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  1. in your included english.lng is no changes to version number: stay always on 1.2 rc! here the german translation ... German.lng.v1.3.rc.7z
  2. unkown USB mass storage device .

    I was wrong, sorry
  3. QuickTime Codec files only?

    Hi there a new QuickTime Lite Version ist out: QT Lite 4.1.0 at Free-Codecs.com
  4. Perhaps someone can take it, but did you see the date of the post? Just over 6 years ago....
  5. QuickTime Codec files only?

    Rigth, i see and once more, its only 1 Developer of both K-Light Codec pack and the QuickTime ligt pack! ok, ok. If was only a question whether somebody knows the code! However, is probably a touch too much! A few more than in my post #6, i thought. New QuickTime version is out now, 7.6.9 !
  6. QuickTime Codec files only?

    Ah ok! Yes. I read on the K-Lite Codec Pack Site what codec files are updated, but Quicktime is not listed as updated!? K-Lite Codec Pack Homepage
  7. QuickTime Codec files only?

    Thank you all for the solutions, but I had fancied something else! Stuff like this thread only working with the new files! @GrofLuigi I think you had to put also the new plugin 'npqtplugin7.dll' in '%programfiles%\QuickTime\\Plugins\npqtplugin7.dll', isn´t it?
  8. QuickTime Codec files only?

    Thanks, i´m using the old one, but there is an new QuickTime version, you´ve seen? My browser never has this plugin need to use, so i think its useless for me! This is wy i asked. If anybody found out, please tell us, which files do we need. It would be great, if it came with in a Codec pack!
  9. Hi, is there anybody who knows, which Codec files are necessary for 'only' playing QuickTime files? No need the browser plugin files. I won´t the whole unnecessary stuff that comes with the QuickTime installer!
  10. Full location of SFX File as arg

    look to this site 7z SFX Modified Module and Tools so about in the middle, so you will find it, if this it, what you are searching!
  11. XP Boot skin

    Please, puts these questions in the right columns, I don´t know - can´t help you!
  12. XP Boot skin

    Sorry my fault, the image are to small to say this! Your colour palette is still wrong! kernel.exe exept only MS-palette! But i don´t know how to change this with out any App! this is the mistake.If you don´t want MS pal. look here Boot Screen changing at msfn-unattented.com But i don´t know whether this still functions! It exists since 2001 or so ... Another opportunity is with TuneUp Utilities, see this thread: I could imagine that it still a free version gives anywhere in the net, just google around. I found for me TuneUp Utilities 2009 portable for free in German, with just 20MB or so... Move the Progress Bar in XP (SP2) If you don´t wont a progressbar read this thread and scroll down. Customize your boot screen! info-on-editing-xp-sp2-boot-screen Have fun ...
  13. XP Boot skin

    No, your bootskin is more than 16 colour! You hat to save for "optimized 4bit" and 16 colour, or so, look in your App!
  14. XP Boot skin

    How did you edit the 4 krnl...exe files, with what bitmaps are?? How did you changed in your system? Picture rules for .bmp are: 640 x 480 pixel, 150kb and 16 MS-colour palette, 4 bit.
  15. Setup Xp SP3

    Only files or what folder else?