanced' tab at 'Startup and Recovery', click 'Settings' and at 'System Failure' unselect 'Automatically restart'. OJi.
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