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  1. I mean delete rest of pictures at svcpack.inf stage (T13). Pictures get copied at around T18, hence you delete it at T13. There won't be any file missing mesage at time of installation then. Cheers Yes, that's good idea. I didn't think it before. I'll try that.
  2. Good idea. But I also tried this way. The fact that, if you delete any file from the folder i386 provided by MS, you will get missing file message in the time of installation of XP. I can make batch file command and no problem in this moment with command. I've already made many batch file command with successfully to customize my XP CD. I'm trying to fix the picture still. Thanks for your heartily comments.
  3. Thanks a lot for good advises. I tried many way to fix the picture. For example, I've made a picture named guitar.bmp and replaced it into i386 folder of Xp. But I could see my image once trying 5 times and left 4 times I could see another picture there like chess.bmp, ball.bmp etc. Second way, I've made replace command to replace the picture into "%allusersprofiles%\Application Data\Microsoft\User Account Pictures". But dos command doesn't support a directory of 3 part. For example "User Account Pictures" is a name of 3 parts. So I couldn't find any way to do the job.
  4. Thanks a lot for quick reply. What is HFGUIRunonce and RunonceEx route? Would you like to illustrate it please. There is no option to set user picture in svcpack.inf. I'm going to make a xp cd using nlite. For default user picture I've already made a picture (bmp 48x48) as you described above. Please help.
  5. I want to change XP default User Picture that will be fixed after xp installation. Is it possible to change it by regedit or any way?
  6. To do this job I've visited the following pages. page__pid__815516 and tried as their advises. But I'm still failure. Please help anybody.
  7. I want to change the color of XP (sp3) blue screen. I’ve visited many pages but I couldn’t successful. I’ve tried SMSS.exe with Res Tuner, Pe Explorer and Setupldr with hex editor following msfn forum post. I’m helpless. Please help me.
  8. My RAM is OK but I didn't try Reapair ever. I use "restore image" with Acronics True Image for this problem and it works fine. So I'm sure that my PC is not in hardware problems. I have been using Acronics True Image for for a long time. I don't install new windows.Whenever my windows makes me disturbed I use it. Just I wanted to know why my mentioned problem occurs?
  9. Thanks all for helpful response. My PC is absolutely virus free (tested by avg, Kasparsky). For this problem I tried to boot in safe mode. But it does not run in safe mode too. I've replaced boot.ini, *krnl.exe, ntldr, NTDETECT.COM files and tried Recovery Console withe expand,fixmbr command. I've also disable automatic restart option. But same position. I think it is Ausogics Problem. Because I've used Ausogics in 3 PC and I've faced this problem in every PC.
  10. I use "Ausogics Disk Defrag" as defragmenter. Some time I stop defragmenting or my pc is turned off automatically in the time of defragmenting if electricity is gone. So I start defragmenting next start up. After finishing defragmenting windows shows a massage "Windows will restart by 10 seconds" with option Ok/Cancel and after 10 seconds pc take restart. But after booting windows shows only bootskin for 3/4 seconds and takes restart again. Windows doesnot open any more. I've faced this problem many times. What can I do? Please help.
  11. Thanks for reply first. This software working. And my another question is how to modify the EX_ files in I386 folder in Xp CD(Like CD drive/I386/Shell32.DL_ file. For extract these files I was using Universal Extractor and Modify or customize that file. But I dont know how to rebuild this file into shell32.DL_) I am not good at English. If I am not wrong to understand your question I am giving an example. For example I'll use my.ex_. You can extract this file by any kinds of zip software (like 7zip or another one). If you extract it it will be my.exe. Then you can edit it as you like by any editor like (Resource Hacker). Then put the file in any drive (for example d: drive). Now go to Run and write cmd and Enter. Command from will open. Now write d: and press enter to get in d: drive. Then write makecab my.exe and press Enter. Wait for a bit. Now your file is ready as my.ex_. Thanks.
  12. Yes. I'm just looking for that you've given. I've tested and works fine. You are really great. Thanks a lot for your help. I've another problems. If you dont mind I'm writing here. I'm trying to make a XP (Professional sp3)AIO cd with nlite. But I'm facing some problems written below. 1. My addons made by nlite addon maker are not installed automatically. So I am to install them during XP installtion. But the addon downloaded from online works fine. 2. In the 3rd session of installation setup does not parform settings (for example: Next, skip,finish etc)automatically. I want it will be parformed silently. 3. I've added cursor addon as hotfix. It is istalled silently but I can not find it default. How can I make it default cursor?

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